First up, i have to say the overall look of this years model is incredible. I really really like the new paint job given to the ipads vice that weird, just bland look from the generation 4.. This blue might no kidding be my absolute favorite tech. Finish of all time, i know thats a bold statement but im also a bold person. I have seen reports on places like reddit that these ipads, especially the blue model, for some reason that they have build quality issues. But personally – and this is absolutely anecdotal – i obviously dont have access to the entire lot of ipads that apples ever produced, but personally, mine has had no creaking problems, no push through display problems unless i really crank on it. Ive just really enjoyed this. I think i can easily say that without a doubt, this is my favorite looking ipad of all time. Next up lets talk pricing for the latest air models. You can get this for a base model price of 599 dollars for that money. Youll get the 8 core. M1 processor, the 10.9 inch liquid reta display and 64 gigabytes of storage. If there were one big weakness and believe me, we will get into this more later in the video. It would be that the storage really in 2022 is just too low for anybody, but folks that only use this device for watching youtube. You can go up to a 256 gigabyte model, but that pushes you up to 749 dollars sure its great that you have options for additional storage as the base model is so low.

But when you start getting close to 800 bucks, there are just better tablet: options out there from older ipad pros to some of samsungs new tablets. It didnt make much sense in the ipad air 4 from last year and keeping that pricing model and storage model into 2022 makes me not really understand the overall placement of the air in apples lineup getting into the actual things that ive liked and disliked over the Past month, lets start with the positives, because, despite that opening price storage problem, i do really like the air. 5. weve already talked about the color quality, but i really like the overall build quality. I think the ipad air 5 is the perfect balance of price to performance. Like you get high end features in this thing that you dont get other places you get that 10.9 inch screen which, to my eyes, is identical to the 11 inch screen on the ipad. Pro well almost identical, you can tell the 60hz difference. You also get usbc, and this year you get an updated usbc. So if you are using this as your only device, you can do transfers far faster this year than last year and im just a sucker for an 11 inch tablet. I think this is absolutely the sweet spot any smaller and you might as well just use your phone and any bigger, and you might as well just use your laptop. These tablets thread the needle perfectly as a device that somebody who already has a phone and a computer might actually need or want to buy.

The next thing ive liked is the price. No, i dont like the storage, and i wish that was increased, thats obvious, but 599 bucks gets you a ton of capabilities, a ton. Well, i guess a metaphorical ton because it only weighs 461 grams seriously for the price of entry. You get the full functionality of ipad os. You get cross connectivity with every single piece of the apple ecosystem and you get all of the accessory support which ipads are known for, and yes well be talking much more about that later. Looking out in the tablet marketplace, there isnt that much that really competes with the ipad air. Everything else is either a lower priced budget tablet or a high end premium tablet. You dont get a lot of options aiming for a more practical middle. Yes, the tab, s8 exists and its also wonderful and i do think its the better overall standalone device. But if you are heavily into the apple ecosystem and as somebody that typed this script on his mac studio, i am, i think, the extra hundred bucks and the less compatibility with the rest of my stuff that really hurts the tab. S8, a little too heavily. For me, the next big thing ive liked is that ultra wide front facing camera ive actually seen a few folks mention in the comments that they dont think. This is that big of a deal and thats fine everybody has their own opinion. But for me this is one of the main reasons to buy the updated ipads.

Today. This camera is the single best teleconferencing or family video chatting camera on the market. It gives you a super wide field of view, so you dont have to place it so far away from you for casual calls and the bigger more important collaborations. You can get a whole team in here with even a small meeting room combine that with apple center stage, if different people are coming in and out of the frame or if you need the camera to follow you around this camera is wildly good. I am so happy to see it on the ipad air 5.. Another cool part, is it doesnt, just look. Okay, it actually looks quite good, even in crappy indoor lighting and as teleconferencing is a huge part of todays world thats, not a small upgrade thanks to todays. Sponsor squarespace, you can create your own very beautiful website. Squarespace is the all in one platform to build a professional website online, store or portfolio its easy to claim a domain. Slash url create a custom site that matches your style and bring your ideas to life head on over to for free trial and when youre ready to launch head over to everydaydad to save 10 off your first purchase of a website or domain. The next thing i continue to just love about this tablet form factor are all of the accessories you can buy. For these i mentioned this in the you should buy video, but because of that 11 inch size, you get a lot of cross pollination with the ipad pro 11 inch accessory makers, because the two sets can be used on the two devices and, as those are the Two most popular of the ipads – you get so many cool gadgets that it makes this so much better.

You get cases stands dongles, keyboards mice, all sort of things that just amplify what the ipad can do. Weve already done a full accessory video for this tablet. So i wont go too in depth, but i love it. The main accessory selling point of the air 5 is like the ipad pros. You get the actual smart connector here on the bottom, and that gives you the magic keyboard and other cool options. The ipad mini doesnt get this and the standard ipad gets a less impressive version. If you want to build this up into more than just a video watcher, you can and thats awesome. The next thing. Ive really liked is the apple pencil integration. Yes, all ipads get that so its not that impressive anymore, but for me, ive been doing a lot of woodworking design and design designing why i say design way too much, but ive been using this ipad for that over the past couple of weeks and its awesome, I can even poorly sketch out a goku keyboard build with my ipad air, its not the ipads fault for the poor, drawing im terrible at this, but its fun, and it actually worked out okay being able to come up with that on the tablet. Save it to my notes and have access to that sketch on my phone and my mac at the same time is so clutch when it comes to actually putting those designs into actual practice. The next thing ive liked is the processor seriously.

Tell me another tablet: in this price bracket or any price bracket that has a desktop computer processor inside of it ill tell you. There are two other options and they are both ipads. Getting this kind of horsepower is straight up bonkers for a tablet. Sure ipad os doesnt take full advantage of the processor and its not like youll even want, or need this to do what a mac mini and its m1 can do, but you can get really good gaming performance and creative performance out of this lower mid range tablet. I would go so far as to say that this lower mid range tablet has more creative chops than any windows pc of its price or even double triple its price might get some folks angry in the comments. But this is that good, but when it comes to power, the drum that i like to bang on about in my videos is its not the power of today. That makes the m1 so good in the ipad air, its the ipad os of the future that youll get that matters and with the m1 that ipad os of the future stretches out pretty far into the future. Four years of updates from competitors is almost like a joke compared to how long this will be updated and with folks holding onto tech longer and longer thats. The real breakthrough, plus its genius on apples part because they were able to reuse a chip and increase the power of a product.

At the same time, i dont care who you are thats smart. I also really like using universal control in doing those designs. Its been nice to also work on a picture or file on the tablet and then immediately drop it onto my computer instead of doing an airdrop or something like that. Well, i guess it is an airdrop but its an airdrop without the middle app of click and then sharing and then clicking again. The reason i like that so much if you dont know anything about me im all about removing little points of friction when working all this great stuff, though this is not a perfect tablet, i do really like it and i would easily recommend it to somebody, but There are some problems that apple stubbornly refuses to fix. First off, i continue to hate that if you plug the ipad into an external display, all you get is a mirrored copy of the display as most displays. These days are widescreen 16 or 17×9 options. You will get crop bars on both sides of the screen. What im not asking for is the ipad to have something like samsung dex, though that would be totally awesome and i wouldnt say no to a hybrid mac, os ipad os remix here. All i want is the screen to be extended out instead of copied. You can already do this on mac os. Why not? Let us do this on ipad os. If i have things that i need to work on – and i just want to do it strictly from the ipad dont make me jump through all sorts of hoops im.

Not actually all that hopeful here, because ive been complaining about this for literally years and nothing has been done about it – they keep updating and upgrading the usbc connection, but it feels like for almost no purpose. The next thing i dont, like we already talked about in the intro, the storage options of the ipad air 5 are just bizarre. 64 gigabytes is too low for casual use and 256 gigabytes is too low for power users plus charging a hundred and fifty dollars for 256 gigabytes of memory in 2022 is actually laughable. Thats only like 30 dollars of storage in an m.2 drive, and i get that this isnt a standard, ssd and its probably more expensive to fit a smaller storage chip in here, but come on thats still just too much money. But 120 gigabytes is like the sweet spot of memory for todays requirements, heck even the iphone. Se has 128 as an option and the ipad air 5 doesnt like what world do we live in? Would i recommend the m1 ipad air 5 to somebody looking to buy their first tablet? Yes, absolutely would i recommend the ipad air 5 over the ipad air 4? If you need the upgraded camera? Yes, if not no would i recommend the ipad air 5 over the samsung tab s8, if you are not in the apple ecosystem. No, if you are in the apple ecosystem, yes, and if you liked this video, i bet you would like to know all the cool ipad accessories and you can find that by clicking right here.