9 inch mini led display a new magic keyboard with a trackpad and a newly introduced feature called center stage. Now, even though we now have support for thunderbolt 3, an ultra fast 5g experience and the ability for your m1 chip to equip up to 16 gigabytes of ram, the question here is: can this be your macbook replacement people of the internet? My name is andres and we are going to explore if this new m1 ipad is worth it for you, at its core, we’ve got a dream screen. The mini led screen is not like oled, where each pixel is its own light source, causing it to produce perfect blacks, but instead we can think of it as lcd and oled having a child apple introduced, mini led, which includes thousands of tiny, led backlights, grouped together To produce deeper blacks, improved contrast, ratios and brighter panels, in other words, this liquid retina xdr display only available on the 12.9 inch ipad delivers insane picture quality. This does deliver a great media consumption experience, especially when consuming hdr content, but with this 120hz screen with a thousand nits of full screen brightness and 1 600 nits of peak brightness in person, you can definitely notice the difference compared to previous pro models, mostly within the Darker areas, this new m1 ipad still delivers this beautiful flat design with square edges slightly thicker at 0.25 inches and heavier at 1.51 pounds compared to the 2018 model and along the space, gray or silver aluminum material.

You will find a beautiful back camera and, along the front, a newly improved 12 megapixel camera with a greater field of view below it all a thunderbolt, usb 4 port will be found supporting your 20 watt charging brick display port to connect up to a 6k display. Thunderbolt 3 up to 40 gigabytes per second and 2nd gen usb 3.1 up to 10 gigabytes per second beside this new thunderbolt, a set of speakers reside and because we’re talking pro model on its top frame. You will also find these acoustically pleasing speakers to deliver an immersive experience. No you’re, not yes. I am no we’re, not having this conversation we’re not coming. There are two kids whose mother is lost in there, two kids, that i helped look out for so. Yes, the same old four speaker, audio, a multi touch pen that still charges magnetically on its side frame, but a new magic keyboard now delivered in two colors. The new magic keyboard delivers compatibility with the previous models, and the trackpad will also work as long as you have ipad os installed. You can also expect to use your new ipad pro with your old magic keyboard as well. This keyboard features backlit keys, a scissor mechanism with one millimeter travel that feels like your macbook and the trackpad, which delivers multi, touch gestures and controls the cursor in ipad os which, by the way, it’s extremely sensitive to the touch and very easy to click on it’s.

Aesthetically pleasing protects your ipad. All around delivers good adjustability angles for a better view and has a usbc port for solely charging the ipad, leaving the other usbc port on the ipad itself open for anything else. But my only concern is: how well will this white cover age, but for a device that has a starting price of a thousand ninety nine dollars, a 349 dollar magic keyboard and a 129 apple pencil to be complete? Can this truly beat the macbook air offered at a more affordable price? Well, performance, wise, it depends. Yes, we now have center stage, which is a feature that tracks your face and the m1 neural engine handles it very well, with this new wider lens and more megapixels, it allows the ipad to crop the image and work with the rest of the available area to Track you, this inevitably provides a much better experience in video conferencing, apps such as zoom and facetime, and i find it super awesome how it is able to track two faces at the same time. But personally, i think of the ipad as a niche tool and a productivity device which allows me to type away with a free, digitally writing assistant. Like grammarly, you can easily download the browser, extension or ipad os app to integrate it into your daily life. Grammarly has a free version with basic and grabber spelling suggestions, but upgrading to grammarly premium will save you so much more time with your advanced features.

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Yes, you can easily sign pdfs with an app like notability multitask, with apps, like word and safari, to write your own essays. You can even slide a movie in while you’re doing brainless tasks and it’ll handle it very well, but the true performance lies beneath pro apps. Such as lightroom photoshop, luma fusion, and not to forget the new thunderbolt port, which allows the m1 to truly kick in connecting an ssd and searching for your footage through the files. App is easy. You can always import this and edit your clips on lumafusion, which, by the way, seems to perform very well scrolling through the timeline with my 4k hlg footage was smooth. Playback showed no issues, but i do have to admit importing. Multiple files took quite some time. All of my footage was shot in a flat profile, which means that it needs color, grading and lumafusion doesn’t seem to struggle with any of it. In fact, it was super easy to do things and still being able to run my clips to examine my color grade and because the m1 is powerful, it was extremely impressive to see how it handles multitasking with such a complex application. But do keep in mind, you can only run one clip at the time, which is not very useful when you’re trying to follow tutorials, photoshop and lightroom are a go to for a device like this. If you are a photographer, it allows you to edit your pictures.

Extremely well, it feels exactly the same as the previous years. You can use lightroom to pretty much do all of the work you were to do on a mac and you even have the ability to quickly send this to photoshop whether you’re, editing your thumbnails for youtube or instagram posts. You can easily use tools, such as the spot healing tool, the clone stamp and even add text, but you will lack a lot of the features that the pc version has to offer. So keep that in mind. That being said, it makes up in other areas such as responsiveness and your interaction when designing now thunderbolt 3 does make reading and writing files a lot faster for these type of apps, but it also allows you to connect it up to a 6k screen it’s, not As workable as i would have loved it to be, since it simply mirrors your screen, but it’s definitely awesome to see apple moving towards this direction, otherwise, it’s cool to see that we now have the same ram availability as in the macbooks. This comfortably allows me to leave lumafusion running in the background, while i’m doing other tasks and return to it later. The reality of things is that this device is still very limited. Almost niche, i would say mostly aim at creatives within the graphic design industry and the music industry, such as henry the business, so ipad os is still very limited and it doesn’t allow the m1 to truly flourish.

In fact, without a proper files management and the ability to have full desktop apps, i don’t think this could ever replace the macbook, and i also don’t think that is what apple are looking for for this particular device. The real upgrade is the screen i wish we did have an escape key and a fingerprint touch id on the power button like on the ipad air, but i think that’s just me being picky, although the mini led has been set to cause display blooming it isn’t Something i have experienced yet myself overall, the matter of the fact is that there’s so much power in such a thin aluminum chassis that it makes us wonder. Are we going to see something new for ipad os on june 7th? The older chips were already delivering great performance, so, while we’re getting m1 on ipads now as much as i would have loved to recommend this to the average user. At the time of this, recording you’re better off getting a base model macbook air and complement that with an ipad aid for productivity and school purposes, people of the internet. If you’ve enjoyed this review, comment, wwdc i’m, hoping to see some crazy upgrades on june 7th and hopefully can even get a proper code editor in there as well, i need to go: have a budget friendly gaming laptop to review stay tuned, stay safe and take care Don’T forget to go to grammarly.