I, like a big bright screen, a functional keyboard, a number pad and a whole lot of ports that i can plug whatever i want into and like everybody else, im. Also, a big fan of being able to close it like a clam and making that shunk sound and then chucking it in my bag. However, what im not a huge fan of is lugging around a heavy laptop when we travel for our trade shows. Sometimes we travel 30 to 40 hours just to get somewhere and its a bit of a pain having to lug around a heavy laptop. So, although i dont like tablets, i thought i would try and find one that was actually light enough to travel with and actually capable of running vmix. So when we do trade shows sometimes people like to steal our equipment. So we do need to have a backup laptop and we usually use our travel ones in case. We need it for a live stream using it in the show or perhaps with a vmix call. So i set out to try and find one and i stumbled across the asus rog flow z13 and yes, im going to be saying: zed because thats, what we say in australia now, its a 1.1 kilogram tablet, thats running an i9 12 900 h, processor and a 3050 ti gpu now martin said that i could buy one if i could make good use of it and if i could make additional content with it, because it was just so expensive for what it is.

So. Martin heres, your video, the flow z13 comes with thunderbolt 4, and so that means that you can add multiple hd cameras to the tablet. If youve got a thunderbolt enclosure or a capture device now because it has an i9 cpu and a 3000 series gpu, you can actually squeeze a fair bit of juice out of the turnip for your video productions. Asus also have a proprietary pcie e gpu enclosure called the xg mobile, which allows you to connect a much bigger mobile gpu up to a 3080.. However, that extra device is an additional 1600 australian and because vmx doesnt support egpus, we dont even know whether it would work with that sort of connection and well. I wasnt really allowed to spend any more money on this device, so i didnt get one now to me. It also kind of defeats the purpose of having a tablet to have an additional thing, thats kind of almost more than half the size of the tablet itself. Just to have a bigger graphics card, why not just buy a laptop for half the price of both of those combined and you dont need to lug around an extra thing with your tablet. So i decided to get the z13 and when i brought it back to the office, i plugged it in with the only port that i could see that i could power it up with, and so i was wondering how was i supposed to get anything else into It so i went around and had a look, and there was a rubber connector cover down here, so i took that off and thats where you plug in that external enclosure.

However theres also a usbc connector here for 3.2 usb, so i figured well. I might as well plug the power into that, so i can use the other one for thunderbolt. So i grabbed my trusty usbc power meter and just tested the power through put on both that thunderbolt and the 3.2 port, and it was getting the same power draw. So i knew that i was going to be okay, so definitely with any sort of tablet and laptop if youve got one always plug it directly into power. So i grabbed a thunderbolt enclosure that we had and i dropped a elgato cam link pro capture card into it, meaning that i could get four full hd hdmi cameras in to this production right here now, if you check out above me here, this is our tutorial. Pc that we run all of our vmx tutorials and recordings off and thats not on everything, is running through the z13 today. So what im doing ive got four cameras here. Ive got one two three four and i also have an ndi camera here. I have a title and i have some video files down at the bottom here now. You notice that im recording im doing a dual record of the program, output and im doing a vmix avi record of the desktop, and then ive got a stream. 1080 4.5 megabit going out, and i also have a multi quarter for all four of these cameras along here – that i am recording as well.

So i can make the tutorial so lets check out some of the statistics. We have good render time down here. Gpu mems barely touch cpu and vmix and total is looking pretty good now well check out the statistics now im going to use my mouse here, because i cant quite press that and we have no drop frames or anything here on the capture devices. So thats awesome and exactly what we want all right. So i suppose that does answer that age old question of whether you can do a 4 cam production on a tablet. Yes, i suppose you can. More importantly, though, should you well, this device doesnt quite meet the standards that we have for a laptop in regards to the gpu, as we do recommend a 3060.. In fact, the 3050 ti max q thats in this isnt, even quite as good as the previously recommended laptops that have 1660 tis in them. In saying that, though, the 3000 series do give you resizable bar, which is pretty impressive and kind of, gives you a little bit of leeway in certain areas. The i9 itself is obviously very capable and really helps out when you are not using the encoder for some additional recordings and ndi, and that type of thing and the fact that its an i9 kind of balances out the lower gpu kind of in certain instances. So it really depends on what youre doing so. Overall, i was actually surprised how much power that they packed into a tablet and what you could do with it.

Its pretty crazy. In saying that, though, this is pretty much the only sort of specific gaming tablet that there is on the market so im not sure how much theyre going to support this model in the future. Again. Im, not sure about the longevity as well like constantly using this. For crazy video productions, how long its going to hold up whether youre going to fry it or you know who knows how long it would last for so probably my biggest problem with the device is the sheer lack of extra usb ports. So if you wanted to add a stream deck and x keys or an adapter of some kind, youve just got the one port to do it. And yes, it is only usb 2.0, so you couldnt even add a webcam or you couldnt, add a usb dongle to it if you wanted to so that is an absolute massive pain and, of course, im using a bluetooth mouse as well to connect to it. Instead of using the trackpad, which again is problematic as well, id probably have prefer to have a wired mouse as well, but i cant really do that. Now, you dont get any additional display outputs as well. You can run displayport out of a thunderbolt to a device and then send that out via displayport. To a monitor. I tried that with mine it worked, but i was still getting some issues with some slight tearing and that sort of thing so probably isnt going to work the best.

With that again, you only get one of these flimsy sort of keyboards. Here um, you dont, get like a full size keyboard with a number pad and all that kind of stuff as well. Finally, touchscreens do you like touchscreens? If you do, then this is really good, but it can also be a little bit of a negative. So its really easy. If you want to switch cameras, you know you want to do transitions and all that kind of stuff, its really easy. To do that, however, i have moderately sized hands so sometimes when you grab things or press things, you accidentally open up the settings or you close things down, or you know you do things you dont mean to do and then you cant get it back and now Im stuck – and i dont know what to do so. There we go now were back so yeah a little bit problematic for me with the touchscreen, but some people do really like being able to to have a touch screen now. Obviously, pricing changes all the time, but currently in australia, i could buy, say an i7 asus, tough laptop, which has thunderbolt 4. It has a 3060 gpu for about a thousand bucks less australian than this tablet, and it also has obviously a 16 inch monitor full keyboard number pad heaps of usb 3 ports as well. So this tablet and the laptops i were talking about – do have thunderbolt, whereas you can get very, very cheap, usb based laptops.

If you were going to use usb capture so, for example, you could have a 15 inch laptop thats like 1700, cheaper than this tablet here say like a gigabyte a5. It has a ryzen 7 and a 3060, so you just be using ndi or usb capture. For your inputs instead of using thunderbolt and you can save a whole lot of money, so martin was that all right have. I fulfilled my contractual obligation to be able to continue to use this tablet. Yes, absolutely you found the loophole, so the flow z13 is a pretty cool and powerful device, but its not exactly practical or affordable for live production. I dont think it does, however, show you how far computers have come along. I mean this is about the size of an old school netbook, but you can do a multi. Cam live stream on it with recording and multi quarter. You can imagine going back 10 years and showing this to us and it would have kind of blown peoples minds. It also shows you what you can do with vmix as well, like its pretty crazy that you can kind of do a multi cam production on a tablet if they could cram a 3060 and some more usb ports into this thing. It would be totally amazing and i would totally use it more often now. I will say that you also look pretty rad if youre using one, if you show up with a tablet to a live production.

A multi cam live production with a tablet, and i think people would find that pretty amazing. It would be hilarious to me anyway. Let me know if youre, using a tablet in your productions, in the comments and id be interested to hear how theyre going and what peoples reactions are so for more information about laptops that we actually recommend. You can check out our supported hardware page on vmix.com and if you cant find the specific laptops on that page just match up the recommended specs of the laptop and typically we might be a generation behind lets say with the cpu, because we havent bought new ones. Yet usually the new gen cpus work better or just as good as the previous one.