It’S been a month and it’s been a bit of a roller coaster, with lots of ups and downs from the elation of getting it on launch day. To the disappointment of apple software announcements at wwdc, so we will cover today, what’s been like for me to use this ipad covering the processing power, the battery life, the design features ipad, os public beta version. The display did it live up to the hype, the speaker, which really surprised me and other bits and bobs not gon na lie. I was really angry when i realized, i essentially bought an overpriced tablet and not my next computer. My initial thought was that was a mistake, but after one month of daily usage working watching content studying and having seen what’s now possible with the new ipad or s15, i don’t know, was it really a mistake? This device may not be my next computer, but have i made the right decision let’s crack on and find out. This video is not sponsored it’s from me to you. You’Re welcome i’m alex and i do down to earth tech reviews so yeah. I was pretty pissed about not getting any decent software upgrades or not even a cut down version of final cut pro. I did a bit of a rant video about that, but that’s on me so be kind in the comments before you hit me and tell me. That is my fault that i bought product based on a promise yeah.

I know i did buy a product based on its potential to one day become more than what it is now boasting one terabyte of internal storage and 16gb ram. Yes, i was strict into that one. This is the 12.9 inch version which all in cost me just over two thousand dollars. I appreciate that this is a lot of money to invest in any device. So hopefully, this video is to help you in your purchasing decision or if you already got the ipad. This may highlight some areas that you haven’t explored, yet what a powerhouse! This is what a machine right. The question is, what do we need all this power for that we didn’t already have on the previous ipads, and the answer is right now, not much not. For me, yes, we are getting faster transfer speeds when using the thunderbolt accessories. Experiences may vary. Yes, we are able to process more images more quickly, using more layers in procreate, for example, and edit videos, albeit basic editing, but we can render videos at blazing speeds using lumafusion. For example, i did a comparison between the m1 and ipad pro and my overspec’d intel macbook pro with 64gb ram 2.4 gigahertz intel processor and the time it took me to render the same 10 minute 4k. Video was 19 minutes on the macbook pro against 5 minutes and 45 seconds to render it on the ipad pro not comparing apples with apples here, but still that speed is impressive.

This is not an m1 macbook pro, but it does cut through my 4k footage like butter. It just shows that when an app is optimized to take advantage of the m1 processor, this device can be amazing. I know many artists do use the ipad for things like animation, 3d modelling and photography, and i actually started to use the ipad pro much more than my laptop for certain things, mainly because of the display and the mobility aspect. But when it comes to the heavier duty, video editing, i still go to my macbook pro as i can really push the machine and not feel that my creativity is being limited. I wanted to add overlays like this one here for, for example, in this video, where i used after effects, and you just can’t do that today on the ipad not as easily anyways. Is this me trying to use the ipad pro as a computer instead of a tablet yeah? Absolutely after all, i have all i need from a hardware perspective. I have the amazing display. I have the connectivity to use external storage and displays, and i have the processing power here too, so why wouldn’t i try to use it as a computer. I got ta be careful here not to turn this video into another rant, but yeah call me old fashion, but i do want to get more out of two thousand dollars investment back down to earth in this one month that i have been using the m1 ipad Pro, what are the things that i actually like on this tablet? Let’S talk about the great things that i think this tablet is able to do.

I got ta be honest. The stuff that we’re able to do with this device is very much the same that we could do with the previous ipad pro, but there are some clear improvements. For example, everyone talks about the m1 in terms of its performance, but one aspect of the m1 chip is how the architecture is very energy efficient in english. I still haven’t encountered any issues with overheating, for example, or got caught short running out of battery it’s, been incredible. Really. I take this to work when i i’m in the office – and i use it when i come home, for example, to watch content on it. I only charge it when i need it, of course, and the magic keyboard also helps because you can charge the ipad through it, whilst you’re working away the short version of this entire segment about six hours of screen on time and three hours to fully charge it. But if you’re seriously considering buying this device and the battery is a consideration, you need more data, so here’s the screen on time usage on a fairly busy day. For me, i used about 90 of the battery on this day with just over five hours of screen. On time it doesn’t sound like a lot, but i was downloading quite a lot of high quality content for a long time that day and i’ve seen people trying to drain the battery and managed to do it in about six hours.

The 11 inch ipad pro will. Last about half an hour more because, of course it has a smaller display. I had the display set at full brightness on this day with the ears on right. Now, yes, come on, england is coming home. I’Ve watched a couple of games whilst working away screen set to full brightness. I really don’t like battery tests, because they’re usually quite unrealistic, but to give you another idea on a lighter usage situation. I fully charged the ipad yesterday and it took me almost three hours to get it down to 97 and that’s, because i was using evernote again in notion pretty much static, not downloading any data and both apps support dark mode. So really the display wasn’t doing much either but yeah and i don’t ever close. My apps right now i’ve been purposely trying to push this device with lots of apps being open all the time. But again, the m1 chip is coming in clutch when it comes to power management. What about the software? Okay, credit? Where is you guys? Another apple gives a damn about what i think, but i’m gon na share it anyway. The ipad os 15 does improve the usability of the ipad. It makes this tablet much more efficient. For example, when multitasking multitasking, multitasking i’ll say multitask. I found the experience much nicer now and given it still in beta, they may improve it even further i’m. Not a fan of multitasking, i actually prefer focused work, but in this sense you can couple multiple apps to help you get a particular task done, which is focused work anyway.

So, even though this feature is called multitasking for me, this is actually helping me be more productive and more focused, of course, that goes out the window, if you pair a note taking app, for example, with a social media app or watching content right. The point is, you can do both maybe it’s the weekend and you can take the food off the gas a little bit and pair a note taking app with social media that’s fine, you have split view now and or center window, so you can focus on something. You know like an email without leaving your current view, that’s really cool. We also got this new shelf, which allows you to see all the open windows that you’ve got for an app and you can then add close or even switch between them. If you’re, using a keyboard with the ipad holding the command key, will actually give you more shortcuts for the app and for all of you going back to studying soon, and you know like taking notes of work. The other very cool feature that we’ve got is the quick note feature i’m really happy with how quickly you can take notes. Now it was already pretty good when the ipad was locked. There was. You know this neat feature that you can just start writing with the pencil to start a new or existing node, but this is nicer, a quick swipe from the bottom or using a shortcut it lets.

You take a quick note without having to stop what you’re doing from a focused work and productivity point of view. This little feature makes a big difference for me, as i said i’m, not a big fan of multitasking humans are not designed to do that. You know we function much better when we do focus so, for me the least amount of distractions whilst working goes a long way in staying productive. Now, let’s talk about this amazing display. Did it live up to the hype? Yes for me and by the way, there’s? No way i can show you here on youtube how good this display is there’s, so many things in between me and you. So if you’re able to safely visit an apple store, i definitely recommend you to do that. If not, you have to take my word for it. This thing is incredible: i’ve used some good displays. I have the samsung s21 ultra, for example, which has an awesome amoled display, and i have an oled tv, but apple have done an amazing job here guys. You may have heard about the blooming issue, and i cover that in my initial review as well. But after a month of extensively using it, it’s, not a real issue for me and it’s, not just a high contrast ratio and incredible color accuracy, but it’s also how it feels to the touch, maybe it’s, because the latest ipad i had was from 2015. But this feels great to the touch and i’m actually reluctant to use any screen protectors on it.

I just killed about 15 sponsors. Sorry talking about protection, though i can’t really talk about it yet, but i will be reviewing an exciting product from a company that i absolutely love, and i really can’t wait to share more with you. So if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe, actually that’s a good point, a lot of you are here for the first time in the last 12 months i produced about 100 videos covering a lot of gadgets, not just apple, some or rubbish. I’Ll. Give you that, but some are actually okay, so have a look around and if you like my stuff, it would mean the world to me if you subscribed and i’m a small channel as well so share my video i’m sure there’s, a whatsapp group somewhere that will Enjoy this anyway, the speaker, this one really surprised me. I love listening to music while at work, but i don’t always like to wear my headphones, especially in the summer when it’s a bit, you know too hot it’s, quite nice to just have the ipad playing some tunes or my favorite series in the background. Don’T take my word for it. One of my viewers, who is a teacher, actually commented here in my previous video and said that he no longer needs to have a bluetooth speaker for his classes. The speakers on the ipad are so good that you know he just plays the content from it to the entire classroom, and that speaks volumes.

There are many other things that i like about this ipad pro and a couple of things that wouldn’t be fair for me to comment on in detail, because i really haven’t used it in anger. Yet like the camera, for example. Yes, the new facetime is great. How you can now share a link with anyone and they can join from an on apple device, that’s – really cool and really quite easy to do. It’S, beginning of july now so it’s still in beta. But it looks pretty cool that’s wonderful. But what about the stuff that i don’t like in this one month of usage, the biometrics, i really think apple – should have given us something better than just face id. Yes, you can unlock it quite easily, but when i go into the office these days, like many of you, i still have to wear a mask not only that if you’re holding the ipad like a tablet, the camera is in the way turns out guys. You heard it here: first apple had a secret meeting about this Music: hey jim, any updates on the biometrics for the ipad pro. How are we doing? Yes, sir? We found that you can reuse the technology we used on the ipad air to give our customers the choice between face id and touch id. So what do you mean? The power button is also a touch id button. Yeah just like we did a few months ago.

It’S no bother, we have it ready china, they’re they’re on it they’re building as we speak, but that’s going to cost more right. Nothing really it’s like 2.78 per device, you’re charging, customers, 2 grand, so profit is like a bucket load give or take, and you’re saying this is going to hit my bonus. I’M. I’M not qualified to answer that, sir, but i guess yeah get me security, uh, jim there’s, someone for your reception, really! I don’t have any friends my family lives in venezuela. You might need to bring the eye taser with you, sir, but we look alike and everything, sir, and just like that guys touch id was removed from the ipad pro when it comes to accessories. I got ta say i was really looking forward to the magic keyboard. Probably more so than the ipad itself, it is expensive, but what i really loved about it, especially because it’s, the 12.9 version is that the size of the keyboard itself is very close to the keyboard. On my macbook pro. That made it really easy for me to get used to it, but for me, it’s not the best accessory to have if you just want to lounge and watch content on the ipad. I know it’s. Okay, if you sat at a desk or a table, but not great on the couch that’s, what she said, but i love the trackpad it’s very responsive and accelerates very different. I think to many other trackpads on the market and i think it’s to compensate for the size, it’s very smooth, very nice to use – and yes, i’m still talking about the magic keyboard.

The usbc charging port is quite nice, too it’s just power, of course, but it’s very convenient and the pencil is great. You know the way it responds to pressure is really cool and i don’t really have one of those screen protectors, so it is a bit slidy. I have to say palm rejection works really well, though, especially in apps, like procreate or notability. I don’t do a lot of drawing, but i do take a lot of notes and, if i’m at home, i use this little glove, which makes it easier to write. For me, would i sell my macbook pro and only use my m1 ipad pro as my next computer, no i’m, not gon na sit here and pretend that this ipad pro can do everything in macbook pro can i’m. Not that naive, i honestly think that apple are just afraid or even knowing for certain that some people that are buying this ipad pro would not need to buy another apple computer, so they consciously decided not to make the ipad pro 2 pro. For instance, you still can’t really use an external display with it. Technically you can but it’s not the best experience. There are limitations with thunderbolts still and the latest type of s15 from what i can tell using the latest beta version. Doesn’T really take the ipad pro to the potential. I think he has it’s a shame that there are many apps in the pro category out there from my usage.