It has a little tab. You can pull out so, like all good things, it’s a box within a box, so you can see this has both the keys for a macbook and a windows device advertising their mouse. I will say i do like the looks of it and then, of course, in here is a little dumbbell guy and i guess that’s it not just a chord in here it’s, a usb c chord, pretty nice cord, actually it’s got a little velcro strap with an A on this side and then there’s this little dongle anytime. I have that little star on there. That means it can be like paired with other devices have the star on it like, for example, this logitech mouse. I already use it’s dongle has a star on it. So i should be able to map the keyboard to that dongle. You know, i might not even have to use this one, although i probably will because it’s the one that came with it see. This is the other dongle i already had, and this is the brand new one. They look pretty much the same though so you can see some of the major selling points where that it had macbook keys and windows keys in the same places and it’s. You know it’s just generally a nice keyboard as well. You can see on the edge here, it’s very thin. It has like a little overhang there. So it’s got a little slant to it when you’re typing on it comparison, here’s an actual macbook keyboard.

So it does appear like it’s. Actually, i would say, it’s probably the same thickness as the mac keyboard, but it has an extra little chunk right here, so the mac keyboard does not have that chunk. This is all one size on the logitech and the apple keyboard is slanted, so you can see on the macbook keyboard there’s, a control, control, shift, shift, option, option command, command space spacebar, and then you have command command function in the middle, but then options here and Then a control over here and a control because option and controller kind of in one that’s kind of weird the number pad looks pretty much the same same thing up top here you escape and escape brightness is in the same spot. The multi key here is the same spot. This little key is the same spot. Don’T know what this is. This should be keyboard brightness. I would assume dedicated buttons here for the media controls volume, controls there’s an eject button on the apple one, but not here, and then, where you have, the delete is the same spot ends in the same spot: homes in the same spot, page up page down same Spot these three blank ones here here on the logitech it lets you choose which device you want to use it with so we’ll. Let you choose you know you can tie this to three different computers and then you can just choose the one from that button.

Some capacity i do like this dedicated calculator keys, i use a calculator all the time on the computer, so i like that dedicated camera key, which is pretty nice. You don’t normally see that. I would assume that one locks the screen which i like that cause i’ve used that a lot i don’t know what this is. I want to read the book or see something on that one there’s a clear and another lock. I guess there’s a number lock key. Maybe or the apple keyboard doesn’t have a number lock it’s just automatically on there, but it’s pretty good job of comparing to a apple keyboard, and this is the lenovo keyboard that i use all the time for my windows. Devices should be a similar situation on the bottom here: control there’s a function key here, that’s not here, option start that’s interesting command. Oh that’s, weird, i guess the start is the windows key, maybe it’s just missing the function, key uh, but you see how that plays out there’s the function key and here’s. This little key looks to me. I guess what this is. I really don’t know the key. Is i never use it up here on the top it’s escape and escape? It looks like a function lock. I don’t know how that’ll work brightness here. This is volume controls the volume controls are, of course, on this side of this keyboard. The play pause controls are all here because there’s a stop button here, that’s not on the logitech one.

This has like a screen clipping button. I don’t think that one works. I think i’ve tried that it doesn’t work, maybe it’s programmed something that didn’t work fresh out the box. Now this keyboard is the noble which i like a lot, but this is different than normally. I work this way right, but normally your delete keys not like this. Even though i do like the complete key a lot, so this is on the logitech ones probably looks more like a standard keyboard. Page up page down ends over here, which is a little weird, but i’ll get used to it, and i never use any of these keys anyhow. So what i do use on a regular basis or volume controls, uh, media controls, let’s, say i’m, like i’m glad to have a calculator button back just for comparison’s sake. Here is the bridge keyboard it’s, very dusty. My son uses this for his chrome box, so you can see they’ll be very different. Controls for a chromebox see how thick it is. So this lenovo one is an ultra slim keyboard and it’s gon na be similar to that, where it’s about the same size, it’s hard to get light in there and hold this at this angle. But you can see it’s about the same size and the apple keyboard are about the same size. So same thing would vary like the physical keyboard is about the same, but this big logitech bumper thing makes it a little bit different size, and this guy was like a little 20 add on.

Yes, this is literally just a little palm rest. It also comes with a book for some reason: yeah essentially you know you put your hand on here. While you type it should provide better ergonomics. So i, like that, all right, let me get this set up and then we’ll we’ll go that route. Then we plug it in it does light up green there. So let me charge it up and we’ll take a look all right. So as we charge this guy up all right, i already have a dongle plugged in so we’ll. Try to use that one that’s existing. All right so here i am on my computer and now, if you don’t, have the logitech app, you would need to install it. I already have it installed logitech options. It gives frequent updates if you use google logitech options, it’s a simple software, so you can see this is the mouse i currently have is the m720. So i do like this mouse. I don’t see me buying the other one, the mx one, because i mean this mouse is so good. I don’t really see a point and it will also do three different computers, so i don’t know that i need to switch to the more expensive mouse just for a little side, scroll wheel, which i wouldn’t personally, i don’t see me using that all right. So now i’m going to click here to add devices. So you see compare up to six compatible wireless mics and keyboards to a single logitech unifying receiver.

So i’m gon na add a device to it and it says to restart the device so move the slider off and then on and it’s already off so i’m gon na turn on now and we’ll see if it just automatically finds itself or what happens yep and Automatically good clip done all right, so there i am here’s my mx keys. So this is you have the back lighting of the keys uh. Let me see if i press that you can see other changes on the screen and on here so that’s very nice. Next, we have the battery notification, so this comes on when the battery life goes below 10 percent that’s this guy right here, so it sets those automatically for you can change that. However, you like so i might need to change this macbook one. This one here set your f keys, so switch between your media and your fn keys anytime by pressing fn plus escape yeah. I mean i don’t use that keys very often so shouldn’t be a problem for me. I don’t know that’s, good or bad we’ll, see how i like it. So i don’t understand i guess this will be device. One will be with the logitech unifying receiver and device. Two would be with the bluetooth, maybe because i do have two devices i want to use. Unfortunately, you know still, fortunately, but unfortunately you know i bought this thinking i would use. I would switch between my macbook and my windows device, but i no longer have a macbook, and now i just have my windows desktop pc and my windows think pad for work.

Before i had a macbook now i have a thinkpad board, so you can change f1 to 12 as standard function, keys, uh i’ll have them all right, so this is brightness down. Of course, brightness up that’s for laptop essentially task view action center. I don’t know what that is uh i mean it’s all messed with this and try to figure out how i want it to be. You know for a macbook that’s, a good key for windows. I got to figure out what i would like to have that’s set to, and this one is show hide desktop. I see. Oh, i do like that button. Then i’m backlighting, the keys down. Of course, previous track play pause, oh yeah, so this is show hot desktop. I do like that button. I’Ll use that a lot i don’t know how much i’ll use this action key. I can resize something, of course, calculator. Oh screen, capture. I’M stupid. I thought that was a camera. This one is an app menu. Let’S see i’m gon na change that something else that will lock uh your device. I guess, and as you can see your firmware version, you can check it to be always in windows layout, which is what i’m gon na do like. Normally, i would uncheck it. I guess because i thought i bought it for a macbook, but now i’m just gon na keep it in the windows, and i can disable black light because i don’t need it i’m, not going to do it i’m, just going to turn down low i’ll make your Battery last longer battery saving mode, it turns your back light off it’s only 10 left, so that makes sense device battery becomes low.

You get a notification. That’S fine show the backlight adjustments on screen like that and let you know when a lock key is pressed like caps, locker number lock, so let’s let’s see if i hit yeah let’s see number a lot comes on that’s nice. I don’t think it lights up on here, though so that’s kind of annoying uh caps, lock on so caps lock, does have a light. I don’t know if they’ll come up on the camera or not but there’s a light there. It does not appear to be a number lock unless you can disable these keys. I like that, if you have a bluetooth problem, you can report it here, so it’s a pretty good. You can take a backup of your current device and then software – and this is the application itself, all right, so that’s good. I will turn off my mobile keyboard. Let me just open up and just write. Something here never know. I’Ll use my little pad here. I’Ll get my keyboard as close to my microphone as i can, but my name is mike, i think yay, so i mean typing is pretty nice. I do kind of like this little padded guy here. Let me try without it so i’m drilling tight pretty fast. I don’t see it slowing me down any just for reference. Here is my lenovo keyboard. These are a little more clicky. The keyboard’s dirtier, though it’s not going to slide around this one’s pretty light.

Sometimes it slides on decimal i’m trying to type stuff and just for sound reference. This would be the macbook keyboard. I guess the keys are kind of softer. Maybe i don’t know i do like the keys of this little indents. You know obviously on the key cap itself, there’s a little indent like thing there, so i like that, all right that’s about all i got here. I will uh mess with the keyboard for a couple of days and then i’ll give you a final thoughts on it, but so far i like it, i mean it looks good. I think i really like this mouse anyhow, so it matches just fine. I like that. Ideally, i have this phillips monitor here that has a built in usbc dock. So hopefully i can put my dongle in here into the monitor and then i can switch between my desktop and the laptop and just keys one month. You know one laptop. I could switch on one keyboard. I could switch to bluetooth, of course, but i’d rather just use the dongle. All right, i’ll come back a little bit. Let you know how i think about it. All right, so i’ve had this keyboard for a while. I, like it a lot as you can see, compared to one two or three computers here, so i’m gon na try a trick that i think i figured out from reddit to have more than one unifying receiver and just pair that one to this one, and that Should work out pretty good, i hope so until right now i’m on number one.

So if we go to the screen here and look at logitech options, when we click on the mx keys and the easy switch you can see device one is the windows 10 desktop. So what i’m going to try to do is pair it to this different device, so right now we’re on device, one. If i hold it here, it’s just blinking. It says nothing so i’m gon na unplug the existing dongle plug in the new dongle and now i’m, going to try to pair that now. The problem is, you need an extra mouse, so i have this other lenovo mouse that i have a different dongle paired in so now i will try to add a device and we’re going to add unifying device turn this off and on and now it’s back on. Two so now it’s paired number two, so that’s good, so now it’s done on there and let me go back here so now you can see they’re both windows, 10 i’m gon na move this to a different device – i’m just pairing on here, because this is i’m Gon na move this one to my word computer, but i don’t want to record my work computer of course, so let’s go back to keyboard. Yes, the only thing there on this device currently is that’s on my ad. This way you can see i’m normally sitting on three, so i’m gon na put this on two and i’m gon na click add unifying device.

Now you can see, two is flashing: i’m gon na turn it off and then on, and hopefully it will recognize two there. We go there’s now it has been paired so done all right, so that’s good. We can close this and then we can go back to your devices and here’s the mouse all right so now you’re on two right, okay, so two’s here! So let me change it to one it’s, not working on one see now i’m gon na take this dongle back out. This is getting confusing i’m sorry and go back to my original dongle yeah three was paired to. Let me erase three so just hold that button down to erase it so now, i’m gon na go back to your devices and then add a device, so i’m gon na turn this off and on for one there we go all right. So now we go to here and see easy switch. You can see they’re both on windows 10., so yeah. This would be better by a different device but again that’s this device. So one dongle is one and second dongle is two. So now let me just give it a shot. Okay, so now it does work here. All right, perfect! I can’t show you, but just trust me this thinkpad now has this download. My desktop has another dongle in it. Let me log in and see if that changes. The name all right and now we’re back here yeah.

So this is incorrect. I don’t know why it doesn’t update itself, but it worked so again. That’S gon na be confusing, but trust me now. I have two different dongles paired one dongle on my desktop and the second dongle is in my laptop and so my change to this. I don’t know why it’s flashing, like that there we go yeah, so you just need to press the one you want it on and now you can see on the screen. It does not work. If i go back to one now, it does work so pretty cool. So again, that part might have been a little confusing. I apologize for that, but trust me that’s one of the benefits of this. You can do one two three. You could do bluetooth, of course, but for me i, like the dongles. They work better. Certainly with this thinkpad it does not wake up over bluetooth. The dongle is required for it to wake up. So i have this phillips monitor that has thinkpad hooked up through thunderbolt and then the the windows pc hooked up through displayport. So now i can just change the inputs to my monitor and it works just fine and i can keep the same keyboard, which i’m very happy about all right. That’S, probably all i got i really like this keyboard. I highly recommend it. I really like this mouse. They still, they sell a much more expensive one to match this one, but this one i’m, a big fan of and it’s a lot less expensive than mx keys mouse.