This is hadi, and i know a lot of you guys will think like why i am doing unboxing stuff on this channel when this channel is meant to be for graphics and user experience stuff. So there are two points of that. So the first reason is that i bought this keyboard for myself, so this is not a sponsored video. I was looking forward for a wireless keyboard and then i bought this keyboard. I will tell you later why i choose this our magic mouse later in this video. So this is not a sponsored video, although i bought it from vmware dot pk here in pakistan, if you are from pakistan – and you want to buy this – so definitely go and check that out on their website. So, secondly, as a ux guy, as a ux guy that’s, a nice name as a ux guy, i really think that uh people like me who use multiple devices at the same time for their work. This keyboard is really really good for them, because i think logitech done a great job in term of user experience for this keyboard. So this video is not only unboxing uh. I will tell you how you can configure this keyboard with multiple devices and in the end, i will tell you like why i choose this keyboard and my conclusions about this keyboard. It’S really really enhance your user experience. If you are a designer like me, i create my designs on macbook on my laptop actually and then i test my designs on ipad and smartphone at the same time.

So it helps a lot while switching between multiple devices so stay tuned. Till the end of this video, so let’s jump into the unboxing first, so this is k380 wireless multi device keyboard from logitech let’s open the box first. So here is our keyboard. It is very compact, size and very minimal and elegant. Looking so, first let’s check what on the box on the front, there is nothing special on the back. We have some specifications, first is type on multiple devices and the second one is take to type style, which means that you can carry and type. At the same time, with a single hand on this keyboard – and we have three special bluetooth configuration keys, which features the flow enabled technology from logitech and i think that’s pretty much it on the box. So inside the box we have only a document now go back to our main component. This is our keyboard, so this thing is quite heavy and it gave you a feel to it and it has a aerodynamic shape, which means that you can type better. With this angle, which is pretty much basic on all across the keyboards, so let’s unwrap this little boy, so this document shows the configuration walkthrough to connect it to multiple devices, which i do sooner in this video. So on the back, we have battery compartment here. Oh, we have pre installed batteries, that’s nice, so let’s turn it on by switching this toggle button.

So there we go. Our keyboard is turned on so now let’s jump back to our laptop and configure this keyboard. To do so, we have to download logitech option software from official website. It is not necessary to install it to connect this keyboard, but if you have multiple wireless devices from logitech, then i will recommend you to download it it’s great tool to have so after the installations give access to this application and then click on add to a Bluetooth device here it will pull up the bluetooth connectivity panel. Here you can see it’s searching for our keyboard, but it’s not appearing. This is because we have to connect this logitech keyboard to single device with any one of the configuration all right. So i am going to press first bluetooth configuration button which is f1 on this keyboard for three seconds there you go light started blinking, which means that it’s it’s ready to pair so now you can see it will appear on our search panel. Just like this. So my system is not detecting the layout of my keyboard, so i will configure it manually. It’S simple, just click on continue and follow the steps so now it’s done and ready to use. So, while it’s connected on my laptop, i will connect this to another device which is ipad pro in this case, to show you how you can connect this with multiple devices. So i will connect up to two devices uh in this video, but you can connect up to three devices.

If you want so on the ipad, i will go to the bluetooth options here and search for the device, and i will do the same step again. But this time with the second bluetooth configuration which is f2 key hold for the three seconds and light will start blinking there we go here. Is our keyboard now it’s connected? So i am using it on my ipad by pressing command plus tab to switch between apps. Now go to the nodes and type something here i am typing with k380 on my ipad. So now, if i want to type some same text on my macbook, i will simply press the f1, which is first bluetooth configuration which we done earlier and boom. I some switch to my macbook and it’s disconnected from here on my ipod. You can see that the pop up touch keyboard appears, which means that ipad is not connected with the external key. So now i am on my macbook laptop. I am typing hey. I am typing with k380 on my macbook, so this is how you can use this keyboard on multiple devices in matter of seconds, by using these three little keys, so it’s cost less than half of a price than apple’s legendary magic keyboard with amazing extra feature of Switching between apps, unlike apple’s, magic keyboard, where you have to disconnect from one devices and connect to another device to use it on multiple devices. So this is the procedure to do so with the magic keyboard.

So, with the logitech k3 wireless keyboard, you can connect up to three devices to different bluetooth configurations and use this keyboard on all three devices at the same time, and it comes with the two year of battery backup from the company which is pre installed. That is also an extra plus point. Uh and it’s also comes with the four different premium. Looking colors for your dex contrast, so hope you, like my user experience, thoughts on this keyboard and video overall, so please hit the like and subscribe button at the same time and get more videos on your youtube timeline from ux flame.