This keyboard is perfect for those who want something that feels more exciting and tactile to use and its great for productivity. The materials used to make the keyboard are a combination of aluminum for the base, the top part which feels nice and cold to the touch and a smooth plastic finish for the sides and a grainy texture plastic for the back and on the back of the keyboard. Its also going to have two rubber legs, one long, one thats closer to the front side and two on the adjustable legs and thats really going to help with the stability when typing on the keyboard. And then the adjustable legs do prop up at an angle. So its going to give you that more ergonomic typing experience, depending on how you prefer to type some people like it high some people like it lower, I personally liked it lower without using the legs. I felt like that was a good enough angle for me and then the keyboard is also going to be compact, hence the name mini. So if youre, someone who travels a lot with a keyboard, maybe to work and back home, then its going to be really nice. You can stick it in any laptop bag, or maybe even your backpack, and the keyboard also has backlights, which is going to be really helpful when typing in the dark. The back lights are activated through a proximity sensor, which is when your hands get close to the keyboard.

The lights are going to turn on, however, some people have reported issues with the backlight proximity feature, not working, so you may need to contact Logitech support to assist you in case. You have the issue and me personally, I did have the issue as well. I wasnt able to get the proximity sensor to work so for me, the at the moment the lights arent really working. Now the battery life on this keyboard is pretty impressive. With 15 days, with the back lights turned on, or so the website says, I cant really test it, because my battery doesnt work and then 10 months without the backlight. So if you need the extended battery, life, definitely keep the lights turned off and then the keyboard also comes with a USBC cable which is going to be used for charging. You cant use the cable to connect to the computer. Its only used for charging so make sure your device actually has a USBC slot available. The key switches on this keyboard are using the tactile quiet switches which is equivalent or similar to Brown mechanical switches. If you get the regular version of this keyboard, not the for Mac but just MX Mini mechanical keyboard, you have the option to get them in the brown switches, the blues or the Reds, and those all have a different type feel. But I think this one is personally my favorite one out of the bunch just because Browns are more subtle and theyre, not so loud theyre, the quietest of the bunch and just to show you guys how quiet this keyboard actually is.

Lets do a quick typing test. Foreign, each keycap is going to be made of plastic and its going to have the letters kind of see through on each keycap, which basically lets the light flow through each keycap and my lights. Dont really work on this keyboard, but I really like that. They chose to make each keycap see through, because if the letters were printed on there, they would eventually Fade with time. But because these are Hollow, slash, see through youre, not going to have the letters or icons fading with time. And then each keycap is going to be concaved, which is going to allow for your fingers to fit very nicely into each keycap and give you a more accurate and easier typing experience. The keyboard also has shortcut buttons that include pause. Play volume adjust to mute microphone. Emoji select type with voice, which is dictation, backlight, brightness, adjust and easy switch Keys. The easy switch Keys allows for you to connect up to three devices and thats things like your phone, your tablet or desktop, and then, with the easy switch key youre going to be able to push one of these three buttons and that thats going to allow. For you to quickly switch between any of the three connected devices, which is going to be super helpful if youre, someone who needs that functionality to increase your productivity now, this keyboard also comes with software that works with Mac or Windows, and you can customize some of The shortcuts and functionality on how this keyboard actually works were not going to be covering the software in detail in this video, but I am going to leave a link down in the description below if you want to see a more in depth.

Walkthrough of how the software works with this keyboard so be sure to check that out after this video overall, this is a solid keyboard, but the only problem I had with it was that the back lights were not working and again for this price point I did Expect everything to work properly, but maybe I just got unlucky – maybe I just need to get a replacement and then it should be fine. Aside from the backlights, not working, everything else about this keyboard is impressive: a 10 month battery life without the back lights, Multi Device. Switching and, of course, a mechanical keyboard layout that looks super clean and has a ultra high build quality. Now this keyboard is going to be expensive coming in at 150 dollars. So if this is a little bit out of budget for you, I am going to leave a link down in description below pointing to an alternative keyboard to this thats, not mechanical, but it does have a lot of similar features where you can switch between devices. Have these very useful shortcuts and its only going to be a fraction of the price coming in at forty dollars from spotler and its called the spotler dexterity keyboard so be sure to check that alternative out.