The MX Master 3 is not an inexpensive mouse of more than that, but there are some important Questions about it. price, of which we will talk at the end of the video. Logitech, was in charge of making a product with a very premium experience. It has many aspects that justify its value of approximately 100 dollars from the build quality, to the possibilities that the software gives us with this mouse., I went through several mice and changed them until I found the G502 also from Logitech. That stayed with me for several years. When I chose to leave wired peripherals behind. I thought about buying the wireless version of the G502, but this move coincided with the need to swap my desktop pc for a portable laptop.. Replacing the G502 was not an easy task and to avoid the use of dongles adapters and even receivers, I preferred to buy a Bluetooth mouse and there I met the MX Master 3. Even so, this model includes the adapter to connect it through a USB receiver. 2.4Ghz.. The MX Master 3 belongs to the MX series of peripherals. Hence the logo on the box. Logitech also sells a very good keyboard from this series that is worth trying, MX Keys. At the bottom. We find the sliders which are made of vinyl and we will find a switch which we will talk about later sensor and on off switch.. The mouse has 6 buttons, the three main ones left wheel and right, two on the side, fully configurable and the gesture button that we will also see later.

The mouse is covered by a rough material similar to a grip. The buttons are made of very good quality plastic and the, or rather quotwheelsquot, are made of aluminum.. It has a part on the left to rest, the thumb which I think is very comfortable and helps to maneuver the mouse more easily.. Returning to the wheel, Logitech presents the MagSpeed Wheel system, mag de magnet, because it is a system made with two magnets that allow a very different scrolling experience to the one we were used to. In fact, it took me a couple of days to get used to it and really it is a before and after. The wheels are very silent and although it allows us to scroll one line at a time, if we pull hard, the wheel will start to spin. Like a spinner until the speed is low enough for the magnets to slow it down., This detail or operation, is only on the vertical scroll wheel.. On the left. We have a horizontal scroll wheel, but its functions are fully configurable. In fact, I have it configured to lower and raise the volume, and that is because at first I had problems scanning horizontally, because this function is only found in certain programs that I use. this time. I do not use.. This mode is accompanied by software. That is totally optional, but will allow us to get the most out of our equipment. The software gives us a series of presets to improve the experience in several popular programs such as the Adobe package, Microsoft, Office, Chrome, Safari and Final Cut Pro.

. It is very easy to install.. The mouse has a maximum of 4000 DPI, which, in my opinion, is a lot personally. I am used to using 1200 DPI, but for users who prefer hardly to move their hand to get from one end of the monitor to another. This is probably a barrier., The Logitech MX Master 3 works on Windows, MacOS and all Linux distros.. On the other hand, the mouse has a weight of 140 grams, which, for me, is a perfect weight. If you are one of those who prefer light mouses and even those look like a honeycomb, this is probably not a mouse for you. In terms of precision. It feels exactly like a wired mouse. It is extremely accurate, even when connected via bluetooth and speaking of connectivity, that button at the bottom allows us to switch between three devices that we can be connected to. At the same time, if we can control three different devices without having to disconnect and connect cables, It can be three bluetooth devices or two bluetooth and one with a usb receiver works. The same this function really seems great to me. The battery is one of the strongest points of this mouse. charge via usb c and pay attention to this data. It has a durability of 70 hours, which the truth is a lot. In fact, one minute of charge is equivalent to 3 hours of use. Really the battery is very durable, and in my week of use, I still figure the battery as quothighquot.

, Although we have already seen how this mouse allows us to handle up to three devices without having to connect things. One of the great features is that, together with its software, we also have the possibility of transferring files by dragging them from one screen to the other, regardless of which operating system we are using.. In other words, we can transfer files from one Windows computer to another. With MacOS, or from MacOS to Linux, without using dongles pen drives nothing. Returning to the buttons on the part where the thumb rests, we will find the gesture button that will allow us to perform a series of functions that, according to my perspective, is much more usable In MacOS than in Windows. Among these functions we can find open the file browser, switch between desktops, minimize, all windows and so on.. Now let’s talk about the price. The mouse has a sale price of 100 dollars and 115 euros for Europe, but for some reason I got it for 65 dollars in Argentina, which is very strange because everything tends to be much more expensive here in many countries of the world. Several resellers sell this product at prices that are much cheaper and, according to Reddit users, they explain this happens because the same producers resell part of the stock at much cheaper prices and a second level of resellers, publish them on sites such as ebay, mercadolibre, etc. These Products arrive, factory, sealed and the official two year warranty is unaffected, but may be counterproductive for Logitech.

. Of course, I was concerned about whether it was a legitimate product and especially about the conditions in which the box arrived on a rainy day. So I contacted Logitech and they assured me that it was a genuine legal product. They actually had a very good service with me., But going back to the price, if you are interested in looking for cheaper options with the function of connecting via bluetooth and wireless usb, there are options such as the Razer Basilisk X, Hyperspeed, that, especially for gaming, go Very well., The main differences are build quality and productivity features.. Finally, something that I consider very important about its aesthetic contribution to the setup. Although it is not my situation at present in a few months, I will be moving and I cannot miss this opportunity.. The MX Master 13 very nice with its patterns on the grip and the reflection on the back. For Apple users. There is also a specific version of MX peripherals for Mac, whose differences are almost totally aesthetic seeking to continue with the space gray style that their products have.. But the simple fact of not having cables in the middle, much less a cable holder like bungees, will surely make any setup look much cleaner.. In conclusion, I have been using this mouse for about a month and I already feel that I could not replace it with any other. I did not think I would say this, but I do not miss my G502 at all.

The experience is excellent. The magnet system of the scroll wheel is excellent. Silent is in definitively a mouse that denotes a lot of quality and a totally incomparable experience. Also, another not less data is that it is extremely ergonomic. It is a middle point between vertical mouses and a normal horizontal mouse. This can avoid pain in the hand after hours and hours of use and for those who are concerned about the rough material of the body produces a very good grip. The mouse does not slip at all and later I will be making a video testing this mouse for gaming, but of course I am sure that you will not feel any difference with the wired mouse, despite having a latency of 21 milliseconds. I hope you liked this video if you had any doubts about it mouse and the experience it offers. Ask me in the comments., Do not forget to leave your likes and if you are interested in me continuing to review the parts that I am buying for my setup do not forget to subscribe. Also in a little while, I will be uploading the video testing this gaming mouse.