While you could get its newer brother in the 3s, which features updated ergonomics and internals youll have to sacrifice those hard earned pennies. So why would you do that when you can have a mouse thats, a lot more cost effective and it still delivers those productivity Essentials? Lets take a closer look at this mouse. It comes in dark gray, its made out of plastic, but still retains a high quality and premium feel you can connect this mouse to your PC, Linux or Mac via Bluetooth or with the USB wireless receiver, provided you can buy some Logitech mics that are designed for Mac, computers in the format range – I use this on my Mac Mini, and I found that with some other Logitech mice in that format range because of the forever ongoing Bluetooth issues that you can get on Max and the connectivity problems that are associated with x accessories. Like mice and keyboard for the time being, Im sticking with the non format, mice and other accessories, which are equally as capable as those ones theres a speed, adaptive scroll wheel which, by pressing the button below the scroll wheel, you can vary the speed between click to Click which has the more familiar feel of a scroll wheel and the setting that I tend to have it on most of the time and Hyper fast scrolling, which sometimes, when you are scrolling on a mouse, the lack of feedback on the scroll wheel does feel a Little unnatural and can feel like youre, almost losing the scroll of the button.

The rest of the top surface of the mouse features the regular left and right click buttons on the left, side or thumb side of the mouse. Youve got the second scroll wheel. This one ideal for horizontal scrolling, as opposed to Vertical scrollings, that you get with the one thats on the top side of the mouse next to the scroll wheel, are two buttons which, by default, are mapped to the forward and back desktop commands. And just when you thought this mouse couldnt fit in any more buttons, there are hidden ones within this seemingly inconspicuous thumb. Support area within this area, youll find gesture controls and the clickable button itself, adding Leica sort of shift button on a keyboard, giving you the ability to fully customize five gestures from just clicking the button to holding and moving the mouse in one of the four directions By default, this is set to the window. Navigation presets now lets quickly run through the rest of the mouse. On the same side as the gesture controls youll see the battery level indicator, which is shown when you first turn on the mouse. The on off switch is located at the bottom of the mouse. One full charge of this mouse can last up to 70 days depending on your usage, and, if you do find yourself with a depleted battery, three minutes of charge by the micro USB port at the front will give you one four days worth of charge.

One of the things that makes this mouse a productivity Master is its ability to control different devices and seamlessly switch and connect to them by the Press of a button. This button allows you to connect up to three different computers, tablet or phones. Ive got this one connected via Bluetooth to two of my devices at the moment, my Mac Mini and my iPad via the Bluetooth, but with the USB wireless receiver, Im also able to connect my 2014 MacBook Pro, although this mouse is a bit larger than some mice, Its still very comfortable to use and the ergonomic shape may be put off for some, but it does mean that your hand is in a slightly elevated position which actually feels different over time compared to a conventional mask. But what Ive found is Im still able to use this mouse for long periods of time at 145 grams? Yes, yes, it is quite weighty, but as youre gliding the mouse across the table, surface youll not notice this, and thanks to its high Precision tracking theres no surface that I found that this mouse doesnt track well on and even though its a radical change compared to The smaller Logitech Pebble, which Ive been using for a while those additional buttons at the side and the gesture controls, are so comfortable easy to learn, and this makes this mouse so natural to use. Ive not used this mouse for much gaming other than casually playing Minecraft, which is hardly tester for his gaming credentials.

But casual gamers will be fine with a low latency on this, but those more seasoned Gamers playing those games where reaction times in zero latency are, must may prefer a smaller, lighter and Wired Mouse. If you want to use this mouse to its full customizable capabilities, then youre going to want to install Logitech options Plus on your computer thats, going to allow this mouse to be working for you from here, youre able to change every button except the left and the Right click buttons to almost any action or keyboard shortcut that you want and even further customize those buttons to be different across different apps. As you can see here, Ive got the standard controls for the majority of buttons, but Ive customized. A few of the gestures. For my general use of the computer, but in more specialized apps, like a vanity photo and DaVinci Resolve, Ive tailored those same buttons to have actions that I use most within those apps and, as I find more actions within other apps, that I need Ill customize. The mouse controls to those as well, this is the Logitech flow compatible Mouse, which means that youre going to out to control up to three devices simultaneously, even across different operating systems, cuts and paste files, text and images across those damn devices all at the same time. Just by moving the cursor to the edge of the screen on one device and it magically appearing on your other connected device, giving you that total control in my workflow Ive also got this connected to my MacBook Pro via wireless USB receiver.

With six. Next to my Mac Mini so just by going over to the edge of the screen waiting for the system to recognize that Im wanting to go to the screen on the other one. The cursor magically appears on the other screen and if youve got a compatible keyboard. Youre also able to take that flow connection over with the mouse, as well so Im able to take text from the MacBook and paste it onto the Mac, Mini the productivity Master at work with its built in easy switch technology. My one down about mice, not just this one, but all mice like this – is that they are designed for right, handers and me being a left hander. Although I can use mice like this in both hands with this Im forced to use this full time. In my right hand, so my one wish is please design mice for left handers, so thats, the Logitech MX Master 2s Mouse a feature packed productivity machine thats comfortable to use should make your workflow smoother and more efficient, making it ideal for your everyday use. I use this mouse with the Logitech k780 keyboard and together they complement each other, both visually, but the way they work together and its perfect. If youve got any questions on this mouse. Just let me know in the comments below and go check out my reviews on the pebble Mouse and the k780 keyboard if you want some other devices from Logitech um, thanks for watching Press the like button, if you like this video subscribe, if you havent already for More productivity content, just like this one and Ill see you in the next one Music.