9 inch m1 ipad pro. Without a doubt. The bigger ipad upgrade for 2021, especially with that mini, led display, but let’s not forget about the 11 inch m1 ipad pro the ipad that’s been kind of left in the shadow of the 12.9 inch model, the ipad that no one is really talking about well i’ll, Be talking about it, this is my Music review. Today’S video is sponsored by logitech, and the new combo touch a fantastic keyboard and trackpad case for the ipad pro, with 360 protection, fully adjustable kickstand and detachable case. This is the dream check it out at the link in the description, so this video, of course, won’t just be a complete repetition of what i said in my 12.9 inch ipad review, because there are still so many things that differentiate the 11 model from the bigger Ipad now the changes from the 2020 ipad to this 2021 version are really not that massive, but still worth touching on. First, the new m1 processor with solid performance gains in daily usage. It feels incredibly snappy and fast. You tap something it opens instantly if you’re in split screen with two apps side by side, one app is a floating window and watching a floating video. The ipad barely even breaks a sweat it’s, incredibly quick and kills it with multitasking and all the pro apps that i use and have tested like affinity, photo lightroom, procreate, lumafusion, they’re, all a breeze on this device.

But, to be honest, there really isn’t the biggest noticeable difference in performance between this model and the 2020 ipad. Everything pretty much runs the exact same with things feeling a little bit faster on the 2021 model, but the next generation of pro apps and software they’re going to run incredible here with all this power. If this is your very first ipad, you’re going to be impressed, especially combined with that smooth, fast 120hz display that display, plus the apple pencil it’s, a dream for art, drawing writing, it’s incredible and speaking of the display. It’S not mini led, like the 12.9 inch ipad, but if that blooming glowing issue is a problem for you on that device. This is still a beautiful beautiful panel without that problem, albeit not as amazing as everything else that display does. Of course, this display still gets bright up to 600 nits colors are beautiful and accurate, it’s sharp and using an 11 inch screen for daily work, isn’t bad at all. Now the 12.9 inch ipad display is definitely a treat, but the 11 inch model is still great for productivity, watching videos, typing up emails, it’s still pretty solid and also there’s – that new thunderbolt port, upgraded from just usbc in past years, basically enables you to plug in Thunderbolt displays like the pro display, xdr in full 6k resolution as well as plays better with thunderbolt accessories, external storage, it’s kind of cool. I don’t think most people, including myself, will really utilize thunderbolt to its full potential, but having that on, a tablet is kind of a big flex for apple.

The other smallish upgrade alongside the ultrawide front facing camera is center stage, which keeps you in focus during video. Calls and in the frame it’s kind of cool, so those are kind of the main upgrades from the previous ipad pro to this model and pretty much everything else is exactly the same, but that’s not really a bad thing. We’Re talking about a device that is super thin and light with a full day of battery life, excellent speakers, camera setup, i’ll use like five times the next year or so it’s good for document scanning, but despite it all being so similar to last year’s, ipad it’s, Still something really special because of the form factor and size of this ipad it’s, almost a completely different experience versus the 12.9 inch model, but still has the exact same speed, power and great experience as the bigger model, if not a better experience. It’S a lot more compact and lightweight, even though the 12.9 inch ipad has that fancy new display the 11 inch ipad. Super power is still its portability it’s. Honestly, a portable computer dream come true and i know we’re not really leaving the house so much these days. So portability isn’t that big of a feature, but eventually we will be and having a device that’s this lightweight and easy to bring around is an absolute joy for things like school, going class to class with a super thin tablet in your bag. It’S awesome, if you’re heading to shoots and use the ipad for previewing or importing photos or videos, maybe just scripting or storyboarding or drawing out rough shots having a device.

This light and thin is awesome. Maybe you just want to head to the park or a coffee shop and do some casual reading or typing bringing the 11 inch ipad feels less like a chore while a 12.9 in tripod. It feels like a whole event, but despite some of those differences between the 11 inch ipad pro and the 12.9 inch ipad pro, the one thing they still have in common is a lot is riding on this year’s wwdc, not because apple actually promised that we’re getting Some crazy updates, but because apple has hyped up the m1 processor inside so much like it’s the exact same processor inside the mac lineup inside an ipad that’s got got, ta mean something apple. Doesn’T have to do anything or really even justify anything, but they should, though, because it’ll be incredible to see the ipad do even more than it already does, whether it be support for pro apple apps, like final cut or the ability to run any mac apps. Maybe floating windows a home screen that takes more advantage of the screen size, full external display support. These are the things we want and just imagine being able to do all these things on an 11 inch super thin ipad. You can easily throw in a bag and bring anywhere that’d, be incredible and make this ipad model an absolute hit, because you won’t need the bigger ipad or even a bigger laptop to do all of those things.

It can all be done on apple’s, smallest all in one machine. So, as i said in my 12.9 inch m1 ipad review, i hate to repeat myself: wait till ipad. Os 15 drops then decide if it’s worth buying this tablet based on new features or software upgrades. If there’s, nothing huge go for one of those older ipad models or stick with your current ipad, if you already have one the 2020 ipad pro 2018 ipad, even or the 2020 ipad air will be cheaper and honestly very similar to this model in many areas. That being said, i still love the 11 inch ipad pro it’s, one of the best products overall, that apple has ever made with the form factor, design performance, everything together and we’ve, seen the ipad’s influence spread to other tablet and computer manufacturers, as well as across apple’s. Very own lineup i’m, looking forward to seeing what ipad os 15 has in store. Today’S video was sponsored by logitech and their combo touch a fantastic new keyboard and trackpad case alternative for the ipad pro this case. Has it all excellent keyboard with great travel and backlighting tactile and responsive trackpad, as well as smart connector support there’s, also a fully adjustable kickstand for infinite angles, different convertible modes for viewing or working protection for all corners of your ipad, and you can actually detach the Ipad from the keyboard, while still keeping your tablet fully protected and everything clips together with these strong magnets.

If you want a great typing and trackpad experience and want to keep your ipad safe and protected at all times, at a pretty fair price check out, the logitech combo touch at the link in the description thanks to logitech for sponsoring this video. So these have been my thoughts on the 11 inch ipad pro, but i want to hear your thoughts on this device. 12.9 inch ipad or 11 inch ipad.