3 adapter. So this was provided to me by the distributor but theyre not compensating me for this video and theyre not reviewing it before I post it. If you find this video helpful and you want to purchase one of these Ill put a link to it in the description on Amazon and if you use that link helps me out a little bit and doesnt cost anything extra. So lets get this open. So here we have the adapter. We have a little cover for the USB, so this adapter supports Bluetooth 5.3, but its also backwards compatible with previous versions, including 5.2 5.0 4.0. This supports Windows, 11, 10 and 8.1, and it doesnt require an additional driver Im. Getting this information from the Amazon description, it also says this supports up to seven Bluetooth devices simultaneously and it supports various protocols. Gap a2dp hid over g, a t, t HSP, AVC, hfp and FTP. It also says on there that this is not compatible with Mac. Linux. Ps3 PS4 PS5 switch car system or TV. This is for PC use only so there are a couple different reasons why someone might want something like this: they might have a computer that does not have Bluetooth. This is an easy way to add Bluetooth to a system. This is also an easy way to upgrade Bluetooth. So if you have an older version of Bluetooth, you can plug this in and have the newer version so Im going to plug this into my Windows, 10 PC well, set it up and well add some devices.

Okay, so we have the PC here Im going to plug the adapter into a USB port on it. Okay, I just plugged it in it popped up pretty much instantaneously here so now I want to add some devices so Ill. Go down to my start. Menu and Ill go to settings Ill, go to devices Ill, say, add, Bluetooth or other device. Ill say. Add Bluetooth keyboard, so I have a mouse here: Ill switch it over to Bluetooth mode Ill, choose BT 5.0 Mouse, it says. Device is ready to go Ill hit done so now were connected Ill. Add another device, this time Ill add a keyboard. So I have a Bluetooth keyboard here: Im going to hold down the Bluetooth button until it flickers. Here we have Bluetooth 5.0 keyboard. So now we have a keyboard and mouse connected. So next I want to add a Bluetooth speaker again Ill, go to add Bluetooth or other device turn on the speaker, Bluetooth. I see the audio device here, Ill, choose it: Bluetooth, okay, its connected Ill, say done Ill open up some audio and now were playing music through the Bluetooth speaker. We can use the media controls on the keyboard to control this also, so I can pause it and I can turn the volume up and down now, Im also holding down the function button on this keyboard, so thats the Llano USB Bluetooth, 5.3 adapter. As you can see, this was super easy to set up you just plug it in, and the computer recognizes it and then once you do that you can go into your settings and you can easily add devices.

So here I added three different devices, but according to the Amazon description you could add up to seven. So there are lots of devices that use Bluetooth. You can even transfer files between two computers using Bluetooth. Now this supports Bluetooth, 5.3 and Im not going to go over all the specific advantages of it, but typically when Bluetooth gets upgraded, youll find better security, faster speeds, more robustness, things like that, its pretty easy to go online and research. The advantages of the different versions over other versions, now, generally speaking, newer adapters will work with the older protocols. So you may not have things that support 5.3 now, but you can get this adapter itll work with your previous things and then, if you get future devices that support Bluetooth 5.3, this is ready to go so thats all Im going to cover in this video. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. If you like this video, please click like if you havent subscribed to my channel Id appreciate.