This is the latest insider preview, so that's build 10 1 6 2, which is the latest bill currently out at the moment, and probably you can see the most stable and probably going to be like the retail version when that's finally out on the 29th, so I've Been using it for a little while and just giving my thoughts and opinions on it, it seems to run really well on the chewy, the 18 yeah. I did have a couple of problems with the drivers for the touchscreen, which is now all working fine. What happens is Windows Update, will download a driver that actually doesn't work well with a screen now it's working fine, but what is happening as you touch along here and it would be registering over here. So there was a few problems with that. There is a fix on my website: I've downloaded I'm sorry uploaded the actual files there for the firmer for the touchscreen, so that will be sorted out and all works fine on the tablet couple of things, I've noticed that time. Of course, the home button is working and you get the new menu here with Windows, which is fine. It takes a while to get used to going through the actual power button icon. Sorry here to restart and shutdown it's, not the normal. You know yes, what I'm. So used to doing that, swiping along there's a bit of a delay there. You do have all these extra settings here.

So now we have battery saver mode, which is something that's new. I don't like the way they have the brightness, so it's, obviously it's it at 25 percent 50, so they're using them quarters there for adjusting the brightness I'm one of those people that, like to fine tune, my brightness, so I can't just swipe. Like I put on Windows 8.1 swipe along here, go settings and then tweak it up and down. Of course you can go through the long winded way of going through the battery icon here, if that's gon na work. For me no power options. Here we go not double clicking it, and then you can, you know, use the familiar menu that you've seen in Windows 8.1 here, so I can slide and adjust the brightness. I do actually think my automatic brightness is on at the moment. Cuz. It doesn't seem that bright now you do have a notifications menu here, which pops up with so many different things here that you can. You know you get all the notifications from very different applications here, which is which is fine it's. You know it's something a new door. New takes a lot to get used to these things, your quick location on and off turn that off. If you want bluetooth our VPN, if you're using the VPN better it's over I'll, just go to that now hold that down. I can go to settings and you do get various options here, but it will actually tell you your battery use here.

So it'll tell you what is actually using the battery the most so here at the moment, it's telling me that the display is sucking up. My sad part using 75, you can restrict background applications, so Google Chrome has been the biggest culprit consuming most of my battery, Oh apart from the screen, of course that's after the screen. So if we have a look along here, you can actually just change a few settings and there's some things you can do. You can automatically turn it on one of those interesting options here with the Windows 10, so you can actually restrict to this applications that run the background, so you can change background applications so for your site that you know I don't want clocks and I don't want Any of those you can general those off and the store to be running in the background sucking up power to that it's, quite good, to see that that's, something this is nice there and they could all change. They'Re. Focusing on battery. However, I've found that the battery life has actually been a little less than Windows. 8.1. For me, I mean at the moment is thing you can probably get 7 hours and 24 minutes there with the battery bar Pro here that I'm running the application, but of course, it's not actually calculating that properly. Yet the disturbing this job's right there of the tablet it's saying 0, what so it's not working it out just yet.

It needs a lot more time to give me that figure and other things here with the system. Obviously, we've got that display now as where the auto brightness, I think, is controlled instead of power that's right here. So if I turn it off well, so they have full brightness now on my screen, which is good to see so it's, not under the power and sleep power anymore. Another interesting part of Windows 10 – here too, is the storage, which is probably going to be quite useful for a lot of people here. So if you store install a new application, you're gon na be able to actually, if you have the storage connected, I've got nothing connect at the moment. But if I come along here and insert a USB pendrive, I will now be able to select here to store new applications onto the actual drive here. If I put a micro SD card and it's not coming up, probably don't have the correct format. This is fat32, and I put it needs to be into your safe format, but that's interesting. You can save your new documents now to change the extra location so in their microSD cards and they let liquid disk. Ok, I can change at least to this drive here, which is the D Drive, but I think applications. If you do have another drive on there, you can change that, and maybe it just depends on the format. As I mentioned there, so there's a few changes there.

Now our Microsoft itch seems to be good. I mean it's it's. Definitely nice. If you have a pin like a Microsoft Surface, is something that can support the opinion put there. Then you can actually write on the screen to it. There'S an option to do that. You can use your finger of course, but right here now you can, you can highlight something: save like oh yeah that's, a that's, whoops where's, the pen there. It is got a select it first, so you can highlight to the price or something like that, and you can write on here. You know whatever you want to that scribble something down tonight, for the pin your more accurately than my finger there, at least so that it does something that's, a new and interesting there with the the new browser and what I also show you is the way that It renders here so just we need to get out of this exit that another's jump and do take tablets here, so that the keyboard still doesn't want to auto pop up there, even though it knows I'm on a touch, a touch system, probably because I'm, in desktop Mode at the moment, so if I switch over and and go to the tablet mode, which basically just kills off my desktop, it should work now there we go so now it knows II. Okay, you definitely tell that you want tablet mode what it also, because I have a mouse clinic that it probably thinks that I don't want to pop up keyboard to pop up there.

So if I just go into tick, sowhat's don't come here and show you how that lights up internet connections not the fastest, but it seems to be right. I roll the brothers that seem quite speedy and yeah nope. No real issues. I haven't had anything crashed yet now we do have that new little assistant thing that I need to be and they need to be in desktop mode for that one to show up when you do search or maybe under the search it's going to pop up here. It is, it seems, a little bit leggy at times that – and I don't know whether it's something I've actually take advantage of the you can have a few reminders what's it called Cortana or something she forgot, the name of it, but it will help you. You know you can do sorts of things and schedule something and whatnot you know, features that a lot of users bullet won't, even use or touch, but you know it's it's there and the experiment around you might actually end up liking that so this is the desktop Mode which, when you go to the windows button, now it's going to bring up full screen and have all your applications and everything here. You do have other ways to bring up the menu here and most do that. Patients are going to be out there for you. So there's a little different. So if I swipe again from the side like the charm bar menu, which I might miss a little bit, you can also go along here and just disable that and now it's gone back into this top mode.

So it's kind of like running the mixer application. Everything will run just in Metro for you, like the Metro mobileforge, what they used to call that when you were running tablet mode and when you're not in desktop, then you have the actual disk top now there's an also a way to preview multitask. Here with bringing up everything, despite using this button here, so you have a desktop mode and you can bring up and use it that way so there's, no more swiping from the left, like that, where you can you can't, do it swiping between apps, as you would On Windows, 8.1 it's different now so you you can select now described straight to that okay, okay boom and bring that up for right, now, I'm running again back in Windows each day, so it's different. But I don't like the fact this start bar is now back in and yeah it's, just like anything new it's in a little while to get used to it to get accustomed to the new whole layout of everything of Windows. 10. Now I did actually just install on top of the original winners, one thing and that went fine it if she does say it's activated here if I bring up the settings menu. If I go in twos system, missing system and I've got to find it now, because it's, the new kind of control panel, you can bring a bill went up. I said, update and security here it is activation, and it does tell me that it is activated here.

So, apparently, if you've got enveloped key, which this did have a Windows 8.1 valid key, then it will update to Windows 10. You probably get some sort of pop up saying you know do to come out of insider preview. I think that's, what Microsoft been saying so it's not entirely clear, yet not I've been reading up that much about that, but you will be able to from any of these Chinese. Tell us you're pretty much go from windows, 8.1 thing straight on to Windows: 10, when it's released, you just have to keep running those windows updates, and then it will pop up and you ship down to do it that way or you can download the ISO when That'S released create a drive to install it off, so you don't, like the ISO and then make yourself the bootable memory, stick boot on to that and then upgrading the store from there and then you'll eventually have yourself Windows 10. It took a long time to install and it also took up a lot of space to install it, which was a bit of a worry. I did end up having to remove what didn't have to do, but really Windows runs alot bit on this tablet than Android. The Android promised it's okay, so what I did is actually has completely killed off Android deleted it merged the partitions, and I did create another partition here because it wouldn't. Let me merge that on to my final Windows, but it did end up with 23 gigabytes of Windows, but my three spaces up a lot of the month, because I have other files and things going on on the on the tree v eight in here, and it Will just show you quickly that it will play 4k video.

This is just a 4k video that I recorded barely on one of the tablets. I was testing out and if I run that you see that this is 4k Club will run fine and goes skips around that it doesn't have any problems, actually doesn't start or anything seems to be quite fast and that so that's pretty impressive running that, like that And I'll just show you here that the properties of the file details consider resolution there. Hopefully on the video. It looks a little bit analyzed because of the screen resolution. Do you hope you can see that there? That is definitely a 4k clip there that are recorded, and yet it doesn't have any problems playing that. So all in all, you can applications runs the windows a little bit smaller there without so much of that sort of the the window border around. It is now minimal, so it looks a little bit nicer, so yeah that's, a that's, the chewy VI, 10 they're running Windows, 10 how'd, you like the video and thanks for watching it.