And before we get into the intricate tech, specs and the main features first we’re going to talk about the design all right. So when you first take the k480 keyboard out of the box, you’ll first see that it has that nice black matted finish with that green insert for your devices. But if you also get the white you’ll have that white matte finish along with the dark gray insert for your devices as well, and also when you’re looking at the device. You also can tell that it’s very sturdy in the hand, and just like all the other keyboards and products with logitech you’re, still getting that same quality build and not it doesn’t feel cheap, as other devices are on as far as keyboards are concerned are on the Market, and in addition to that, you will definitely see that the well for the device is deep enough to hold any tablet, smartphone or um any just pretty much any smartphone or tablet whether it’s android ios windows, mac, i mean or ipad doesn’t matter your that deep Pocket is well enough to hold any device, and you also can tell looking at it from the side and looking into that um indentation of the device holder. You also see that the curvature of it allows it for a perfect angled display. So that way, well, how you have it sideways or vertical horizontal you’ll, definitely be making sure you’re getting that perfect viewing angle at all times and also just from an overall look.

You can definitely tell that the keyboard is properly labeled and it’s. Clearly, labeled for easy readability, so, no matter what, if you wear, glasses or not, you’ll, definitely be able to see all your keys and identifying really easy with a nice neat layout of the k48 keyboard now for the main features, the first thing you will automatically notice Is the dial on the top left hand side of the keyboard, and that is where you can actually select up to three different devices that connect to it via bluetooth? So if you got one two and a three and that way you can choose whatever device that you can want to connect to it so let’s say, for example, if you have a keyboard i’m, sorry not a keyboard. But if you have your computer, your phone and your tablet, you might set your computer on one your tablet on two and your phone on three and depending which way you got the diode connected. It will stay connected to that device as long as you have it connected via bluetooth. So and the great thing about that feature as well is you will be happy to know that it doesn’t have to be all windows devices or all apple devices connected? It can be one windows, one ios uh one mac and vice versa and android so on and so forth. So you definitely have that usability and definitely has that versatility of being able to connect all your three devices at the same time, and if you have three main devices that you normally use on a daily basis.

This makes it very easy, because now you don’t have to actually continuously unpair and pair those devices to use them with the keyboard. You can just keep those connected and whenever you’re ready to use them or need to use them, you can just switch the dial and get using doing what you got to do and as far as battery usage is concerned, now you can get up to 24 months Of battery life with using this device, but that also depends on your using habits and whether you use it on a daily basis or just every now and then. But it is good to know that with this device that you actually be able to have 24 months of full battery usage, and since i had it, i’ve used it on a daily basis. And i can only i don’t have to charge at least one time. And so the definitely the battery is definitely true to the quality and true to the design, and also true to just how well logitech develops their products and incorporates that battery saving usage as well, and in addition to that, you do also have. Of course, your on and off switch, so that definitely saves your battery and it also goes into power saving mode when you’re not in use it when you’re not using it. So with those two options as well: you’ll, definitely maximize the use of your battery Music. Now, in addition to the battery life, another great thing – which i think you guys will love, especially for kids out, there is definitely the fact that this does include spill protection.

So if you have it on your desk and you have your coffee or water or what have you and you accidentally drop it on your keyboard, you will be happy to know that this thing is protected for spill protection, and all you have to do is wipe It off and keep on using it so which is awesome because a lot of times when we working, we might be doing a bunch of stuff and we have. But you have a that’s, a lot of devices and you’re. Just you know going about your daily tasks and you just accidentally, you know knocked it down or your kid. You know you know knocked it down or even a pet for out on accident it’s good to know that you wouldn’t your investment would be safe as far as spill damage, because this device is actually protected against it. And if you also look at the layout of the keys and how thin and narrow the key um the keyboard is to the body of the keyboard itself, you’ll also see that it’s very limited uh space for water or anything or even dust for that matter. To get into it, so you do got that spill protection for that extra added security and lastly, for your main features. One thing that you will definitely appreciate is the layout of the keyboard itself. Now i talked about the layout of the keyboard in the descriptions, but just for the main features of it, which i think is make this keyboard.

One really awesome is the fact that the layout is completely identical to windows keyboard, as well as the mac keyboards as well. So, if you’re, the apple user, who used the magic keyboard a lot, you definitely will have that familiar layout. As far as with your command and command option keys on the bottom, just like you would on your apple keyboard and vice versa. If you have your windows, you definitely have that windows icon on the bottom, and you also have that same layout and in addition to those keys, those normal keys that you normally use on a daily basis. You also have your special hotkeys, which are your keys, where you will use the switch between apps goes directly to home and things of that nature, so especially, for instance, the views on your phone and you’re let’s, say you’re typing the email out, and you want to Hurry up and go back to another app or you just want to go back to the home screen. All you got to do is hit that special hotkey, the home screen key, and it will actually take you out of your application or email or wherever you’re. Looking at and it’ll go directly to your home screen for easy, app searching and things of that nature too so, and that works and these hot keys work on ios and windows, whether it’s a tablet, a computer or phone doesn’t matter, it will be able to use Those special high keys – well, these features alone – definitely make this logitech.

K40. K480. A definitely good buy, so all right guys so that’s, it i’m glad you stuck around and got some good insight about the logitech k480 multi device. Keyboard and i’ll definitely have the link to purchasing it below in the description field. So also, if you have any questions about what is what else can you do with it or just overall whether you know someone bound some questions off of me like hey? What should i get it uh? What can i use it for, or you know just where? Can you get it definitely leave those comments or questions down below and i’ll definitely be happy to answer them for you again. So thanks a lot. I hope you got some good insight about this device and, if you’re definitely interested in checking my other reviews out. Definitely i invite you to subscribe, so you won’t miss any reviews like this one in the near future and also definitely like and comment as well and all will be appreciated.