Now this keyboard has three major selling points. I think so. Let’S follow the structure and insert my experience and opinion in between the major points. First selling point is that it’s, a multi device multi os keyboard that supports bluetooth and unifying receiver at a low price point. You can pair this keyboard with up to three different devices. Then you can quickly switch by pressing the f1 or f3 or f3 keys. Switching is almost instantaneous. I use this with my work: locked up, which runs windows, my pc, which runs windows and my main laptop, which runs mac. Os i’ve also tried using it with an android device, a samsung galaxy device and this samsung smart tv right here and all setups, including the pc, the laptop macbook worked flawlessly and i never experienced dropped connections. In my one month straight of usage, you can assign either bluetooth or unifying receiver in any of the three pairings in any combination. You want to pair this to a unifying receiver, download and install the logitech unifying software and follow the instructions there, which is really just plug in the unifying receiver and restart the keyboard and it’s going to connect to it to pair this to a bluetooth device. Go to the bluetooth settings select the keyboard, then, on the keyboard type, the pairing pin that shows up on the device. Speaking of logitech software, you can also customize, i think, six keys on this keyboard using logi option software there you can assign almost anything to those six keys, and you can also view what devices are paired with the keyboard.

One thing to note is that the fn keys function as special keys by default. That means pressing f7, for example, will do play or pause, but you can lock the fn keys to work as standard function keys by pressing fn plus escape this is equivalent to going in mac os system preferences keyboard then toggle the option that says use f1 f2, Which header keys and standard function keys? The only difference is that locking it on the keyboard will lock it for that specific device that you’re connected to. So when you go switch to a different device, the fn keys will function just like how it worked. The last time you used it with that device moving forward. It supports mac, os windows, android, ios and chrome os. This also works on linux, with only one drawback, which is you get insta logitech option software, but that’s just optional. The keyboard can still function without that application or software. So i guess everyone is still covered. Hey there editorial here, so i’ll be inserting quite a few times throughout the video to insert things that i missed. So first thing is that there is apparently a workaround to get logitech options capability on a linux machine like ubuntu but i’m, not going to cover how to do that here. I just wanted to mention that there is a workaround, apparently i’ll, be right back for now. Let’S continue and also the keyboard comes with a free, logitech unifying receiver, which is awesome for this price point.

Some logitech unifying ready products actually don’t come with the receiver, so it’s nice that it’s included in this one and lastly, for this category of things, even with those connectivity magic. This keyboard has a battery life of up to 24 months on each pair of aaa battery and also comes free. So second, major selling point is its low profile. Full size. Layout keyboard stands only at 0.81 inches thanks to its low profile keys, which i personally like, and thanks to its full size layout, we don’t miss out on any keys okay. So the second thing that i want to add is that i noticed that in other videos, people seem to think that this keyboard doesn’t have a screenshot key. It has, and that is the fn insert key. As you can see, the insert key has a camera symbol, but i have a better solution for taking screenshots and that is using the os specific screenshot shortcuts. So for windows that is, winky shift s and that will bring up the screenshot toolbar, which offers you the option of rectangular snipper freeform snipper, taking a screenshot of the window and taking a screenshot of the whole screen and for mac os. That is command shift. 5. To bring out the screenshot or screen recording toolbar, which will offer the same options that i mentioned earlier and more also for mac os. You can use command shift 3 to take a screenshot immediately command shift 4 to activate the rectangular snipper tool, that’s it oh and if you’re, using a macbook or any other laptop to adjust.

The screen brightness on the laptop you’d have to use fn and up and down arrow keys instead of maybe f1 and f2 for max, for example. However, that shortcut doesn’t seem to work on the windows laptop that i have here, but i think it depends on the laptop continue. However, because it’s a multi device multi os keyboard, it can get confusing, especially when switching between mac, os and windows, because the control option, windows, command keys, have to be in a certain way for each operating system and the control and command keys have different functions for Each operating system, but that’s not on the keyboard that’s, just how things are for multi os devices or multi os keyboards. In terms of typing experience, i really needed a lot of time to adjust to this keyboard, but for contacts i’ve been using laptop keyboards for more than six years and majority of the time is on the 2015 macbook pro keyboard. So now that i’ve been using it for one month, i think the typing experience is okay, it’s, not excellent, but it’s not bad either. Keycaps are a little bit wider than laptop keycaps. So you’ll stretch your fingers a little bit more, but the pressing experience is more relaxed as the keyboard offers more travel and cushion than a laptop keyboard. I noticed that my finger fatigue from key impacts is less when i’m using this keyboard compared to when i’m, using the macbook keyboard it’s noisier than the macbook keyboard, but it’s, definitely not mechanical keyboard level, kind of noisy going to the back side of the keyboard.

It has tilt legs, giving you two typing positions, if you’re into that, i personally use it flat all the time, but this is what it looks like if you use the tilt legs, it also has on off switch, but i don’t usually use that as it has Auto sleep feature which helps achieve that 24 month: battery life and it’s spill resistant. As you can see here, there are holes at the bottom and you can see the light coming through in terms of structure. It has a slightly cheap feeling, plastic frame, which makes the keyboard light and flex if you intentionally flex it i personally don’t think flexing, is much of an issue after all, it’s just sitting flat on my desk and i’m typing normally and lastly, the icing on the Cake, it comes with a free phone stand that looks decent and actually works well, it’s 3d, and i believe this can hold large tablets as well. It also has a cutout of the front sender, which is really thoughtful. So would i recommend this keyboard? Well, in my one month of usage, i didn’t have any major complaints or issues or concerns, so i think, if you’re looking for a full sized low profile keyboard that supports multi device and multi os, i think the logitech k375s is a good choice for those looking For something similar but doesn’t really need a numpad, then the logitech k380 is a good alternative. It’S largely similar to this in feature set, but the keys on those are circle and it’s a chiclet key keyboard compared to this one, okay.

So the last thing i want to add is that conclusion, and that recommendation is, if you are on a budget. But if budget isn’t a concern, then i definitely recommend going for the logitech mx keys or, if you’re into mechanical keyboard than a kikron, k1 or k3. Those options are all low profile, multi os multi device keyboard, but ultimately with better keys, better switches, better keycaps and thus better typing experience. But those are three to two times the cost of k375s, so there’s that the k375s really offers these features in an affordable price range. I hope this was helpful and if it was give it a like, so others can find it and consider subscribing.