Why, in today’s, video we’re going to be covering live streaming, gear beginners need to succeed in 2021 and there’s, something here for everyone, so, whether you’re on a free budget, you have a little bit of money to spend or you’ve got as much money as you want To spend on your gear there’ll be something here for everyone. So that way, you can improve your setup now. The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you’re using the right live streaming. Software, because guess what people can lose engagement in your live stream really fast. So if you don’t have a simple use, software that allows you to engage with your audience easily you’re gon na end up having a poor live stream. People are gon na click off, and that is not what you want, which is why i recommend using restream dot io, which is actually the sponsor of this video restream dot. Io is a web web based live broadcasting solution, which basically means that you just access it through your web browser like safari, chrome or firefox restream allows you to broadcast to multiple platforms at once, like youtube, twitch and facebook and it’ll. Take all the comments from those platforms and put it into the software into one easy spot where you can see everyone’s comments. Engaging with your audience is super easy, because all you have to do is click on a comment and it pops up on the screen for everyone to see.

You can also add text effects, graphics and even video files into your live stream to help spruce it up. Now i’ll leave a link to the software down below in the description, so you can sign up for free if you so choose. I’Ll also leave a link to the tutorial i did on the software, so you can take a look at it and see all the basics, but i really can’t stress it enough using the right software will make all the difference now. The second thing that you’re going to want to look at is your camera setup you’re not going to want to use the built in webcam on your computer that’s just going to look awful. So what i highly recommend to do, if you are on a budget, is just use your smartphone as a webcam, because the camera on your smartphone is incredible and you can use your smartphone camera with restream and be able to live stream right from it and still Be able to use your computer so here’s how easy it is to set up my iphone here as the webcam for my computer, i literally just go to restream dot. Io pulls right up i’m going to click enter, live studio. Give it a second to load. Allow access and there we go – i’ve got the webcam set up, so i can turn this on here turn this one off and there we go. We have the webcam set up as our iphone.

So if you’re on a budget, i would highly recommend using your smartphone uh. What i actually use for my live streams is the sony zv1 it’s, a compact camera. It films in 4k it’s got some really good focus abilities for if you’re going to be showing products to the camera um, it got a very good. Shallow depth of field does an awesome job and it super easily just plugs right into my macbook. I just downloaded the sony software. It works perfectly with free stream um highly recommend using this. If you’re gon na go for more professional route with a nice looking, camera plus it’s really compact, so it’s not gon na take up a lot of space if it’s set up on your desk now. The third thing you’re gon na want to look at is lighting. So if you’re on a completely free budget, i would get some lamps from around the house or just some lights, bring them around. You don’t want to use just your computer screen to light. If you’ve got some money to spend, i would recommend picking up the pocketlite f72 it’s. A very compact light. It’S got a little tripod mount, so it can just sit there, but this is a rgb light, but it’s very powerful. You can really turn it up and get it really bright to light up your face, but yeah it’s adjustable color temperature adjustable rgb. So you can really just have this like set up on your desk and you could just turn it up and really get some really good shots with this.

So if you’re on a budget, i definitely recommend this. You charge it or you can just leave it plugged in and it’ll give you some awesome led light and it’s compact, so it’s not gon na take up much space uh on your desk. If you’ve got some money to spend, i would recommend getting the gvm 800d. I got this as a three pack, so i have one light here: i’ve got one light there and then the last light is behind me here: shining, a blue color on the wall. So they are rgb. So you can change all the colors on there and they’re adjustable they’re color temperature adjustable, really solid lights and they all come in a nice case. They come with the stands, the plug cords, everything you need to get started now. The fourth thing you’re going to want to take a look at, is your microphone setup. Now, honestly, if you’re going to be using your iphone, the audio and the iphone is already pretty good, but there are a few options that i do have out there uh. This is the mono au, 100, r it’s a lavalier mic, so it just kind of clips on to your shirt uh, but this plugs right into the computer. It is battery powered, but that battery power is gon na last you 90 hours um. So you know plenty of time for a live stream where you’d be able to charge it up afterwards.

It’S a 20 foot cable. So it extends really far. But this is a very nice lavalier mic uh about under 30 dollars that you can plug right into your computer, be able to use with your live stream and get good audio right from you. Um next up would be the rode micro. So this is something that could attach either right to your camera or even, if you just had it sitting off to the side pointed at you, you’d be able to get some good audio there and then what i’m currently using is the videomic ntg uh, which is A professional level microphone if you want to get pro audio i’d highly recommend picking this up, because this is going to give you the old over round best experience for audio now, like i said, i did a full tutorial on the restream software.