Now here are three bluetooth keyboards from logitech. So lets kick this off with the white k380. Now this is a really light and small keyboard, measured by 12 by 2028. If im a second now, i specifically requested for a white color, because it looks much cleaner in person. But you can choose from five different color ways: theres black theres, blue white, light, pink and red, but more like blood heavy red, its using two aaa batteries. And you can switch from one device to another up to a total of three devices with just a click away. The keys are, in circular shapes with a slight concave surface for extra typing comfort. The layout is multi os friendly and what i meant by that is, you can actually use it for either windows, android or the ipad, or s without having to confuse yourself, which function key is which, although one function key, which is the f5 doesnt work on the Ipad, if youre, using windows or mac or as you want, and you want to dive deep into customization, like if thats your gem theres a software that allows you to customize shortcuts and hotkeys as well and monitoring battery life and more. But since ive been using this. For my ipad, so i havent got time to actually try it out, so maybe maybe soon for people who are into low profile and angle ergonomic keyboards. You would definitely like this one, but in terms of accuracy, though, the travel distance bit is quite short, so i tend to have a little bit of typos, but not as much as the key go to well talk about that later.

The clickity clicks of the keys are a little less satisfying and less audible than the k480. Now my personal favorite, and also my own portable keyboard from logitech the k480, i have actually did a bite size review on this keyboard on my instagram. So make sure you check them out, link in the bio. The body is actually much thicker and flat compared to the 380, and it is freaking hefty too, due to its big size overall, and also the very main reason why i bought this keyboard is because of the built in cradle that can fit my ipad pro. Unfortunately, its not able to secure my ipad, so it keeps on falling off after, like 15 20 minutes, so i have to put something like a ruler or something flat to properly secure it in place. Im, not sure, though how well it works. If you have your case, if you have your ipad with a case now same like its smaller brother, its using two aaa batteries to power up and you can connect up to three devices one at a time, but in this device on this keyboard, its using a Dial mechanism, which is located on the top left for quick switch, and it works perfectly unlike the k380 for this youll – have to go through some extra steps for first time, pairing with your device. So if you want to pair with windows, android or chrome based device, youll have to long press the pc button here or if you want to pair with an apple device.

Youll have to press this. I button right here. The keys are not as rounded as the k380 and the typing experience on this keyboard is so good and satisfying at the same time, probably because of the clackity clacks of the keys, yes, im, calling it that from now on, it is loud. In fact, the loudest among all three keyboards that i have right here so considering that and its heavyweight physique, not sure if its rated to be the most suitable portable keyboard to use at your favorite hipster coffee shop. If thats your thing but buying this. For your home setup, that would be a different story, now spoiler alert for the keys go to. I had high expectation for this keyboard and let me tell you why, first of all, it looks cool its very slim colors, popping its lightweight upon the box. Theres, a set of cute stickers and the selling point for me that time was it has its own cradle, but look Music it. Basically, it cannot withstand the weight of my ipad pro, even though i have the keyboard hooked in right here. Music. Let me try this out. Im gon na go in one two, three yep, so my bed for not knowing that it is not built for a heavy tablet. Thats. My mistake should have done better, but if youre looking to buy this keyboard for your ipad, get a separate ipad stand like ugly or something alright. Now back to the keyboard itself, this is suitable for apple devices.

Only like your iphone or even your apple tv and the reason i said that is, if its not obvious enough, you can actually tell by the layout of the keyboard itself its very leaning towards the apple layout. Only and just like the other keyboards ive talked about the k40 and the k380. This one has a bunch of hotkeys with it like dedicated home button, the search button and the media control buttons, but one things missing from other keyboards is the brightness control. Now this one has its own dedicated brightness control, hotkeys, so its its very convenient actually, unfortunately, theres no multi devices, support for this keyboard and, of course, theres no triple a batteries as well. It has its own integrated battery baked in that is chargeable using the micro usb slot right here. I dont know if you can see that now, due to its form factor, it sacrifices a lot on the typing experience and the comfort to keep everything as thin and light as possible. Because lets be honest, this is not for the fast wpm typers out there. People who want this keyboard shouldnt care about how fast they can type, because if they do, then you might wan na opt for the cheaper options right here, because with this you will have a freaking a lot of typos if youre a fast typers out there. Now i just wish logitech had engineered the cradle to be less weight, centered its sensitive and rigid other than that its.

This is my last preferred keyboard. I would prefer the k480 or the k380 as my second choice, but yeah thats. It still love the collective likes of the k480. Yes im gon na call it k clickety clex from now on screw at the turn. All right, thanks for watching this video hit the like button.