10 inch with 5g wi fi is android 10 high resolution octa core 3 gigabytes of ram 64 gigabytes of rom and 13 megapixel camera bluetooth. Almost everything is listed on amazon for around 140 dollars currently has pretty good reviews. So this is how it looks when you get, it looks pretty uh nice mean beautiful. This is some uh description here yeah. It looks really nice. If you want to make this as a gift yeah, why not i mean the price is not super high, not super low. The specs are not super high, not low they’re about in the middle. I think in a good range, so you should be able to use this tablet for almost everything. As i mean, this is not intended for high resolution gaming of the latest games, but it should be possible to make a lot with this tablet and so i’m going to find out what’s really behind these things or the specs really good. The gps working is the camera really working. How good is the camera really and those things? So here we have it warranty card yeah we’ll read that later and we have some instruction yeah, i don’t know i think that’s not needed big thing here. Maybe just warnings and those things – and here is what we get yeah it’s a little bit difficult to grab here. But one thing uh i want to mention here is what i don’t like too much, but many many many factors.

Actually most of the manufacturers are using same thing. They are putting the tablet on top of the box. I don’t know understand why they don’t put it somewhere in the middle that it’s nicely protected. I mean it’s, not the screen on top at least it’s the back side on top, but still it’s, very, very vulnerable. I mean we know how these delivery services work or how they are on the pressure these days, and i get so many really really uh damaged highly damaged boxes. Uh yeah – luckily not this one here, but still yeah, it’s it’s, not a good thing. So if some manufacturer is listening yeah, this would be a nice thing to change that yeah, please peel off the mask after application completed yeah. Somehow this looks like a screen protector. I have to just make sure that we just peel up the top layer here and not all also the uh real screen protection. I think that’s, the uh just the protection of the screen protection. When we look at the corners here, there’s. Definitely a screen protector. On top – and it is more or less nicely applied – we see a bubble here, i’m, pretty sure that’s a bubble here, but apart from that, it’s, not bad, yet let’s check the side, see there’s, not much on the side. Here we have turn on and off the volume up down and probably 3.5 millimeter check. Then some opening here for the sim card and one for the tf card and the charging port usb usbc that’s it but that’s very important here.

I hope i can open that. Yeah, i hope you can see that so we have to hold it with the screen to the top and grab it from the left side. I have managed to do that before and now i have it, we can open it from the left side, bend it a little bit down, mix and see there’s the opening of the slot for the tf card, and here the sim card. If it’s supporting the gsm, maybe we can check if this is possible to use that i’ll check that later so let’s turn it on and see what we get here, it’s a little bit dark, yeah! We let it run here. Let’S also see what the else we get here in the box there’s some nice protection, yeah here’s, some nice intro or whatever it is yeah really nice cover flip cover. I mean there is no uh keyboard or so, but a really nice cover, i would say, yeah. This is rather rare that we get something like that and we get this usbc charging, cable and even a charger that’s. The thing here i’ve been checking at supporting 100 to 240 volts so worldwide and it’s delivering 2 amps. So pretty strong, so let’s see how this fits in here and it’s. Not bad. Definitely a good thing here: solid cover, yeah, really nice thing for this price yeah. So i’m, going to set up the whole thing for my account, i don’t have to show you how we set up the android and when everything is ready and updated, then we’ll continue here so here’s already some really important information.

Maybe that helps you not to destroy your new tablet. Uh, you see the thing here, this corner this cut corner here i have been trying with this to the bottom here and try it with the pins to the back, inserting this here and it completely went into this slot, and i almost couldn’t remove i’ve been trying To push here which looks like similar to a normal standard, sim card slot, but it is not it’s just a hole because of this flap here it’s, protecting this thing here or holding it in place down don’t push here down i’ve been trying this a couple of Times and i’m pretty sure you shouldn’t do that. I have really no clue what it is. Maybe i’ve even destroyed the microphone. Now i really no clue what it is. Definitely don’t push here into this hole: it’s not working. I have then been lifting it up. The sim card from the side with a really small screwdriver, and that worked so i think how this goes – is with the pins uh to the back, not to the front where the screen is, but to the back and with this uh cut thing here down. So you can do that and also it’s working good. When you have like a small screwdriver, you can really push it down and now it’s flat it’s, not standing out. You could close the thing here: uh yeah, i i don’t know if it’s working i’m closing this thing here, let’s see if it does something so screen says.

If you have sim card insert it now, yeah i mean i have inserted it. There is something to see but no network indication. I think it hasn’t been detecting uh the sim card here, so it doesn’t look too good. Maybe there are different uh versions and this one is not supporting mobile network. I really no clue so. Usually this sim card has been working with some smartphones. I mean it’s, not an active sim card anymore, but usually it’s showing network, but here it’s not showing anything. So maybe it’s not working here or i have done something i really no clue. Unfortunately, i cannot show you something so i’ll go a little bit further here, so something which i wanted to show you is the face unlock. It looks like it has been detecting my face, which is really good, so the setup is finished. Everything is looking really good. We can swipe easily, so you can see how fast this thing is: it’s, definitely not a slow tablet. I mean it’s, not super fast one, but it’s, definitely not a slow one. Then i wanted those to show you also the brightness you can see. We have quite a large range of brightness from really bright to very dark, but it is not an automatic brightness and for outside, i would say, yeah. It could be a little bit difficult, especially when it’s really super bright at noon or so outside or at the beach or so yeah.

Maybe that’s that’s, not the perfect tablet, and it really looks like there is no gsm. There is no force here can activate so it didn’t detect the sim card every no clue. Why so i’m removing the sim card, because it’s really useless and pushing down, then it comes up a little bit but it’s difficult to grab. So we grab it here from the side with this really small screwdriver it up a little bit until we can grab it here so i’m, installing currently a couple of things and i’m going to show you that later what i’ve noticed that the screen is really very Responsive when you type something like here when i was looking for need for speed, you can type really fast, so let’s type it here and show you that need for speeds, yeah yeah, i mean i typed it wrong, but anyway you can see how responsive this is. This is really good. I mean i haven’t found any lags so far here. You can also see the pre installed, apps the app drawer. We can just push up and then we see everything which is pre installed. There is actually not too much. I don’t see any uh, bloatware or so, and what i found in the system settings that’s the gesture navigation which i like or prefer instead of the two button or three button navigation. So here i want to show you a little bit of some browser speed. I have been looking for a gaming tablet or something like that.

You can see how fast this thing really is: it’s, really really nice loading web pages really fast, so let’s go to any web page. Here you can see how fast the thing is. Really loading. I mean it’s not compatible to an i7 intel on a pc, but this thing is really nice, i mean uh. This is definitely one of the better tablets which i’ve ever seen. One thing which i found also we do not only have the charging cable. You also have this host cable, which you can attach, and then you can use like a usb stick or you can use many. Many things maybe even charge your phone from here, but also one thing which i don’t like too much. Is this thing here and we want to charge it with a usb here and it could be a little bit tight. You can see there’s not much space. So is this charging cable here it doesn’t work. You can see, i can push down and there is no charge, so i have to push a little bit this case a little bit to the back. I mean with the tablet only it will work, but when we have the case here, sometimes it’s not charging. You have to be careful now it’s charging, but then it’s bending a little bit the case, so i’ve been outside trying to shoot a couple of images with the main camera and also with the other cameras. This is main camera.

This uh, i mean down most of the images with the main camera go a little bit closer. You can see that a little bit better, of course, it’s a little bit uh mirroring here on top of everything, but the images are not really good. Definitely not. I mean you can see how blurred or washed out this is colors or no good. I mean i have seen worse, i can admit what’s. The good thing is that the cameras are both really fast, so it has probably to do because the tablet is also very fast, so it’s focusing fast, i mean the colors are not totally bad, but they are also not very good. There is almost always there is some fork in in the picture it’s incredible here against the sun remaining sun it’s anyway, it’s not good, but also on the other side, it’s very difficult. Here we have the selfie images, some selfie images. Sometimes i had the impression that they are almost better, but you can see there’s also some limitation with the resolution. The resolution is is really not good and we can see that here against the sound. There is not much to see with the selfie camera anymore. Here i mean you can see a couple of things, but i definitely wouldn’t recommend to make all your family photos with this tablet. It will be very, very disappointing. This is maybe on a level of mobile phone cameras from 15 years ago.

This is crazy. I mean this is like the first iphone, also probably comparable. If that, so, you can see that’s a selfie uh on the wrong side and there’s a pitch black. I mean there’s an hdr function, which can provide a little bit of extra illumination and hence a little bit of dynamic range, but there’s not much here, no matter what you do, there is some gray. There is some fork. There is some here, big big time problems. Yeah it’s crazy, so i’m running a couple of last checks before i want to get to a conclusion here here i have the gps test and it didn’t take too long, and here we are inside, we are inside the room. We have our ceiling, then there’s the roof. On top of that – and we have a nice 3d fix, okay, gps seems to work really good. Then we have the benchmark. Result. I’Ve been running geekbench 5 and yeah as expected. It’S not a super high score, but also not really low. We have a single uh core of one five, seven and multi core of 755’s when we compare it to other devices. Here we have this tablet and when we look at the latest device from samsung have even reached more than 1000. Here you cannot go even back to this area here, it’s, probably some mobile phone from 10 years ago, but still it’s doing pretty good. The multi core is actually not bad with 755, so overall uh processing, uh performance, uh, the power processing power is really not that bad.

We have also the results here from the fake device test and it has been confirming actually everything everything i mean the device resolution, the android 10. It has passed the android 10 test. This is awesome. This is freaking awesome. We have also a confirmed space. I mean the storage which you can use, i think originally it’s, 64 gigabytes. Of course it has already consumed some of them, but there’s absolutely nothing to complain, external sd card and the about the course. We really have eight cores. We have the internal memory, uh confirmed. We have actually everything confirmed, there’s, nothing fake here. This is really awesome device. I mean when we are talking about this price here. The last thing which i’m going to do is the asphalt 8 here i’m. Just invoking this pretty quickly. So you have this thing here. I cannot even uh remember how what i have to do. I think it’s just left to right here, but i mean anyway it doesn’t doesn’t, really matter yeah. I think this is just breaking on the side here. I have to move around the tablet and you can see you can nicely drive. The graphics is even not bad, i would say yeah. This is pretty good resolution. I mean i’ve. Definitely seen worse, no legs, no, nothing! You can definitely do some racing here. Let’S see what we can do: yeah i’m, a really bad racer here, not even trying to catch up, but you can see there are no legs, no, nothing! Very nice graphics! Here everything working, really good! You don’t have to be worried that you cannot do some games here and by the way, yeah i’ve been wondering what these openings are, and they are definitely speaker openings.

I don’t know if you have them on this side. No, they are not on this side. They are only on this side, uh from my side. Actually i turned this a little bit down yeah some people may be disappointed because everything is on this side. There’S, no stereo. When you hold it like this, when you have it like this, then it’s stereo left right. When you hold it like this there’s. Only everything on the right side, i mean you can attach bluetooth. Speakers also shouldn’t be a problem. Even 3.5 millimeter also works. I haven’t tested this but i’m pretty sure it works. It has a 3.5 millimeter check and you can use that like this it’s, not working in stereo, but the good thing i can tell you. The good thing is that these speakers are actually on this side. Of course, it would have been nice if we had one also on this side, but i have seen worse definitely. I have already tested some tablets which have these speakers down there and when you are holding them on your lap like this, then it’s blocking the whole speaker. So this is the worst case, so this is something in intermediate and i’m, not complaining too much. So, overall, everything is working good, i mean this is pretty good. Competition in the mid range area definitely is much better than what i’ve been expecting for this price. We get even the case, of course, camera yeah.

This is always a little bit of a problem. The screen brightness also a little bit limited, but apart from that, i mean the performance overall, it would have been nice to get this tablet with four gigabytes or maybe six gigabytes or even eight or so there’s, not much cost, but it’s still performing really well. With these three gigabytes i’m, not complaining, i’ve, never seen this cpu, but it looks like it’s doing a really really good job in everything like browsing and gaming and basically everything so uh. This pretty tough competition with this tablet compared to lenovo or dragon touch or these things, because they have some really slow tablet. Sometimes in this price area – and this is a really good one – so i’ll put down the link to the amazon listing down into the description. So you can check it out or the drive from there if you like it and i hope i’ve been able to help you a little bit with this video.