So with that said, introducing the m1 ipad pro featuring the 12.9 inch model. Is this worth it as a laptop replacement? I’D say that i’ve actually got a different take than most other users and reviewers on this matter. But, however, there are going to be some overlapping and shared opinions. I i should say i guess we’re going to find out if that is the case in this review. Music before we continue don’t forget that i have a twitch channel, that you can go ahead and follow me on or live microphone reviews and much more than that, but you’re also going to for my instagram and a link to the text on the discord in the Description so come join the community because it is a pretty cool. One we’ve also opened up a patreon as of late, where, if you join you’ll be automatically entered to win one tech gadget every month in our exclusive giveaway details to that are going to be down below don’t forget to check out the description for everything now. Let’S get right into the video, and so i kind of just wanted to point out that if you do hear anything in the background right now, i i’m probably gon na try to suppress it after the fact. But if you hear anything it’s just my ac, it is ridiculously hot in this attic and i simply can’t take it. So this thing has to stay on, so i apologize for that in advance.

So with that said, let’s go ahead and begin with an unboxing. It comes in a very classy looking box from apple with some plastic wrapping around it cut through that and open up the lid to find the ipad pro sitting right on top removing the plastic around that we can actually put it aside, and then we find the Instructions with stickers and past that you’re going to find the usb cable and the power plug the exterior design consists of aluminum as per usual, but this model appears to be thicker and heavier than any other ipad pro before it. This one still has the pins it’s. Still got the dual cameras, and since i have the cellular model, you’ve also going to see the sim card tray right over here and the pencils magnetic connector as well, and the volume rocker on the right there’s. Also a sleep. Wake button on top, along with the quad speakers on the top and bottom of this tablet, it still features usb c, but this time this is also going to be a vulnerable port, which means there’s plenty of potential. For this tablet potential i never will make use of at least not anytime soon, there’s also going to be that 5g antenna, or, i suppose, kind of like indentation for it. So, yes, this ipad is 5g capable as well. So like it’s, not just your usual 4g. I would still say that this tablet’s design has not aged a bit and honestly, the heavier build to this does make it feel even more premium and stronger than previous models.

Did i really like it now? One of the biggest deals regarding this tablet is going to be the display itself and oh boy. This display is really pretty here. We’Re going to be looking at a 12.9 inch 2732 by 2048 mini led display that supports pro motion and true tone. Color support as well as 1600 nits of peak brightness. You can also work with and watch hdr content on this display. This display offers very bright whites and highlights, while still retaining the darkest blacks have seen on any ipad it’s genuinely impressive, and while these improvements are mostly invisible when consuming the right type of content, you can still notice that the display upgrades when watching normal content for Photo and video editing too, this display is also an amazing one, but honestly that 120hz refresh rate will always be my favorite part of this whole package. This display has naturally only gotten better with time, but do you know what else has gone better with time? Well, that’s going to be the speakers. I was really impressed with the speakers on my 11 inch ipad pro from 2018 back in 2020. So last year, but blasting, music, videos, games or other types of audio clearly sets this tablet as decaying when it comes to audio and speaker quality, of course, when compared to other tablets and even predecessors to this one, they get seriously loud, sound, very crisp and well. I implore you to just have a listen Music, so when it comes to other specs i haven’t mentioned.

This tablet features an apple m1 chip, 8 gigabytes of ram with 16 gigs for the higher end models, 256 gigs of storage, but there’s, the lowest of 128 gigs and the highest of two terabytes of storage and again, the thunderbolt port that supports charging through it and Also supports up to a 6k pro xcr display, there’s, also that massive battery that can support up to 10 hours of usage pretty easily the cameras on both the back and the front are all 4k capable and look great, but only the front facing one will be Used for calls and set – and things like that, all i think you need to know really is that they look great and you will love them if you need to use them now that we went ahead and talked about specs, i think that we should go ahead And talk about performance in general, so there’s going to be a performance test for gaming, photo editing, animation and video editing. Let’S begin with that gaming test now i’ve actually been testing out kenshin impact, mostly on this machine since i’m, trying to get into the game, and i know that the art, style and graphics have to eat up quite a bit of this ipad performance. If anything and well, this ipad, absolutely chews through this game with no problem whatsoever, i’ve been playing genshin with this controller from 8 bit 2 and it’s actually been a very pleasant experience. No frame drops even while running at what i believe to be the full 120 hertz, and the game also happens to look absolutely beautiful on this display.

I have no doubts that i can crush just about any other mobile game as well. That is currently out there on the market, but if you wanted the best kenshin machine, then this is exactly what you would be looking for, especially if you’re going to be playing this game on the go and not just on your pc or anything like that. Like stationary now photo editing and software like affinity photo and even photoshop and lightroom are all very easily handled by this tablet. Now i don’t have very demanding edits either way, but thankfully this is still handled as beautifully as ever. I haven’t found any hiccups in the software, and all of these are almost collectively begging for me to throw more at them, since this tablet just crushes it in this department, though, when it comes to drawing and especially animation, which i will be doing a lot of Here using software such as procreate and clip studio pro, which thankfully, is also going to be available on the ipad and it’s a great desktop software to use for animation too, you still get absolutely seller performance on here. I’Ve been animating on this, with a ton of layers trying to make the most out of the software or these pieces of software all together and really push my own capabilities as an animator, and i found myself not missing a computer at all for these tasks. This is a monster for 2d editors and i’m sure that 3d editors will still find a home in this ipad pro as well amazing performance as per usual as expected and well as always.

So i use lumafusion for video editing on the ipad pro and i have? U plugins installed to make the most out of it, it’s a very powerful tool, a beautiful one, but it’s still missing a built in stabilizer, get to it please, anyway. This is a fantastic performer here, not only due to great optimization, but also because of the fantastic hardware on this ipad pro. I need to take this ipad overseas with me for editing on the go and still being able to post videos while i’m gone so editing. 4K, videos with minor color correction audio edit, currently layers and several tracks for the b roll portions and things like that text layers as well, are all handled beautifully by this tablet and even rendering times have improved to make editing videos on the go. Just a very simple tab: i love it and it’s still my favorite alternative to davinci resolve on my pc, for instance, and i do like being able to carry this whole thing along with me. So if you were wondering, if it’s worth the performance upgrade from a 2018 or 2020 model to this for video editors or other types of artists, well, the answer is probably going to be no for a variety of reasons. The battery life here by the way has been impressive and does actually live up to its rated 10 hour estimate for screen on time usage. So the battery life is still very nice here, but now let’s get into exactly what i was alluding to a few seconds ago.

So here’s going to be the thing it’s obvious that apple doesn’t really want this to be a laptop replacement, but a supplement to your machine now i would never use a tablet as my primary device, but if i’m traveling, i love that this tablet is what it Is and that it’s the only one that i can actually trust to carry with me through my work while i’m on the go, but there are issues here that i absolutely can’t stand regarding this tablet. As of ipad os 15, there has been a limitation to how much ram each app is allowed to take up there’s, no apparent reason for this limitation and in a sense kind of defeats, the purpose of adding more ram to this machine to begin with, because people Aren’T going to be using that many apps at the same time anyway, eight gigs is a good amount for an ipad like this, which leads me to my next complaint here, because i still wanted the higher end models, especially for the ram, because i thought hey. Maybe i can take advantage of these editing software and animation software with more ram, but they are so astronomically expensive in comparison to the model that i currently have. The pricing is just ridiculous, and do you know what else is ridiculous here still having to pay 350 bucks for a super thin keyboard attachment? That is the best attachment for it. Yes, but it’s still way too much to ask for since that’s already a good chunk of the ipad’s cost by itself being charged.

Additionally, what kind of tax is that i could not bring myself to pay for it, so i just went ahead and ordered a bridge. One instead that hasn’t arrived as of the time of this video being released so i’ve been using this less than favorable, but fine enough, 100 plastic keyboard. That does have a trackpad on it, and this is a keyboard case from amazon, also the software let’s. Let me complain about that a little bit more. I still don’t feel like there’s as much customization, yet as there could be, and no i’m not a fan of the half fast conclusions that we got with ipad os 15.. All of these professional apps that are available for the ipad pro are fantastic for some and mediocre for others and i’m. Just kind of talking about specifically more so like, unlike the apps that are virtually ipad exclusive, and you know the adobe side of things like photoshop and premiere rush – are still very underwhelming it’s about adobe’s constant promises to make them better. They still feel so bare bones that i don’t bother much with them anymore. Other apps, like procreate, are great, as they are, and probably wouldn’t ask for much more and honestly same goes for clip studio. Lumafusion has a lot more power to work with. Thankfully, now thanks to the hardware, but it doesn’t really quite take advantage of this power, and the same goes for affinity photo and just the affinity suite in general, and while we are at it, of course, since you know we are kind of in the middle of Complaining here why can’t, i just get a normal cursor with a trackpad.

This has a mandatory hover to click which is automatic, and i honestly i have not found a way of turning this into just a click to activate prompt, maybe i’m, just not looking in the right places or anything, and if you know better, please let me know In the comments, because i would love to know if i can actually get that, but i haven’t been able to turn my my cursor or my trackpad into that. This means that things get triggered on the ipad when i’m just hovering over it, and i keep digging in the settings to fix that, but either i’m missing something or it’s just not there, which severely affects the trackpad experience. For me here can defeat the purpose. So i think, it’s time that we come to a conclusion here. I think this ipad does have a lot of issues and probably isn’t worth the upgrade for a lot of people. I get it and sometimes i feel like it’s not worth it myself, but i will 100 keep mine, especially since it does have the kind of hardware that offers a lot of feature proofing. If you currently have a 2018 or later ipad pro of any size, then stay with it no need to upgrade. But if you don’t have an ipad that’s that recent or one at all, then honestly, i do recommend that you only look at the 2021 models because you might as well get the latest and greatest one if you don’t have one already the cheapest ipad pro is Currently, at around 800 bucks, which is what the other ones went for when they were brand new, then you can find other refurbished models or used ones for those older ones and save yourself quite a bit of money and still get good performance.

But the thing is that i’ve noticed that, with the 11 inch ipad pro, in particular, the battery life on that one was deteriorating rather quickly, after just a year’s worth of use, which is why i recommend that you go with these instead they’re all going to be Powerhouse, especially this one and i’m very confident that you’re going to love it, but it probably still shouldn’t be your full time device until the software and the apps improve to make this a better experience. It’S still really just an ipad one that i really love and honestly i don’t regret buying it eventually, three gigs or four gigs of ram on previous models will not be enough to support the ipad’s ecosystem of apps properly. So the upgrade to the ram is welcomed. Even if it’s still not really being used its fullest potential or, in other words still being throttled at the moment. So i can recommend this with the condition that you don’t have an ipad pro from 2018 and later, but do keep an eye out for the software. Because i will also be updating you all when things end up improving over time as they inevitably will well. This has definitely been a pretty long review, but with that said, if you are interested in the ipad pro or maybe the keyboard case, that i have for it or any of the other cases for it, then i am going to make sure to leave a few Links down to amazon in the description and, if you’re, looking for a great way of financing this, because trust me i’m financing mine because it’s just a lot of money to drop all at once, there’s going to be a bundle which is going to be a great Way of paying for this over the course of weeks or even months, depending on which methods you go for, but abunda is just going to be a really nice way of financing it.

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