Now the k830 is advertised as a media keyboard for your connected tv, but also works great with windows, chrome, os, mac and android for reference i’m using the k830 with my google pixelbook go and my google pixel 5. highlights of the k830 include wireless connectivity, backlit keys And a long lasting rechargeable battery now, if you’re looking to create a modern setup that promotes good posture, you can pair the k830 with your laptop and the new lexi laptop stand found on the amazon storefront. As always, i only feature products or services i buy or like to buy. This gives the channel more credibility and appeal because we feature items that interest me and change the way we live. Don’T have time to watch the whole video we’re. Now, a podcast you can find on multiple platforms by searching for pixels cracked. You can also support the podcast by downloading the anchor app and making a small monthly donation on that platform. And if you are listening to this on a podcast, you can find the more detailed, video and youtube channel by searching for pixels cracked as well. All things said: let’s go ahead and get into it. So here we are with the unboxing. The k830 comes in between 80 and 100 dollars. Contents include the k830 keyboard, usb extender, cable micro, usb charging, cable, unifying receiver and product information. The unifying receiver serves as a wireless alternative to connecting the k830 via bluetooth and can be set up to connect several logitech devices at once.

The usb extender cable allows the unifying receiver to be placed further away from devices that may cause interference if you’re using a computer without usb a ports. A usb a to usb c adapter or otg cable will be necessary to use the unifying receiver or usb extender cable. So let’s talk design elements. Although the k830 is composed primarily of plastic, it has good weight to it. This keyboard has a modern appearance with aluminum accents black keys, featuring white and orange accents and logitech branding a micro, usb charging port and on off switch can be found on the top right of the keyboard. A battery indicator and automatic light sensor are located above a touch pad with left and right. Mouse click buttons. The top row of the k830 also features function and hotkeys. A nice addition of the k830 is a left mouse click at the top left of the keyboard. This allows the user to hold the keyboard comfortably and securely, while optimizing input use so let’s talk, bluetooth, pairing to start pairing mode, press and hold function and delete parent mode is active when the battery indicator flashes green. Next, we can look for the k830 and our bluetooth settings now. This bluetooth device is unlike many others. You actually have to enter a pass key using the k830, so we’re going to enter this right now and then press enter, and you can see that’s going to allow the keyboard to pair to our other device once paired.

The k830 has a range of 33 feet. Pairing is reliable, with android and chrome os and the keyboard can be paired, while other devices are paired simultaneously. The k830s bluetooth connection is stable, as i haven’t had any disconnections. However, when the keyboard failed to pair automatically or lag input was apparent, i cycled the k830s power on and off in these situations, the k830 automatically connected with my device again and these problems were solved. Next, we have the keyboard keys, which feature good travel and work. Well, in general, keyboard customization can be done on windows, mac and chrome. Os currently, chrome os is most limited in customization. Mac is slightly better and windows is most optimal. That being said, when it comes to chrome os, some key commands aligned with function, key details and some don’t. This means you’ll have to either learn what mislabeled keys actually do or find some keys useless. As previously mentioned, the k830 features backlit keys. The brightness is adjusted on the keyboard itself with a button and has three settings which include off low and bright. This lighting is automatically adjusted by the light sensor, which optimizes use in varying light conditions and also conserves battery. Finally, we have the mouse pad and click buttons the mouse pad can be used for pointing with one finger or scrolling with two fingers. For me, the pointer speed seems slow on chrome, os but perfect on android. The left and right click buttons work great on both of my devices.

Lastly, we have battery performance and charging the k830 battery is rated at approximately one year of use, with the backlight off and 10 days use with backlight on with about two hours of daily use. In both situations, when the battery is low, the battery indicator changes to red charging. The k830 is done by plugging in the supplied micro, usb cable, the battery indicator, pulsates green, to indicate charging so final thoughts. Now, when it comes to chrome, os customization potential for the k830 is limited due to the lack of support for it on chrome os. Also for this price 88 to 100, i would like to see folding keyboard legs. That way, you can adjust the angle of the keyboard on a flat surface. However, if you’re looking for a wireless keyboard with backlit keys and a touchpad, the k830 does a good job, so that is it for today’s video. If you enjoyed it and found it useful, please leave a like if you’re watching this on youtube and have any questions or comments as always drop those down below and i’ll do my best to answer them now. There are three ways you can support the channel and podcast. The first way is to click on the amazon storefront link found in the description below there. You’Ll find items that i have bought or would like to buy and anything you buy from a storefront does support the content. The next way to support the content is just by sharing this video with someone who might enjoy it or find it useful, and the last way you can show your support is just by clicking the subscribe or follow button now liking and subscribing are important.

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