Okay, we will try this with the iPhone its. It still sailed guys its still sailed. Okay, we will try to open and then you will see my first impression. Okay, we look. I have bounce guys, I have bounce, we will open this balance, you stay there. Okay, I will not wear the bounce today. We will open this guys and see and to my poor subscribers guys I will buy this. I open this and I will buy this because you dont have to buy it. Okay, if you want to see purse before you buy. This is your moment now its my neighbors birthday theres cover okay behind me. I hope you cannot hear it because somebody is singing very loud. Okay lets try to open, open, sometimes okay, its open now and then oh crunchy. Look at that its hard wow guys. If you carry this box, its heavy okay, the keyboard is not heavy. This one look its not heavy, but this one wow its heavy heavier heavier. Ah, its very big. I never thought its this big, its heavy talaga, guys, okay and then theres a dials. You can choose where to connect. You can connect to one two: three. You can connect to three device guys and then theres instruction. I cannot read because its Chinese Chinese garter there theres instruction one two three, four, five, okay and then oh look at that. I wonder if this is original or it is fake, but I dont know lets see okay, because before before I bought uh, Logitech mouse and then its Pig, oh, my gosh, it doesnt work.

Okay, now look at that! Thats, the Box, okay and then theres battery free battery there, and then we will try to put this inside and see if at work, f, f word how to put the battery it. Doesnt say much. Let me take a look with my two eyes. Where is my two eyes? Hmm, I cannot see how the battery is foot. Okay, I will put it oh there theres a spring, because if there is spring it means that I can put like that. How to put this all about there. Okay, you will put like that guys. Okay, put then the battery. Is there okay and theres theres this spring here, so the negative is here and then I will do like this. No, oh, you put your finger there, booms, okay! Now how to turn this one. Look at that theres plenty buttons: okay, theres instruction, the instruction says: remove sticker okay, but there is no sticker and then two you put the number one there you put number two. You put the number one here because theres one two three put number one and then number three: it says what it say: Windows, Android, Chrome, OS, math, OS, PC or the other one. Ah, this one guys you have to choose which one if its PC you press, PC, if youre choosing other device Mac OS, you press the other one here that one the letter I okay, I dont know the answer. The number four to connect.

You connect so thats. What it says in Chinese and then number five, no more it says Logitech there are neighbors, are singing very loud theres plenty, theres, magnifying glass, theres, the back theres the front theres theres, Rockford Flay shut up louder, softer there, oh camera. Oh, you can press the camera out there. Okay, now I will get uh. I will get a uh device. Ill get ill, get iPad well connect in the iPad. Okay, you wait there. Okay, all the box thats there yeah heres the box thats it now. Okay, guys lets try to connect the Bluetooth keyboard. You see this number there, its oh hi, happy birthday. K480. I think we have to look for that, and this is the ons off switch. Okay, if you put like that boom on guys, okay, its on how do I know in front if you clip on, I have to look to look to look okay, we will connect this one and then we will find the device I put iOS Im pressing, okay And then, where did it go where its gone? I press again come on yesterday. There keyboard. Okay, oh it says, is it connect? Are you there there guys keyboard keyboard? Okay, I will um go to The Safaris, The Safaris I will press flaws and then there okay lets, try, okay, its so plenty party in the neighborhood theyre, all singing and shouting. Now I can blogs okay unlock stop there. There then I will click there on the screen.

If you can see, I go to YouTube, wow love it boom lets see if it works. I think it worked there. You go guys, okay and then, if youre in YouTube, you click search. And then you look for my channels. Okay, lets! Look for it games. Am I right spelling boom? Well there I can find it ah, its working okay, thats it for today guys. I hope you like this one. So if you want to buy this Logitech mouse, if you want to buy this Logitech keyword its working its very happy, so it will not fall over when you put your iPad, even if its like that you look or see it, doesnt pulls around. So this is not. This is true, its not false.