.. A witch named Bholi used to wander on. This terrace makes anklet noises And the sounds of anklet echoed here And used to scare the people. Actually, she was Prernas friend. Prerna knows a lot about her. I have heard stories you know The terrace we are shooting on today is haunted Harsh. There is no such thing as haunted. The challenge we are going to do today is living on the terrace for 24 Hours. We are doing this on a terrace which is known to be haunted. No one says that she is just bluffing Guys he is taking it very lightly, but he doesnt know that its a full moon today Ghosts are very powerful during this phase. Oh, my God They are at their peak. I can see that Anyway, guys, if you want us to do more, haunted videos Hit 300k likes on this video Now without wasting any time lets introduce you to some ghosts, Meet the witch sitting right here. Come ghost haunt us, This is our setup for today, Horror, setup, Demonic, laughter. What do you have in your hands? A demon doll, Throw this out already. How much time will you spend with it? We are going to play a one. Man hide and seek with it. Today She will open the portal for the ghosts She will take you with her Get lost. Why have you brought wedding sweets? Wont we get hungry at night. Lets start the video with Prernas.

First challenge Lets start the one man hide and seek then No. Why I want to give you a different challenge? First, Do you see this ladder here Climb up these stairs and say bloody, mary thrice? Are you crazy Why I wont go up there? I heard strange noises there. You will have to go Harsh. What are you doing? Where are you going Dont? Do this, Please Harsh Harsh Harsh, No Harsh! No, Why are you doing this Harsh Harsh? There is someone up there, dont go there. Where did Harsh go So guys? I have climbed up now And Prerna is still downstairs. She will start crying after a while Look. This is a very secret hiding place in our home Guys. I am absolutely sure he is pulling a prank on me, But this is a very bad prank, Because where has he gone, I am feeling scared alone on this. Terrace He deliberately teases me. He always does this to me So guys. Now we are going to start the one man hide and seek ritual Its a very scary ritual. Through this we can contact the outside world Outside world, Which world is that Of the dead spirits. We dont have to do much. We just have to give this doll a name Me, The doll. No, this doll, This scary, demonic doll. What should we name her Harsh Lets? Name her Prerna 2 Lets name her Bhindi, So basically Bhindi, which is already torn.

We have to throw out all the stuffing inside her It feels like I am operating on her. Then we have to put rice in it So well eat the rice that boils in its stomach. The souls of the spirits will boil in its stomach Harsh Its very spooky Look at the condition she is in now. Now you have to stuff rice inside her. It feels really weird to stuff rice in a doll Whoever has made this ritual did a bad job. Now, as we have operated on her, we have to stitch her back. We have become doctors for today. Sorry Bhindi, My friend Bhindi, Her waist is finished. It doesnt have any strength left Bhindi return. My rice Give me my rice back Bhindi Its on its way. Dont worry, Look at Bhindi, guys, Shell be forever grateful that we operated on her Gave her a life. I hope she doesnt get too attracted to me Guys. Now we have to take Bhindi to the bathroom and drown her in the bathtub. Then we have to close all the lights and hide Its said that the doll starts to walk. I hope no such thing happens today. Why are you hitting her? She will kill. You Now well throw Bhindi in this Look at its neck. She will drown you too. After this Prerna she just moved, I swear Now we have to go hide Didnt. We have to call out her name or something calling out name Run.

Harsh run scared Run Guys. The dogs are barking very loudly, I dont know whats happening, But we have to count till 10 And we also have to pray that Bhindi doesnt start walking and hunting us countdown. God knows what Bhindi must be doing in our home. She must be enjoying on our terrace. What was that? What There is something there I am not gon na go there. I dont have a good feeling about it. This isnt a challenge that makes you feel good, Oh shit. What happened? Nothing come with me. Do you have the knife in your hand Here it is Now we have to cut Bhindi into small pieces. What, if Bhindi, jumps out as soon as I open this You think about it, youll have to deal with it. Why did you push me forward? Is that Bhindi standing Was something there? No everything is fine. Lets see if Bhindi is even there or not Shes, not Seriously Harsh. Are you mad or what I swear? I would have gotten a heart attack Me too Harsh. Can I say something? Yes, I dont want to kill this Demonic doll. You dont, I will just bag it with the other end. Okay, Okay. We have to call out her name or our names Ill call out. Everyones name calling out names Lets go. I have killed it Now. I am leaving the knife here: switches off the light while shes inside Are you stupid, Run.

Look at how these scared kids are sitting. What, if Bhindi, really attacks us? You attacked her. What about that? What if we dont survive 24 hours here, I think thats going to be true. Looking at you Look at my condition. Dude There is absolute darkness here. I thought well have fun on the terrace. Well, talk sit count stars Its so dark here Harsh. I can hear some footsteps Just show the terrace to everyone, How it looks right now. What are these black spots Prerna? Someone just came here, Dont spook me even more. Is there something behind these clothes There can be? You know There are a few dumbells here. Lets exercise a bit Give her the strength to fight God. Lets go and check if Bhindi is still there or not, Lets go Harsh, I hope shes still there Guys we are going in to do the last step. We have to pour saltwater on her And we have to repeat: I won If she is still there. We can complete this ritual And if she isnt, even I dont know what the next step should be In a way. I am also hoping that she isnt there Bhindis soul, has entered your body. I win, I win Bhindi, So youll leave it here, No well burn it. I am telling you sleep with it from now on Youre friends. Now Are you done? Yes? Shall we leave now? Prerna didnt, we close the door, I dont know what does Bhindi wants with us Close the door.

Cmon lets watch horror. Videos. Are you stupid? Well, do something else Lets eat something I am hungry Come Prerna. I dont understand as were going more into the night. Why is it getting brighter Because its a full moon Harsh Will you have something to eat or drink Coconut water? I dont want to drink this. This looks like a better drink. Will you eat a crunchy? I have everything to eat Hazelnut chocolate. Yes, this I will eat. She is blackmailing me by making me eat this. Just stay here, Youre not going downstairs right. No Today is a ghostly night. Harsh the ghost will come for sure. Well call it. God knows what Bhindi is doing inside Guys. Now we are going to react to some horror, videos Which are based on true incidents. We are already very scared, because we are constantly feeling that someone is behind us. We really cant explain this feeling. We really feel there is someone I dont know why we started this challenge at night. There really is something you know Now: youll show the horror, videos, thatll, spook, us even more. The wind suddenly got stronger. Did you notice? It was raining all day. The wind is supposed to be strong. Okay, guys lets watch these videos before the rain starts and we arent able to record it. So the first video is of a haunted hotel. There, a possessed doll got alive. There is a place named Savannah Georgia in the USA.

There is a creepy hotel there that is haunted Where a lot of creepy things happen. So this guy is saying when he entered the room. His wife was in the shower and he heard a hammer fall. I can still hear the creepy sounds. Dont show me these hotel videos. We wont be able to travel anywhere. I am finding this woman, quite creepy. This woman seems possessed. She is just scared. She is saying she doesnt understand, whats happening to them, They have come to celebrate a holiday and they are facing ghosts now SHIT. What has he kept on his sofa Thats the possessed doll? Now they have taken a close up. Video of that creepy doll In which you can see the lips moving and eyes blinking, Oh God, Such a scary doll. What if someone had intentionally kept it there Dude? What all did you just do to Bhindi What if Bhindi comes flying towards us? First of all, how have they placed this doll on the sofa? Did they come to celebrate or possess a doll and record it? I dont get it. There is no sense in this gets distracted by strange noise Whats this noise, A ghost wont, attack us today right. I dont feel so good. You know And guys. I am honestly saying its really spooky right now. We are not just babbling stuff. We are really terrified. I really wont be able to sleep now. What if this is a remote control doll? I dont know if its real or not, but after what we have just done with Bhindi And after watching this doll now I really think she will kill us Plus these mosquitoes biting us.

I agree. The mosquitoes are really troublesome. The heat during the day and these mosquitoes at night. So this is a Japanese video, Its a Japanese clip, someone recorded And they say its quite paranormal. There is a lampshade and some pendulum shaped thing hanging above it Its like hypnotizing, someone Wait. I saw something behind. I really feel like a headache. What was that? Hey crazy? These pranks wont work with me, A guy from Youtuber Afterlife. Paranormal investigation goes to a haunted house with his friend. He investigates there and he finds something there Lets find out what he finds. They are really scared and they can hear really bizarre noises while investigating. I also want to investigate something horror like this. You cant live here for 24 hours, without getting shitless scared And youll go and investigate horror, you coward, Its really fun, take your gadgets etc. And they have finally recorded something They really didnt expect to find this. What are these strange writings on the walls? Peace is just another word. There was something white there Yeah something windy Its like a shadow more like a smoke, But where is it coming from Guys? Where is this smoke? Coming from? This is someones shadow Proper, And here we are on this terrace. I really dont feel good lets leave Guys. What do you think Was this mist a ghost or something else? So this is a story from Punjab, Pakistan. There is a channel Saya official In which 2 people go to an abandoned farmhouse, And there is a tree A banyan tree.

They think there is something paranormal about this tree. Oh damn! What a story? Man, Its believed that when kids play on the swing beneath the tree, their hands and legs cramp up, They get crippled And its believed that the owner of the farmhouse experienced the same horror. His whole body cramped up And these two people are going in and saying that theyll find out what actually happens here. There are broken doors at this farmhouse …. He is saying that the bonnet of the car just moved on its own. I feel something horrific here too. You know I can hear the wind howl. We are both focused here and what? If someone comes from behind And finished us Team, Saya come here too Something just hit this guy, Like you know they say something. Hits you in Sanjay Forest. Similarly, something hit them Look how the car is shaking. It hit him with a stone. The ghost stoned him. Oh, there is something It was something right. There was some red cloth flying No harsh. This is really terrifying. I have never seen a spookier video. I really got goosebumps. I cant sit here anymore. The sink also broke Shouldnt. They just leave. What are they doing Deadly realization? What happened? The reflection in the mirror, didnt move? How can that be? Prerna? Mosquitoes are biting me. I dont feel good: How did the camera tilt itself? How did it tilt itself? I think we need to stop this video right here.

This team Saya has scared us even more Guys if you want to watch this video Ill share the link in the description I cant watch this anymore, Its actually terrifying. It feels like someone is watching us. I am already scared Lets close this and do something else. No Lets just leave For our safety. I dont want to stay here for long Guys, its very risky, its very spooky. You really cant feel what we are feeling, But the aura here is very haunted. You wont imagine. The dogs are constantly barking. There are so many mosquitoes And there is a lit bit of rice here. Dont do this. Bhindi is also sleeping inside. This is not a matter of joking Plus. This strange screeching sound Its getting really spooky. I am going You complete your challenge. Dont. Give me this Drama now, Please dont, leave me and go Bye.