So if using one of these lights from newer or a long time um, I think the last one I purchased. I cant remember the exact time Ive used it, but it was well over five years ago. Um. It was a newer NL, 480 LED now. This light has come in handy so many times for me at weddings and Music, one popped up on eBay on Amazon. Sorry, I do apologize uh on Amazon. It was like the newer model. Well, it is a newer but a newer version. I guess this one came with the Bandos and the remote and yeah anyway so were gon na. Have a quick look in the box. Ive already opened it, but Ill just show you what you get in the Box anyway. This is my older one, so I did purchase the band all separately the other day just to go with this one. This one has been thrown around in the back of the car for years on end left in the boot of the car winter nights, cold nights, anything thats been thrown at it, its never had a problem, so there we go theres the old one, but with the New Charmed art on it and Ill just show you the new one. Now this retails at 59 pounds 96.. They didnt come with the option to purchase them with um. Excuse me just plug something in as well to purchase them with stands as well. I dont need any stamps.

Ive got plenty stamps, so I just buy the Bare Bones unit and then use the stands. Ive already got now in the Box as well. That we will see just now lets just have a quick look. It comes in a nice carry case. Weve got some gel, always keep these because they come in handy for keeping things dry. Your little bag of death gel keeps the moisture out of things anyway box to the side. First off, I will just show you whats in here, which is the just a little remote control. So if youve got these sort of like in situ high up somewhere, you can use this remote control to adjust them and different channels for different lights anyway. So well just show you that there quickly in here is the unit itself comes with a little manual, Etc. Again, 2.4 G, remote control included the little carry case. Nice little carry pouch. I did have one with the last one. God knows where it went, but it again four or five years use and theres still no problems with this new uh. Sorry, the old one. Okay, on the back, I will just show you the difference. If you are doing an upgrade yourself, you might have the original one like me and uh this new um, the older one thats, the back of the older one. Youve got your two plug sockets there for your standard Sony batteries, um that you know the 7.

2 ones, but it also runs off Mains as well, which I will show you in a minute. I think when I originally bought this one, it didnt come with the mains lead, but this one Ive just bought for 59 pounds came with the mains lead as well Im just going to give you some of the specs on it wow uh yeah. You know the mp550 batteries you can put two in again like I said I use you that weddings whack them on a stand. First, dance, theyre, amazing anyway, so the difference is on the new one. Weve got the remote control functionality on this one, which will come in handy now. What Im gon na do is it comes as well with yo power supply, brick, which is 12 volts, 3 amps enough to power. It no problem. This one also looks fixed. I mean they are identical apart from this little display here, because its got the re, the uh Wireless unit, built into there, move that one out of the way and Music there we go its on, as you can see its going to tell me that the battery Is full because its on the mains, but it will tell you how much is in these batteries when um youve got this? Thank you um. It will tell you sorry how much is in the batteries when youve got your batteries plugged in Okay, so weve got the temperature range from 3 200k up to five six hundred K, so thats, like the you know your standard, oh, you know low like so it Does go from five, a 600k down to three 200k and the color temperature, as you will see now yeah I mean these.

Things are bright, they are really good. So I will do a quick adjustment of the color temp. Just to that nice warm glow and we can turn down the intensity as well. Youre, not going to see it much the benefit on this, but there we go theres up the five 600k Mark and then well turn it down to its just that warm glow. You know but yeah anyway, its definitely another win again. They are ideal if youre, a winning photographer, videographer, Etc. A couple of these in your bag. I mean Ive been using this one of these older ones and I did have a smaller one, but I can, if they look, you know Ive got too much in the same now, so it just looks a little bit more professional doesnt it. So I will use them both, so we have no, let me just say a few things about this, like I said, weve got Channel so if youve got them in like if you buy two of these ones with a remote, you can have like two or three Of them wired up and then different different channels can be used to adjust the different lighting on each one. You have okay, let me just get some specs up for you, but anyway um. I cant find the specs. Now wait. There wait there wait. There wait there right so 20 meter distance for the remote control 20 meters. It will work up to supposedly um and thats.

It really um yeah 10 channels. Oh no yeah, so weve got 11 channels for different lighting control of the remotes and its got 480 LEDs built into it right. So there you go, the remote control comes with it like I said they are a good one that were made unit from newer 480 LEDs in this unit. 3. 200. Daylight. Sorry, 5 600 daylight sort of lighting setting down to the tungsten, which is around the 3200 mark. Its got a nice variable white balance with it anyway and nice quality bracket, its a definite win. So again, like I said its another product that I use, they are um. They are well made, like I said the last one Ive had its had a lot of knocks, drops bangs and its still going strong and for the price. What can I say, links in the description if you like it, get yourself one or get yourself two get yourself three and enjoy them the same way.