You can see that this is a full sized corded mouse. Unlike many other options in the market, which are small and sometimes a little difficult to use for some people with bigger hands now the model number of this mouse is m90, and this is how it came in. If you look at the back, you can see that the country of origin is china, because there is no other country at the moment which can manufacture a mouse at such low price anyways. I got this for 300 rupees from and you can see on the packaging. It says ‘5 rupees, so without any further delay. Let’S just take a look at what we get in the box and whether the mouse is good or not so already open the box. Just to make sure everything checked out, so in the box you get the mouse itself, let’s keep it aside for now and what else and you get a small logitech warranty card, you can see warranty information and if you look at the back, you can see. Let me show you: it says on this side that it comes with a three years: limited hardware warranty. So you can read this if you want to claim the warranty, but because this is so cheap i’m, not sure how many people will claim the warranty on this product or not. Anyways let’s just take a look at the important part, which is the mouse itself. So this is the mouse and right off the bat.

I can say that the mouse is very, very light compared to some other mouse available in the market, and the cable is also not that thick. So cable is also a little thin, but when i’m clicking the mouse, the mouse clicks feels decent. You can hear the voice of the mouse. This is the left, click right click and the middle click. A lot of people were complaining about this mouse that this makes the scroll wheel makes a lot of noise. I think that the newer mouse doesn’t make much noise, but over time, when some dust will accumulate in the middle mouse button, then it may start making noise. But at the moment this is how it sounds. So here is your usb connector and you can see the connector is decent. The cable could have been a little thicker. This is how the plastic looks. The plastic doesn’t feel that good quality, but for 300 rupees you’re getting a working mouse with good precision, and so i don’t think there is any problem there. So here is some of the information about the mouse. If you want to read that you can see the model number, serial number is written there and the power consumption of this mouse is 5 volt, 100 milli ampere, so it doesn’t take much power. So now let me just open the cable and tell you what is the length of the cable, so i’ve got my tape measure here, let’s just start with the mouse itself.

So if you’re talking about the length of the mouse, the length of the mouse is a little more than four inches or in centimeter. It is about 11, something centimeters. The thickness of the mouse is about two inches or about six about six centimeters now let’s measure the length of the uh cable, so let’s start from this end, and then we will see how long the cable actually is so let’s see how long the cable we’re Getting so you can see we’re getting about 180 centimeter long cable, which is a foot less than two meters. Almost two meter uh cable length, a foot less than a two meter, long cable about 70 inches length of cable. You are getting with this mouse, so that’s. The length of the cable: now let us plug this in my windows 7 and see how the mouse performs and see whether it is any good or not. Okay, now let’s connect the mouse and see what happens in the computer. So you can see, looks like it is installing the driver for the mouse let’s wait for it to install the drivers for the usb mouse, and i think it’s done, and this is our mouse and let’s see whether the mouse got connected or not. So let me move the mouse and, as you can see, the mouse got connected, so this is the mouse. Now let us open my logitech software and, as you can see on my right bottom of the computer, i have installed the logitech setpoint.

Now i use logitech setpoint because i have a wireless mouse, which is the logitech m235 and b175. This is the m185 at the moment and, as you can see my logitech software at the moment it is displaying my logitech b185, which is this one. This is a wireless mouse and a unifying compatible mouse, and if i go at the bottom, you can see my corded mouse, which is this one, is also now displaying. So this mouse is completely installed and now in the logitech software i can change different setting of this mouse. I can swap the left click with the right click. I can change the middle function button to do something else, because this mouse doesn’t take any batteries. There is no option for checking the batteries, but if i go in the b185 version you can see, this is a wireless mouse and in this one i’ve got the battery option as well again going back to the corded mouse you can see. These are the options that i’m getting getting. I can change the smooth scrolling. I can change the speed of the pointer and i can do a lot with the logitech setpoint software anyways. The point of this uh test is that the mouse is now working and let me go to a mouse checking website, so this is a online mouse test. So, as you can see, this is the current mouse that we are going to be testing. So let me click the left button i’m pressing the left button.

Let me press the right button. Pressing the right button, let’s press, the middle button middle button is working. So all the buttons are working let’s scroll down. You can see the arrow scrolling down, arrow is glowing, let’s, scroll up and up arrow is also working, so the mouse is properly working and without any problem. Now, in the my initial uh thought about, the cable was not so good, but uh for a couple of 10 15 minutes i’ve been using the mouse and i’m, not that sad about the cable, the cable, i think, would probably last longer that and then i what I was expecting in the beginning so overall for 300 rupees. I think this is a decent piece of mouse and the precision is also nice. It’S it’s, not like those cheap mouse in which you see that the mouse pointer keeps moving left and right like that. So, as you can see, i’ve left the mouse stationary and you can see the mouse pointer is not moving at all so overall it’s a pretty good mouse for the price. I forgot to mention about the dpi of this mouse on the website and on official website of the logitech. The mouse is rated at 1000 dpi. That is dots per inch. So there we go. This was my video on the logitech m90 usb full size mouse.