The 12 inch version unboxing well actually ordered this here before that one, but it arrived afterwards because it came with slow mail. This is the loaf and s1 now it's a Core M ultrabook that has the well last generation khorium, so that's the 5y10. It has 8 gigabytes of ram a 2k screen, 128 gigabyte SSD running Windows, 10 home. I think it is, has a USB type c port. Usb 3 port, so let's have a look at it. Ok, so this one I got from It cost me about a 569. I think it was now there's a cheaper one that doesn't even come with a SSD there's apparently well. There is a bay door on there that you can get access to that SSD and it's user replaceable, so that's a first. You don't normally actually see that. So they included a power adapter there, so that's a European one, and you see it comes what looks like to be in a double box here: it's taken a little bit of damage, hope it's going to be ok, I can see there bit of bump there on The corner now the color – and here we go champagne gold, I wasn't too fond to the color, but I can put up with a poor color if the rest of the notebook is just fine. So there is a struction leaflet or something that's like a warranty card. They'Re: infinite life that's all in chinese. What else do we have in the box? Ok, so power supply have a look at this it's taking the okay, so that's got the figure 8 style plug the loop there it's quite a standard plug see how to replace that.

So output is 12 volts, 3 amps it's, quite a small power supply. There you see DC plug, but apparently you can charge this from the type c port. Well, you should be able to able to at least feels a little cheap that power supply. What else do we have another box here, oops, okay, so screwdriver, and where the this is D might have been if you're doing your own install or you ordered that separately, it's interesting the way they have still included that because my model comes with it, pre installed. All right so let's have a look at this thing, so the front there. You can see the low fan or live fan. However, they pronounced it well, they want it pronounced this top there that feels metal and this there's a bit of flex in that screen there. So, on the right hand, side here there's a USB 2 port right there we have that's, the 3.5 mini headphone, socket HDMI plug and is the front lip. That is, if she quite thin there down at the front, not bad at all. How fun they've got that it does feel along this edge. This feels feels like it's plastic just along there, and here we have the USB 3 port to the DC and for charging and the type C port for data and also charging. But I will check that out and along the back. There is nothing there so, on the bottom, you'll see we have to downwards firing speakers, there's torque screws everywhere, holding the backplate, which that feels like metal and there's a little access port there for the m2 SSD there's.

Also only enough, I just notice there's a reset switch there, which can be handy if you've been messing around in the BIOS that will reset the bias and let's have a look at that screen and keyboard. So there we go more gold, more gold keys, let's, have a look at how much a little bit of flex and that that feels quite solid I'm pushing down really hard there, and I just hold this up to the camera. So you can get a better look. So that's a keyboard layout, as far as I can tell everything, is there that you would want there's status LEDs at the top. We'Ve got home page up page down end along here, microphones, located on the keyboard. Okay, so that's, probably gon na pick up keyboard typing noise, then if you're typing and talking at the same time to someone on skype, for example, and the front facing camera is a 1.3 megapixel unit. So let's get this powered on, hopefully disempower in here I'm. Seeing a blue LED light up there, so I managed to get it to power. What I had to do is just keep holding down the power button and tapping it, but the blue light was on and then finally it came up. Boot time was quite quick. Just went straight into Windows that I can see was already set up with a user here so I'm going to go into system now and just have a quick look at things, so it has Windows 10 Pro.

Ok, you did not expect that. I expect it to see Windows 10, home and Windows is activated, and then we have 8 gigabytes of RAM 64 bit operating system, of course. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to access all of that Ram have a look now and the device manager. What do we have under disk drive? Kingston, ok don't expect that in all its full si brand or B 1 kingston SSD there, so 128 gigabyte, SSD and under the network adapter we have an Intel dual band wireless AC. So that is good to see having that on there and free storage, 99.5 gigabytes free and the scaling is set to 200, which doesn't look too bad or to show that screen resolution, which is 2560 by 1440 C along there. So not a bad screen resolution. Just looking at the screen now, it looks very good. Very sharp it's got a matte coating on it, which I do like, so that should be good for outdoor use. I can already see that it's not reflecting much at all. Unlike my show me me notebook, which has got a glass screen on it. That reflects a lot so viewing angles, look quite good the brightness at the moment. I have that set actually what it powered up with so not too sure what it said it. To be honest and LSATs 16 so to cycle through them so that's, 25, 50, 75 and 100 that looks very bright there and Tim's right down sorry to 0, nice and dim.

So I have a quick look now at the screen and a little bit more detailed care. So this is some photos. They took on a Galaxy Note: 4, quite punchy colors from Samsung. It does look really good. The screen, a very vibrant, read here, being displayed correctly and those black levels are very good to say, a quick 4k clip this one right here: no trouble with that to have a look at the viewing angles left and right, very decent, not bad at all. That looks really good and vertical again. That is really good. I'Ve been a Matco to display this isn't. It isn't reflecting really anything at all there, so it should be good for outdoor use and I'll just show you the lowers brightness seating, just how it done. That is that's 100 percent brightness, which is very bright, that's overpowering the camera that it does right down to quite a nice level there for late time, use it's a shame that the keyboard is not backlit. Like the show me me, notebook ear, so here's a close up there of the touchpad. Now the touchpad has a plastic texture to it. It'S, okay, there casitas, using that if you can see the mouse pointer there, that seems quite good, not too bad. It does support gestures, a double tap right, click there and the left and right mouse button. So don't like the way they sink in so much there and you can see the keyboard layout, it's, quite solid there's, a tiny bit of flex there, not too bad seems a right to type on my first impressions, the feel of the keys.

The tactile feel that they have to them is in bad and treble. I would estimate at the moment just looking at that about one point: three or one point: two millimeters travel similar to the mean notebook, doesn't, look too bad. We have all the keys. We want. The homepage up and down in print screen is there, which is a common one, I'd like to use, and then we do have shortcuts here for the screen, brightness sound and the wireless. You can turn it off too, so it doesn't seem too bad. The color of it so the keys have this gold color it's, not as bad as I thought, not as bad as what I saw in the press photos either. So I just want to quickly see if these USB ports are going to power. An external 1 terabyte drive: this is a Toshiba basics that looks good. It looks like that's going to work. Yes, that popped up with all my files there, so I test out now the USB 3 port. Now you be surprised at how many devices actually can't do this when some of the tablets that I have tested out they're not able to actually do this simple test. You just don't have the our power output from the USB port, so this should also work. I do not see why not okay, now that drive now that's flashing, blue USB 3 mode, and yes that is working just fine, and the last thing I wanted to test is: will the USB type c port accept charge? Yes, it is now flashing, it's gone green.

Actually, because the battery's almost pretty much fully charged there, so that is good. We can charge it by the type C port – oh and almost forgot. Well that type C port power and external hard drive. Yes, ok, it will so that's good, so that's, basically giving us 2 USB 3 ports there on that side, alright, so I'm, just benchmarking, the SSD and so far those read speeds. Look good and I wanted to have a quick, listen to the speakers it has on it. This D benchmark here is finishing up, so read: speeds look good to the rights, maybe a little bit slower, but it's 128 gigabytes at least a 4k speeds there aren't too bad at 88 and cannot be opened. One handed no, not possible. I have a quick look inside the little flap here, so this is where you can replace or insert your own SSDs. So if you buy the model that doesn't have one included, then you're going to obviously have to open this up and install one okay, that's metal, that one there. So there we go that's a m2 SSD and that looks to be 122 by 42. Perhaps longer – and I will make sure for those that I want to order – so yes, so that's – definitely that's 22 and the height of it: okay, that's 60, so that's, 60, millimeters and let's check out the weight of it too because they do claim. It is quite light so it's one point: one: six kilos that's not bad at all, so that is the low phone s1.

So good things about it. Well, it's got eight gigabytes of RAM. Wireless AC has a kingston SSD in there. That looks to be reasonably fast. 428 gigabyte, one matters at least, and the downsides well, the top of it seems to be plastic, no bet blue keyboard and the weight of it is good as well and it's. Nice and slim on the front screen looks really good, very good screen there, but my biggest concern so far I think, is that battery life now Windows is just reporting about five and a half hours. At the moment. Battery bar now has gone to about four hours, so I'm going to have to look into that and a little bit more depth four hours there it's estimating at the moment, but those are just estimates – I'll get some real use on it, I'll be on the internet And be using it a little bit more and try and gauge just how much battery life we're going to be able to get out of this. Probably that 2k screen isn't the best on the battery, which is probably why we're going to get those kind of figures. But I will check that out.