Well there another electronics company from China – and this right here is a 13.3 inch core M fanless notebook with a 2k screen, eight gigabytes of RAM and a user replaceable SSD. So let's have a look at it in greater detail, so weighing just under 1.2 kilos, it's, thin and it's light and very portable top is made out of aluminium. The bottom is aluminium, the only plastic is the palm rest. You see the design they're quite slim here. We have a USB 3 port, USB type c, that can power both of these ports external hard drives. This also doubles as a charging. Port here is a DC in for charging with the included power adapter and on the right side. Here you'll see a micro HDMI, USB 2 port and 3.5 and a headphone jack, so the build of the s1 feels quite good there's, a little bit of flex there and the lid pressing down there. But overall I break this is having quite a premium, build quality to it, even though the palm wrist here is made out of plastic it's, not bad. Now the colour gold that's not going to be for everyone that's. Unfortunately, the only colour that it comes in is that champagne, gold color now the cable had been thirteen point three inches. We have plenty of space here: we've got a little function keys along there, media controls via the function, keep home up and down Page up and down end screen and volume controls all the usual stuff you see on here.

So the keyboard has a little bit of flex, but not too bad I'm, pushing down very hard now at the moment, and I do find that typing on it is really good, no problems whatsoever with it. It has a 1.3 millimeters of travel good spacing of the keys. My only complaints would be that the arrow keys aren't as good as the rest of the keys. Luckily, I don't use the arrow keys so much, but I just noticed that these two ones here they don't actually sit flush and level as they should, but they're perfectly fine. They are usable, they do work, just they don't feel up to the rest of the keyboard. Now the touchpad has a good size to it good accuracy, I haven't had any problems with it, but I don't particularly like the way the left and right mouse button how it sort of sticks down a little bit there. I feel like it's a little bit too deep. The clicks should be a little bit more shallow where's, my own personal preference there. So the surface is textured. It has a matte finish to it and not like those glass covered ones that feel real, nice, but other than that it serves the purpose it works really well and accuracy isn't bad. So the screen the S one has here is a sharp unit and it said TFT panel and outputs 420 lumens of brightness, so it can get very bright and then it dims down to a low 5 lumens, which is good for nighttime use.

So it has a resolution of 2560 by 1440 and it looks sharp. It has good colors now being a TF panel that when you do move the screen around, I will just quickly show you that if you move it to the left and the right you'll see that colors tend to shift out a little bit but it's not as Bad as some of those other TF panels, they have seen this one isn't isn't, really that bad at all. When it comes to that the problems you see with shifting the colors and vertical horizontal as well, not bad at all and the colors that it does have very good, deep blacks, that red is oversaturated there, but that is the actual photo. This was taken on a samsung galaxy note 4. That tends to do that with the colors, but a very good panel this panel really is what makes this notebook you can see here outdoors. You can still use it without having any problems of glare reflecting all over the place and causing eye strain. So my s1 shipped with the 128 gigabyte option for the SSD, and that came with Windows 10 Pro and it has activated, and it also has 8 gigabytes of RAM. Now you don't normally see that on core M devices, corium devices normally only have about 4 gigabytes of RAM like the surface pro 4, the m31, and that gives us a lot more room. Now, 4 gigabytes of RAM doesn't actually increase their performance.

Really it just allows us to do more, so you can run more memory. Intensive applications, for example like chrome, that eats up a lot of memory. Well, I've got chrome and edge open at the moment. Doing a little bit of multitasking have a few tabs there, and I have only used 33 of the memory, which is quite good now benchmarks. I have run so that SSD mine as a Kingston, and these are the speeds I got there, so those speeds are actually okay for a set of three unit: 128 gigabyte, one that's, not bad. The 4k is a good write speeds. If you get the higher models. The higher capacity ones, then you will see higher, writes there so benchmarks. I did run on this unit. I ran the typical benchmarks I like to go through. So here is a benchmark Geekbench for the new version. Now that score isn't too bad that's about what a quorum will get so a little slower than their newer core M 3 switch, get about 2400 single core and about 4800 multi and here's. The clown get one point one score: I storm extreme one point two: now this should be a lot higher. There should be about forty thousand now. The reason why it isn't 40000 is because this notebook gets quite warm and runs into what's called thermal throttling. Now that affects the performance, it gets up to ninety 93 degrees and the clocks will lower down, and that affects mostly happens with gaming.

So if you've got a game on this machine, I wouldn't really make it recommend it, because the performance is going to be affected by the thermal throttling is a PC mark, 7 score. And finally, the last benchmark that I did run was past mark just past. Mike 8 – and that was 1658 – the score there. So besides gaming, I find their performance is really good, so opening up Windows using edge moving around browsing to different websites, everything is loading in quick thanks to that wireless AC. Now the wireless range and speeds I've been finding our perfect there's, nothing wrong with the wireless on this. It works quite well because it does have dual band AC. So if you do have a 5 gigahertz router and you can set it to that – and that will help with the speeds, because you also have less interference from other devices. But yes, while this is good, Bluetooth also works quite well, no complaints there. So the notebook has two downward firing speakers located just here in the front I don't turn the volume right up now and we'll have a listen to how it sounds. Okay, the volume output on them is okay, but they do like a lot of bass and they sound quite tourney they're, not the greatest soundings, because you were here in a laptop, so let's have a look at how it gains now so fraps running, you can see The frames per second right up there in the top upper left and also show you just the settings going to use now.

This is half life lost coast, so I'm, going with the recommended settings so it's 1920 by 1080, and the advanced I'll show you quickly. After that is coming out on camera, so everything's recommended there so high texture detail, high model detail. Hi Shay de detail let's see how it performs. I would love to show your League of Legends, but every time I tried to launch it some reason it crashes, so their servers are down on something's, going on crashes and fails to load so sorry about that. Better deck game will definitely playable on this with low settings, 1080p won't be a problem for the corium, so the next time I'm going to look at is Counter Strike. Global Offensive. I'Ll show you the settings I'm going to use so 1080p, all on the lowest settings. Let'S look and see how this performs at the moment, it's frame rate it's about 50 haven't seen too bad. It looks really good on the screen too. I can hardly aim properly so here we can see the thermals that this is not good at all, so it got up to 92 degrees. This is gaming, and thermal throttling did occur there so that's something we don't want to see that is going to affect the performance, because the clock weight rates will drop down. So after that little bit of gaming there, just how hot did it get? You can feel it's quite warm on the top that's 38 degrees, so it's around 38 degrees max on the rear almost 40 there.

So it does get quite warm because this is a passively cooled notebook. There is no fan in here so here's, where the user replaceable SSD is now. This is something you don't normally see on notebooks and it's, really good. They haven't included this. So we need to do is remove the screw on the back, lift up the metal flap, and you can see my unit has a pre installed: 22 millimeter by 60 millimeter set of three into SSD so to quickly recap my findings here. The performance of it is good if you're, not gaming, that's, when you run into a some thermal throttling and it will get up to 93 degrees and quite hot they're having the type C put on is good, even though they don't include a charger for it. You just have the standard DC battery life isn't too bad. You can get seven hours with light use heavy to medium use about five to six hours and gaming, only about three to four hours, so that is it really. The greatest build quality is good. It'S nice and thin it's light. The main thing I like about it is the matte anti glare coated 2k screen is what really makes this notebook? It is very nice great to use in brightly lit environments. You can even use this in direct sunlight and still make out what is on the screen, something you can't do with those glossy displays there.