Let’S go ahead and compare it to. I guess the intel imacs now. The specific model i have is the 2015 imac, but i’ve owned almost every single one of them and i’ve reviewed. I haven’t reviewed the 2020 ones, but i did own it at one point which i’m so sad that i didn’t get able to. You know push any footage out, but, as most of you know, the intel imacs are going to not be as good of a deal as the m1i max, but there are still some features of the intel imacs, but the m1 max don’t even have any more that Are universal for the you know 4k model, and it goes up to the 5k model as well, which is the one i have now. I will tell you if you want the most future proofed option, the imac that’s going to get you the. I guess the better bang for your buck right now, it’s, probably the m1 imac. These intel imacs are good for now, but they’re not gon na last. As long as these m1 imacs and think about it like this apple, is telling us like okay, we’re, already transitioning away from intel, those are outdated. The m1 is the new standard. It is the new one we’re using so there’s no point in you picking up an older one right now, so i would recommend, if you’re planning on buying like a 5k imac, they don’t sell the 4k mac anymore.

Only a four and a half k one. Then you might wan na wait. You know because the new m1 27 inch, whatever they’re, going to call it. The new 5k replacer is essentially right around the corner within the next like couple of months, not even a year it’s going to be out and it’s going to be in everyone’s hands similar to the m1 imac, so that’s, my biggest kind of like brush over thing. I would recommend telling you guys is essentially, if you’re planning on wanting to get that 5k imac, the bigger one you may want to wait out just a couple of months now, if you currently own a 5k imac perfectly fine, i would recommend keeping it there’s really. Not a humongous reason to go rush up to an m1i mac right now, because the 5k max and the 4k mac for the most part is still fairly powerful for the most part. Of course, i wouldn’t recommend like keeping it for you can keep it for a while, so it doesn’t matter, but the m1 imac again is the gold standard. I will tell you, though, display wise. I still think my 5kmx is a really good display, but i like the lack of a little bit less bezel on the m1i mac. That is a big thing that i noticed up front you’re, getting, i guess, a better looking device from the m1 imac, but i prefer the black bezels on the intel imac, and i also do like the space gray and i kind of like having that apple logo.

On the front too, it’s very strange i’m like against the logos, but it just seems like there’s, a bunch of open space there and i’m, not a huge fan of it. But again you got to put the computer somewhere. Hopefully they can put it somewhere else on this device, but again for now it still works perfectly fine, but the display on the 5k mac may look better. So that was one thing that really shocked me. In my opinion, now thinnest, wise and thickness, the m1 imac is thinner. I guess all around so there’s, no like curvature like yeah, like the intel imac has so it’s. Just you know thin all around the m1. The intel imac, i think, is kind of the same thing like of course, it’s thicker at its thickest point, but it still isn’t that big of a deal like i’m putting it against the wall. It doesn’t matter how thick it is as long as it’s like five feet, thick and it’s, not really going to matter too much. So that was another thing that kind of shocked me, but on the back, this is the craziest difference. So, like i said, my 5k imac is the older one, the newer ones, obviously all have thunderbolt ports and all that good stuff. But there is a massive difference here that i really haven’t heard too many people talk about the intel imac. You cannot expand the ram on the intel imac outside of your standard.

You know thing that you can do like, like you can spec it up the intel imac you had the capability of expanding the ram, which is a huge thing. I’Ve not heard anybody talk about this it’s crazy, and that is a massive thing that we could do on the previous model. All we had to do was unplug the cord take out the little ram thing at the back, insert new ram or more ram or whatever, and that was it on these m1 imacs. We cannot do that, and that is a kind of a big deal. In my opinion, because apple has this huge tendency of just increasing the price of the ram year after year and it’s very annoying, and i don’t know if they’re going to only spec it out to like 16 gigs of ram 32 gigs around what the top tier One is, but you could theoretically put as much ram as you want to before, and now they took that port out, which sucks really bad. So the old intel imax have that capability. The m1 imac does not have that capability, which is kind of sad to me on top of this – and this is in my opinion, especially compared to that 5k imac, the 4k mic has less ports, but on my 2015 model i had a ton, but even on The 2020 one you had an iv, cd, headphone jack great, you had the sd card slot, which is amazing.

I love having that they took it out on all their devices now, which sucks they had four usb ports. You know usb 8 ports, those big ones, they had two thunderbolt 3 ports and they had the gigabit ethernet port on all of the 5k models. You know, and i think you can even spec – that up to 10 gigabit i’m, not 100 too sure i don’t remember, but that is a massive thing now on our m1 imac. Now again, this is not the top tier one, but still a big thing to keep in mind on these m1 imacs. We only have two thunderbolt ports right now on the base model, but of course you can spec it up to get four usb c ports on it, which again is good, but looking at the predecessor, the fact that it had all of those pores and expandable ram. I mean that’s pretty crazy. In my opinion, the software, the performance and everything obviously is probably going to be a better experience on the m1 imac i’m, not even going to say properly. It is a better performance and you do have the you know: ethernet port, on the top tier models on the actual power, brick itself, which is very interesting but dude. I don’t know i’m, not a huge fan of all these ports going away. Even on my m1 macbook pro, i was kind of iffy on picking it up because of the lack of ports but there’s, nothing we can do about it.

This is the direction we’re going, but i’m really happy to see that the older ones have it. Fortunately, the 2021 m1i max have less sports than the previous ones and they do not have expandable ram, which is another massive thing in my opinion, so take it as you will, but that was another thing that i saw right there now booting them up. Everything’S going to be the same, they’re probably going to be around the same performance, but i will tell you this: the m1 imac is the future you’re going to be getting a faster performing machine on there and i’ve owned all the macbooks. The 60 inch one. The 5k imac all these ones, like i can tell you, i love the performance of i love the performance of intel based, macbooks and even intel based imacs i’m, not a huge fan of some glitchiness that happens and i’m, not a huge fan of their cooling system. For some reason, these intel imacs and macbooks they, the fans ramp up like crazy and it’s, a very annoying thing. It just feels like i have a very outdated, macbook or imac, or whatever that i’m, using luckily for these m1 imacs and on macbooks it’s, a much better cooling system, that’s the biggest thing in my opinion. On top of this, though, you are getting the m1 chipset, which is just amazing performance. It is the best performing machine out there for a lot of people for the price, especially so i will tell you if you plan, on going from an intel base to an m1 based, yes, there’s gon na be some downgrades, but for the most part i think It’S going to be net positive, the longevity of these intel based macbooks, you guys already know they’re gon na be around for a little bit longer.

You know they’re not like immediately switching over it’s a slow process; they got into it and now they’re getting out of it, but these m1 macbooks these m2 macbooks m3. These are the future. You know these are the things that we’re going to be getting for the rest of our life now until apple goes out of home business or whatever so that’s. Essentially, the main thing to keep in mind: you’re, going to be getting a much longer supportive phone you’re going to be getting a much longer supported device, but on top of that you’re going to be getting a device that has a future intel right now for the Imac side doesn’t have a future. You know they’re, like just gon na, abandon it at some point, so there’s gon na stop being software support on it and there’s gon na just be a huge downturn of intel for a while. So that is another massive thing: do you wan na invest in the future, or do you wan na invest in the past until right? Now is the past m1? You know because apple makes it is the future. So you have a choice. I’Ll probably tell you like, in my opinion, even though we’re giving out more ports – and you know, we’re – not getting user replaceable ram and all that stuff, i would probably still rather have the m1 imac over the intel imac every single one of those because of the Future that we’re getting on m1, i love the cooling system and also on top of this, i love how it doesn’t overheat all the time i love the smooth performance and it’s very fast and obviously iphone ipad apps on you know, macbook is pretty cool too.

I like that, feeling more. You know i don’t, i love. I love my intel imax. I love every single one of them, but the fact that the m1s are the future. I mean the answer is clear in my opinion, so that essentially covers it. If you guys have any other questions or anything, let me know in the comment section below hit the like button, thought me so much, but definitely hit that subscribe button. Every single subscriber that we get really does count. So me so much if you guys can hit that also check out the other links down in the description as well. My twitter, my instagram, my other channels.