Okay, everyone so Im back with another video today todays video. We have been waiting for this update for a while. Lumafusion is finally available on Android devices. You can get it on the z44 or even the three you can get on a pixel 7 Pro. You can get on the s22 ultra thats 21 Ultra pretty much any Android phone that you could think of at least the recent ones. So a lot of YouTubers are happy because a lot of YouTubers believe it or not – still shoot and edit videos on their phones, and this is just another app that you can use. I think the Apple folks of the world are a little bit jealous. That Android has it now in this video Im gon na just do a quick install of it, maybe like a first walk through and I might come back and do a dedicated video. I usually dont edit my videos on a tablet. I usually use my computer, but maybe I can do a video on how to do it also do not go to the Galaxy Store to download it because it will not show up on your other Android devices like the pixel 7 Pro or even a 7. If you download it because it doesnt carry over two, you know the other Android devices before I download it. Also, you have to know that it is 19.99, its not free. Hopefully you have the money to buy it and try it out.

So you can go to the Play, Store, go to search type in lumafusion and what you want to do is find the one that says: Zoomer Fusion, Pro video editing, it is early access and then you just want to buy it, and then here you just buy Hit the buy button, so once you put your password in it is installed and then you just open it up and there you go youre in you can even watch a tutorial lets see. Oh, it actually brings you to their website or to the YouTube hi. Everyone welcome to the lumafusion video guide. Im photo Joseph and Ill be your host throughout this official training Series. This series covers all up were not going to watch that on the video, but you can do videos up here. Like I have this one here I forgot. I even had it lets see Music, so you have that little its actually pretty cool. I really will try to edit one of my videos on this tablet so down here. You have like a little Trash button. You can add a different project. You can do frame rate aspect. I havent used it before so I will have to get used to it, but once you download it in the Play Store, you mean you can download it for other phones. So what Im gon na do is pause. The video show yall it on my Galaxy z44 and we can go from there too.

Okay, everyone. So I pause the video I want to show you can get it on your z44. So do not download it on the Galaxy app. Do it on the Play store. So I have it on my z44, but if you want a video edit videos on your pixel 7 Pro, you can also edit videos right on your pixel 7 Pro. I dont know how people do it on the phone, because that screen is small. Even the z44 smile for me, but with decks, you can probably hook this up to a monitor and you have for 19.99 and editing software that will work great with decks and everything else, but its also great on the tab. S8. So down here you can trim stuff, but it plays P at 30 frames. So if I want to cut it, I can trim it there. You can edit here theres, so many different things you can do, which I will come back with a full video on it. Once I learn it a little bit more, but I just want to do a quick video give yall an update. It is out, go get it if youre a Creator, even if you dont, if you just shoot videos you want to edit something together, its 19.99 go. Get it try it out the tab. S8. Look at it. I mean this is a big screen. People can buy. This tablet, get a camera made some videos for you to create content, so thats, pretty cool.

If you like, this video, give it a thumbs up stay tuned to the channel, I will come back and maybe do like a full video editing thing on the tab. S8 Ultra also make sure you hit that subscribe button for more videos coming up.