I got this keyboard as I wanted to have just a single device between my work and personal laptop without needing any cables or switching dongles. The device came in an oversized cardboard box with the chain of packing airbags. The front of the box shows the keyboard and device stand as well as the product name and model number along the top. You can see that this keyboard uses dual Bluetooth and logitechs proprietary. 2.5 gigahertz unifying USB receiver and the contents of the Box. The key product features are shown at the back in multiple languages, which includes being able to switch between multiple devices, quiet and comfortable typing and multi os key markings. The box is sealed with round clear stickers which arent easy to pry off, so youll need something sharp upon opening the box. Youll find the phone slash tablets down and two AAA batteries. If you dont look properly, you might miss the unifying receiver. Thats lost along one side of the inner cardboard lips. After all, that is the keyboard itself. In a clear plastic. Sleeve included with the device are the typical informational material, which shows a one sheet setup guide, showing you how to use this with the unifying receiver and Bluetooth and, of course, everyones favorite. The safety compliance and warranty foldout. The first thing, youll notice, right away on the keyboard, is the three function keys in off white, which sets it apart from the matte dark gray of the rest of the keyboard and keys.

These are whats used to switch connections between devices. Now the Aesthetics of this keyboard is a departure from the typical style. The Deep Dusty gray, with lower height Keys, gives this a more refined profile than the standard run of the mill design the keycaps appear to be closer set. However, this is due to the top surfaces being less tapered than typical keycaps. All the keys are full size and the curve at the top isnt as pronounced on the bottom, are two collapsible feet right next to which is the power switch? Alongside is the cover for the battery compartments, which takes two AAA batteries? The feed allows for a slightly angled rise of the keyboard, which makes it easier to type the higher keys theres. Also, a handy stand for your phone or tablet, which I think is a great option to have, and I always use it while at the desk keyboard comes with an unifying receiver and a path first, plugging it in it. Just works theres no firmware update offered nor invitation to install a supporting software and by default, the function, keys, arent the base use its reserved for switching between three devices, but thankfully theres an option in the Logitech options: software to set the keys F1 to F12 with Standard function, keys for this youll need to download and install it. First, you can find the link in the description below this utility allows connecting other devices either via just one unifying receiver or bolt receiver.

When using this initially, I needed some adjusting to get used to the Keys which felt somewhat off kilter compared to my steel series. M800 mechanical keyboard, maybe its because of the lower profile of the keys and maybe even the body of the keyboard. I have previously used the Logitech k120 wired keyboard which, after my initial dislike, turned out to be one of the best typing experiences Ive ever had. You can check it out in one of my older videos Linked In the card and in the description below it was fluid, responsive and had a good amount of travel. This one feels a bit stiff comparatively I figured a more expensive Logitech keyboard might be similar to a less expensive Brethren, if not better. One glaring flaw I notice, however, is that sometimes when the finger hits a key at the extremities, the key wont be pressed down and will get jammed for a lack of a better term. This isnt much of an issue if your fingers are mostly centered on the keys but tends to crop up at moments when youre, extending the Reese keys or your fingers are hitting it at an angle and causes you to miss keystrokes or just caught. Trying to force down a key which just wont budge the long format Keys, such as the ones found on the tab, Keys columns are the most prone to this in terms of noise, while typing this isnt overly loud nor quiet, it would be quite adequate for most Home or office use heres a sample of it, which sounds more clackety through the microphone than it really is.

Foreign is quite limber lets, say and has a good deal of flex. When I was doing the filming for another part of this video, there was a noticeable Flex while using it as well, but this isnt noticeable during typical use. I started using this from the first week of October 2021 and then the battery just finally cocked out a bit after the first week of March 2022 and again had to change the batteries around October 2022. So around five months or so the first time. And then seven months, a second time this has been used together with the Logitech m720 Triathlon Mouse, and both of these are stated to last around 24 months, which is based on an estimated 2 million keystrokes per year in an office environment. Now I use this for work and my personal machine, switching between the USB connection and Bluetooth for both machines, but I wouldnt have expected it to last barely six months, which is not even a quarter of the stated battery life if youre looking for a relatively inexpensive Keyboard to split between your different computers or devices, this is definitely something to go for, although when it comes to an unhindered typing performance, I wouldnt recommend it as not only do the keys feel stiff, but the jamming is a major detector.