Plus. The process of surfing through a collection of media has become very convenient that all you need is your tvs, remote to navigate the extensive collection of these platforms without any problems, however, for those who still prefer to download and store their digital media collection locally on their Hard drives or computers a binge watching session would usually involve several processes like connecting your computer to your tv browsing through folders of content and then, depending on the length of your cable, you still might need to stand in between movies or episodes. A possible solution is to use a wireless keyboard and mouse. Fortunately, logitech has got you covered with its k400 plus keyboard and trackpad combo. This product is specifically designed for tv connected computers, so they can be used conveniently from the comfort of a couch or even a bed. This is geek republic, and this is a review of the logitech k400 plus keyboard. The k400 plus comes in two colors white or black. I have the white one here, which comes with a few teal accents. The keyboard uses a membrane mechanism for its keys, which are made of the same slightly textured plastic. As you can see, this keyboard doesn’t come with an american pad and instead has the 3.5 inch track pad on the side. The version i have here is the one for windows that comes with the logitech unifying receiver, which can be stored in a battery compartments cover. Just beside the on and off switch at the back of the device speaking of battery the k400 plus is powered by two double a batteries which, according to logitech, should last for around 18 months at the top of the trackpad you’ll find three media buttons, a mute Button and a volume up and volume down buttons at the far left you’ll see a teal color button that is supposed to be a secondary left click button that lets you navigate and make selection in a more convenient manner, using two hands.

Looking at the side profile. You’Ll see that the battery compartment doubles as a keyboard riser for ergonomics and, unlike the k380 keyboard, that we featured in the past there’s a gap or space between the surface and the back of the keyboard. Looking a bit further down, you’ll see the function row where each function key corresponds to a specific shortcut for windows or android operating systems, including a search key and some multimedia functions. Looking at the arrow keys, you’ll also notice that this has that compact layout. In contrast to the k380s and k780s inverted t layout, which seems to be the preferred style of a lot of users, Music, the logitech k400 plus was meant to be a device that requires little to no configuration out of the box. The keyboard should automatically connect and be usable once you plug in the unifying receiver to your computer, but in case this doesn’t happen, you can always download and install the logitech unifying software to connect the device. You can also install the logitech option. Software in case, you want to customize some of the function keys as well as some of the settings of the touchpad, including scroll direction, smooth scrolling vertical and horizontal scrolling and pinch to zoom functions. Officially. This model that i have here supports windows, android and chrome os, but i was also able to connect it to a mac with a windows key serving as a command or cmd key. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to customize the trackpad and function keys like in the other supported operating systems Music.

To sum it all up, the logitech k400 plus delivers on all its promises as a companion for a tv connected pc, it’s easy to set up it’s quite affordable, and it works. In fact, it works so well that i think it can be used in other situations. Apart from what logitech has envisioned, for instance, i think the k400 plus can have a good place in boardrooms and even classrooms, since it combines both a mouse and keyboard also with the right accessories or adapters. This device can be a good and cheap alternative keyboard. Mouse combo for two in ones and tablets that don’t come with its own input, peripherals like the surface pro from microsoft and maybe even apple’s ipad. As for weaknesses, the only thing that i think is missing from the k400 plus would be bluetooth connectivity to make it more compatible with other devices. However, i do realize that that having the ability to connect to mobile devices might make the k400 more expensive than its current price. So there you go. If you have any questions about this product feel free to. Let me know in the comment section below and if you found this video useful and informative like and subscribe and don’t forget to click the notification bell, so you’ll get notified.