As you see, this is a relatively small device and probably quite light i’m, not sure the weight specification we’re going to take a look in the back later, so they claim that this small device it has its wireless. Obviously it has 18 months battery life and let’s. Take a look at some specification uh, so it is bulked in both built in touchpad 10 meters range, which is like whatever and whatever, whatever, whatever yeah plug and play, uh 2.4 gigahertz unifying usb receiver. This is really awesome. So technically is this little dongly. That shown here, you can connect pretty much anything um, so you can use this keyboard to repair it with any other keyboard. So the reason i wanted to get it because i have this little device, it’s, probably quite familiar for many of you – and this is raspberry. Pi, i think this is 3 model b, so it’s pretty dusty. You still have to develop very nice case for it, but i don’t have keyboard for it. So if i need to, for example, to run kodi and play some videos – and things like that, i have a bit of a problem and also separate mouse. So this thing would solve this problem: there’s a keyboard which is mouse, awesome and also volume control, which is pretty cool. So this is my um targeted device for this. So i think, if i create very nice looking black case and this keyboard they’re gon na look very nice together.

So this is supposed to work very well with any sort of portable device like that: okay let’s, so let’s not talk too much and take what’s inside, and we have to cut it right here and right here. So i bought it on amazon. It was not expensive, but i forgot how much was that so right, you know, okay, here we are, and i still have a challenge to pull it back. Okay, here is this little tiny, usb receiver and little little uh icon over here indicated, and this is unifying whatever connector thing. No, obviously, ah, okay, this glass is really hard to do. I bashed bashed my fingers doing some iron biking, so they don’t look nice. So i decided to wear gloves. Okay, so, for example, can be connected to laptop, can be connected to whatever registration numbers and things like that. All right. This is redundant. Unless this thing is not gon na work, i’m gon na send it back all right. Let’S, take a look at the keyboard, so let’s compare it with the regular cell phone, so it is pretty small. So this is galaxy s8. We need its dimension. Is one galaxy let’s say this s8, this way and two three four: five and a half galaxy s8 uh widthwise. So it depends if you measure this way, you measure this way. Haha. I think connecting this thing to the um, your a device being like a desktop laptop or raspberry pi is pretty straightforward, just plug it in and that’s it i’m not gon na go through this because i’m, pretty sure this is very straightforward, so don’t even have to Cover it, the problem is, i would like to actually see the following thing.

First of all, how sturdy is this thing? It is not really sturdy, but at the same time, yeah honestly i’m, not happy about quality of the plastic. It’S really bendy look yeah, so it’s kind of yeah, it’s, probably worse, but another hand. If this is going to fall on the ground, rather it will probably going to absorb the shock so in this case that’s all right, so let’s um open it up. That’S supposed to be battery compartment and it uses double a’s. This little thing when you pull it it’s gon na connect it and how many double a’s. You have two double a’s it’s, not bad. So, as i understand this, little compartment is for your a dongly thing and if you oh, no even better, it actually plugs in over here. Just suppose. Yes, just like that, and then you like right, that’s, neat yeah, but this flimsy plastic doesn’t make me too happy. Yeah it’s kind of meh so keyboard itself, not the best, i must say, but because you’re not gon na type. A lot on these sort of devices uh you’re, going to like probably use some search like you know, look for your favorite movie or go into some kind of website and download gon na play games. Well, you might you might but yeah. These buttons are just okay for the amount of money. I think this is just okay. The hell is this. I do not know. Probably this would require some user manual, but because i’m lazy to read i’m not going to and last when you press this it’s gon na do left mouse click i don’t know.

Maybe this is for convenience, for example, when you’re doing that, and you need to change mode of the mouse part. Okay, okay, it’s, fine! Well, it says nothing about this button, that’s it obviously nothing here as well. So what i say i think it’s i think, it’s. Okay, the problem is, you cannot say too too much before you actually use it, and you know in as part of this video i probably won’t be able to show you uh really much uh. Well, i can’t, but i can but like it’s, not gon na it’s, not gon na really uh matter, but i i think for what it is even without like you, don’t really have to connect it to the computer for for to judge it. I think the key keys are relatively nice, it’s, not the best, but really really nice mouse parts, probably just working – and i think it is multi touch. You can do some zoom actions and double fingers thingy here at least that’s what it mentioned in a user manual. You have some function and double double actions on function, buttons which is cool play next, stop whatever media. So this is clearly looks like windows oriented because there is a windows button function but and very important. The control is over here, because there are some keywords: there is function and control is reversed and i hated big times because i always try to hit this function button instead of control, so control has to be here.

There is also, as you see over here, the home page down page up and – and i assume these are triggered like this – i do not see print screen and this kind of jars so but that’s fine don’t need really need to yeah. I think this keyboard is really gon na work. The only thing i’m not really sure if it’s worth the money. Actually, i think i can buy cheaper chinese keyboard, which probably be as bad or as good uh, but you’re gon na pay, like probably a fraction of the price, because yeah this this flimsiness is kind of kills. Me look yeah. Well, this gun. This side is sort of stiffer because there’s a batteries uh stuff over here, but okay well, verdict is okay. Verdict is that this keyword is okay and the keyword is k400 plus and what to have plus really means, but k400 plus it contains keyboard like a shortened version of the keyboard, not a full keyboard and uh, with some media controls and a touchpad. I think that’s just gon na work. Well, if this is gon na work, i’m gon na create a little update to this video and we’re gon na go um and i’m gon na notify you or tell you my experiences, but so far. I think this is gon na be okay and if it’s gon na fail after some time, obviously i’m gon na create another video uh. Where i mentioned that the quality of this product, so i think we’re gon na wrap up.