Real Food vs Pop It Food!!!
Click that sky button give me a huge thumbs up today. You guys we are doing a real food versus fidget food to be more suspended cake. We are doing puppet food and you guys may have already noticed that i have some metal good tape on my forehead, so i got stitches and i got my scissors removed and you want to see how i got stitches thatll, be on our vlog channel like next Week, thats right, you guys and our vlog channel is called beyond family, so this is how it works were going to cover our eyes. Someone is going to place an object on the plate, cover it up, and then we both get to decide if we want to switch it or keep what we have and then we open it up and if its real food, we have to eat it. If its pop it, then we get to play with it lets do this all right. Girls. Are you ready? Yes, okay, trin, i have decided. I want to keep it your channel, okay, twins, gon na, keep it all right, ready in three two one madison. Can i take some ranch with that? Oh we didnt give you no ranch its just a carrot. Lets eat what theres a root in your mouth. Do you know the carrot is just a root. The whole carrot is just a root. Ew yeah, the whole thing is just a root. So what do you got train? I got a carrot.

Pocket carrot pop it. It has bunnies on it, bunnies on the carrot. Puppet look for sponge medicine. What do you think i was smelling french fries? Do you think those smell like french fries? Oh no! So everyone just you know trinity does not like carrots. Madison loves them. Im gon na put this right next to me, all right next set is ready, go ahead and uncover madison. It is your turn. So are you going to keep or switch? I think i want to switch switch. Okay, ah dont be touching dont, be touching all right here we go. Okay, uncover in three two one Music, all right, trin gets more poppets madisons got a whole thing of grapes. Are they good youre getting all the good stuff today, whoa whoa? What i think this is cheating, oh maxine, gets the push. Okay, all right, all right enough of that! No more sharing sheesh all right! You guys, i think, im winning this challenge so far. I love puppets all right, madison, no more for you. You almost ate that whole thing all right, next ones, all right girls, they are ready, uncover your eyes all right trinity. It is your turn. Do you want to pick it or and keep it or switch it? I want to switch all right go ahead and ill switch them for you, okay, ready in three two Applause: Music that has a face: ooh a face: popper and trim. What do you have a piece in the pod? A piece of the palm im gon na? Try opening it okay, try opening it ooh whats in there whats in there seeds.

Oh my goodness, what are those little things thats so weird? Oh man, theres seeds in here theres seeds, oh trenton, here we go. These ones have bigger seeds, oh im, ruining it im hungry. Okay. Here we go chin. These are some peas. All right can i just do one here. We just go like this and go. I just go here. Open your hand, youre, not eating thats. What you do and then you just eat it, no, its weird. Why do i need all of them all right, trin, look how small they are trend, theyre, just little peas, they taste really good and just think this is for youtube, ready, set big bite. The whole thing smell, like my tortoises: shes, probably not glad shes switched okay and three two one go um all right. Girls go ahead, all right open in your eyes max. If you want to keep it or switch, keep or switch switch switch. Okay. It smells like licorice, licorice and yours doesnt sit flat, so all right, ready in three two one i dont like them. I dont like them. Also, okay, you guys so far. I have gotten a carrot, a grape, and now i have a pineapple all puppets. Yes, have you gotten every papa so far, um yeah, really yeah im actually got pea its poppers puppet thats close enough all right, madison over here im popping. What do you think about this spiderman? Look, i had to cut it.

I tried pineapples, but i dont like them. Oh, but this one is a special pineapple. You know why here look. I already cut it for you. Look at that. No try it! Oh its better than normal. What do you think its good? What do you think yeah kind of you better take another sweet come on lets see if madison can like pineapples today, everybody its hard to eat when you dont have front teeth. No, that pie wasnt this good. My friend delaney is allergic to them, but she loves them. She loves them, but shes allergic. Oh all, right guys. Next, one all right. Girls uncover okay. Now girls, whose turn is it mine? Okay, trinity, have you noticed a theme about todays video? Yes, it is a poppet versus real, but real. What kind of food um vegetables and fruits fruit, fruits and vegetables so its like healthy food versus uh toys? I dont know all right so train your turn, keeping it or switching it im going to switch it all right. Lets switch them up. Are you guys ready, yeah, okay, ready in three two one strawberries? Oh, what do you think madison? What do you think was that good? Did you pick the biggest strawberry? Can you talk while you eat strawberries, all right trin? This is amazing. I love my strawberry. Have you gotten every puppet? So far, no madison has gotten the pizza. Besides the pea popper thing: yes, but all the regular like these pockets, you got them.

Okay and madison could care less Music. Hey. Did you bite your cheek? It looks like youre bleeding all outside your mouth, its all red. Look at this Music, all right. So i saw this on tick tock. If you take some water and you put a strawberry in it and you cover it with salt Music all right, we should start seeing little worms crawl out how weve seen worms girls, Music a few moments later all right. Well, nothing happened so i guess were safe to eat strawberries. Anyone want a saltwater strawberry. No okay, all right girls were ready, open your eyes. Okay, whose turn is it madison? Are you gon na switch? Are you going to keep keep youre gon na? Keep it all right, madison lets see what you have under door number one hey nelson finally got a popper madison. You finally got a piper. Does that mean i have a real turtle. What oh man should we open white dont? Even what is under door number two thats gorgeous arent, you, a cute little food dish. All right trim take a bite, no yeah ill lick. A shell, no dont need a lick, a shell that would be gross yeah, madison hows your turtle over there fun fun. Are you sorry hi guys if you have not met our pet tortoise? This is our pet tortoise sammy. He picked his name all by himself and he is a redfit tortoise because he has red scales on his feet and he has feet thats right, yep, fun fact.

All these dots are called combined, um thats, how big he was when he was a baby, all right girl. So who do you think won todays challenge? I got four puppets madison. Why do you think you won because i got a turtle, but i got more pockets. Yeah, but i have four because i got a turtle well, i actually have a real turtle and tortoise and she just has a piece of rubber, all right, so girls. So it was a real fruit. I guess in vegetable versus puffer, but we also through it yeah. Okay, guys, thanks for watching make sure you give me a huge thumbs up.