So if youre someone whos just looking for a way to keep some of their devices charged during a blackout or power outage, then this giant power bank might just be for you, Music, hey. What up is your boy mob Justice back again with another video and for today we do get into a review of the Romos 40 plus it is a giant power bank and I think it will be a great choice. You know if youre looking for just something that helps you to keep devices charged during times of load shedding. As always, this video is brought to you by the team over at lion media uh, head on over to check out some of the crispiest uh photo video and audio content. Thats, head on over uh check it out and just see what the team can do for you, so backup power is becoming more and more essential in the world that were living in in South Africa. Where I am, we talk about load shedding, which describes the series of rolling blackouts in different parts of a city or the country that are there to help to conserve energy on the national power grid and as there Russia, Ukraine, war has been waging in Europe. I know that the issue of power instability is also something that is taking hold in that part of the world. So Ive decided to start a small series around some of the devices that Im you know using when it comes to uh backup power and trying to keep devices charged uh during load shedding.

So before we get into a complex discussions about, you know giant batteries as well as generators, solar power, inverters and the like a good place. To start your backup power journey is just a simple power bank. Anyone whos watched some of my previous videos knows that I always carry a power bank of some sort. You know usually this one, but you know when it comes to load shading. You need something different, so this is the Romos 40 plus it is a part of Romos Zeus series and its basically a giant power bank with 40 000 milliamp hours. If you go back a couple of videos, we did one, you know back in the day. I will make sure I link it in the description you can go back and watch a video that I did as a guide to understanding you know: milliamp hours, power Banks and the general buying guide on that front. So I originally saw this particular power bank on a holiday. We were holidaying with some friends um in East Africa a few months ago, and I noticed that you know one of the other party on the trip was carrying this giant power bank and I just was very interested, went and did a a lot of research and Actually came across uh the pricing and the like. This thing is huge. I will put it next to you know my usual power bank that I showed at the beginning. You know when you uh place them together.

Like this, you do see at the is a giant uh. You know that is a giant difference, but even then this isnt, even the biggest power bank, that Romos actually um you know, produces they actually have one or two that are bigger than this. The 60 plus actually offers 60 000 milliamp hour so obviously having something like this comes with the number of advantages. The first is obviously the size because its just a giant power bank, which means that um you. Secondly, you can charge multiple devices, you know multiple times and then that also is helped by the fact that there are nowadays we have more and more products um. You know from your phones, your tablets, but in addition, your speakers lights and the type of thing that are not charging via USB. So it means that something like this becomes even more useful and thats made even better by USB type c, which is now charging even devices such as laptops, weve featured one or two laptops on this platform, such as, I think, the Lenovo ThinkPad. You know X1 Nano. If I remember correctly that charges um, you know via USB uh, you know type c, so you can charge. You know your laptops, I think, MacBooks these days uh, you know they do charge via USB type c, so you could realistically um in a pinch, use something like this to keep um. You know your laptop going and whilst its big, this is a power bank.

That is still, you know quite portable. You know if you want to take it on holiday, travel uh, that type of thing highly recommended some stats on this particular power bank. If you do decide to pick one up with 40 000 milliamp hours, it means you can get a lot out of it typical back in the day um. You know. If you had one of these, you know one of the older iPhones they used to have. You know two thousand to three thousand milliamp hour batteries, which means something like that you could take it for about 13 charges. Um, you know from empty to full these days. A lot of phones are not shipping with four thousand to five thousand milliamp hour. Batteries, S10. Plus from Samsung this you know come comes with a for a 4 000 milliamp hour battery, which means you could charge it 10 times, and then you know on the upper end, some of the high end phones are coming with five thousand milliamp hour batteries, which means You can charge that about eight times otherwise, uh typical iPad, you know, sits at between 8 000 and 10 000, which means you could charge it. You know five charges uh for some of the smaller devices or you know four charges uh for some of the larger ones. I carry the first generation iPad Pro and thats a huge uh, 10 000 million hour battery, which means you can charge something like this about.

Four times and as I said, you can now charge MacBooks. You know using things like your power Banks and I think uh. Some of my research shows that the MacBook Air from 2020 has roughly a 5 000 milliamp hour battery, which means you could charge it eight times. So the one thing Im realizing I forgot to mention, particularly when it comes to charging some of the higher power devices such as your laptops, is, you know, output, and that is particularly you know in Watts. So, for example, you know MacBooks tend to need between 60 and 100 Watts if youre going to be able to charge um. Otherwise, the Romos, for example, you know, sits at around 12 or 18 Watts, which means you wouldnt be able to charge. You know lets, say a Macbook or something like that big capacity, but in terms of power delivery, you know its much enough, so theres always something to consider when youre buying a uh, a power band, particularly uh for those devices Beyond just your smartphones and your tablets. If you do decide to pick something like this up, the unboxing experience is pretty simple: you get, you know some nice wide packaging and then inside you get the unit itself. You know a little bit of literature in terms of the instruction manuals and then a simple charge, cable, and when it comes to that charging, you can charge this device using micro USB, which is typical, for you know, power banks these days.

But with this one you can also charge it using uh the USBC Port thats. There interesting thing about that: USBC Port is that it can do power in and it can do power out, which means you can charge the actual power bank, but you can also charge other devices with it and then because this is a huge battery. Now that you have at the end of the day, it does take some time to fully charge from you know, zero to a hundred percent, so I usually leave it overnight to do so so thats been it for this video. As I said, this has been a great device so far in my experience, I really you know, recommend something like this, at least as a way to you know, keep those smaller devices charged during some of those periods of power Cuts as well as load shedding. You dont necessarily have to go out and buy something like this, but my tip is that you know go out and look at the size of the power bank that you want to buy versus um. You know the battery capacity of the devices that you want to keep charged. That will help you to you know inform yourself of you know what you want to do. As I said when I decided to buy something like this, you know youre, taking into consideration uh the typical size of the phone batteries of the tablet batteries and saying how many times could you realistically charge your devices and keep them going uh during a two? Maybe four hour about um, you know offload shedding so definitely looking to make more such videos in the future, and I do believe that there are a number of different devices that Im using that I want to share um out there.

You know maybe help people. You know as a way to keep their own things going in times of load shedding and or power Cuts. So thats been it you guys can. Let me know what are you using when it comes to backup power? How have you been helping yourself? You know to mitigate these issues of power cut, you know, do you have a generator? Is it an inverter solar? Are you using giant power Banks? You guys can let us know what youre doing and Ill catch you guys in the next video hey. This is Baby G and youre watching the mob Justice Channel, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook live it, love it like it. This is the mob Justice TV.