I got this for using it with my laptop it’s, a very tiny and cute little mouse, although this mouse is not for gaming purpose. If you require a mouse for your laptop, so this will be very basic and cheap mouse from logitech that can be used with the laptops i bought this online at just rupees 600. Only now, let me quickly open and show you what’s inside the box Music. So as this is a wireless mouse and the range is mentioned as 10 meters and the battery life is also 12 burns, you also get a plug and play receiver with it. This mouse is compatible with both windows and mac systems. There is a quick manual along with it for easy installation, and this is the mouse m171. You will get two color options. I have selected the gray one, also a black option. As i said, this mouse is not for gaming purpose as it’s very small, but very useful. If you are using this with your laptop on day to day basis, Music and the roller is very smooth. The clicks are very comfortable and does not make any noise. The operations on this mouse is very precise, Music. On the back side, we have the battery here. This battery is claimed to perform for 12 months, and this is a alkaline battery double a Music battery Music. Now we have the usb receiver holder here. You can put it back here once not in use Music.

There is also a power button to switch on and off this mouse. Whenever you are not using the mouse, i would suggest to switch it off so that the battery lasts longer. Overall, i find it very useful when using with my laptops on day to day basis, it’s a very small cute house from logitech and that’s.