Austin, have you ever hated the fact that you have to have a big bulky, PC and just wan na game on the go, but laptops are still too big and bulky., So instead you have to come up with alternative., But a Switch can’t, play., PS, Vita Vita’s been dead for years. Smartphone, Who has smartphones these days. Tablet Tablet Never heard of it.. Instead, we have the GPD Win. 3. We’ve done many videos on these GPD products in the past. And to be fair, they’ve, always been very kind to us.. So this is a pre production unit.. They have sent us many pre production units in the past.. Take a look at it before it comes out right, So all of our videos on the GPD devices have to be given with a grain of salt. That this is not final hardware, not final software, developing et cetera right. So some of the bugginess has to be accepted.. This, though, in my limited time with it, has been more than a little buggy and I have some real concerns about it.. So the idea as Matt so eloquently put is that this is a full gaming PC in something that’s the size of a Switch Lite., Mind you. It is much thicker and heavier Matt. Yes, it is Austin Than a Switch Lite. heavy AF. Yup., Which at first I kinda liked., Austin No it’s way And then, after about five minutes of holding it I’m like quotOh, God no.

quot. So the main claim to fame here is that this is a full Windows. Pc and it has a sliding mechanism., So you have not only a keyboard which to be fair, is a touch keyboard.. It is not a physical clicking keyboard, which is unfortunate in my opinion. Let’s talk about the keyboard for a second. Because with GPD I don’t think we’ve ever seen the same keyboard, twice. ‘Cause, they all suck. Every one of these keyboards sucks.. So this is a pure touch, display right, Matt Yeah., So it is lit., But it is not good right. I mean it works, but it is not something that I would wan na regularly use.. Even though this is a PC. And to be fair, the controls that they have included are actually pretty nice.. You have the R2, the L2. You have the actual clicking sticks. D pad. Is nice like X Y, A B., Like all the buttons for gaming, feel good.? But the thing is this is a PC. And when you have to use the actual keyboard, I find it to be very annoying.. I usually use the onscreen keyboard, which is not what I should say about something like this. Yes., You just there’s, no feedback., And especially when it comes to like pressing the shift button and seeing if you can actually type. It’s very strange.. I don’t have particularly big hands but, like I can’t comfortably, even like I ha like coughing, if you look here, if I’m holding the thing like, I should be.

, How did you not stop? I almost died. somber music Tea, went down the wrong hole. So like when you’re tryna type, with caps all right shift on one side. But like. If I have to do like a capital, A like my last name shift and then I actually like Yeah Yeah. It’s bad. It’s, not a good layout. I’ll, give them a little bit of credit, because obviously this keyboard is a fraction of the size of a real Laptop. Let’s for minute.. There are certainly some issues with this that we’re gon na talk about in a minute., But let’s talk about some of the good stuff, because there are some interesting things: here. Best thing about it: analog triggers., Austin. Yes, so the triggers are actually fully analog, which is especially important if you’re playing like a racing game or something. There’s a lot of other things.. So this is relatively powerful., So it is based on the 11th gen Core i5 and i7 processors. More than powerful enough for gaming.. In fact, actually I would say this is almost slightly overpowered for the 720p 60 display right. This is a, I would say slightly below average panel and 720p is a very low resolution., But you’ve got plenty of game power. And importantly, it also has a Thunderbolt 4 port, which means that you can plug it in to an external GPU., But does it Yeah Of course it does Matt., But how would you not know that All right.

, So in doing some testing with this I tested out the Thunderbolt port. And plugging it into just a regular Thunderbolt dock.? So this was not a GPU. This was just you know, monitor mouse keyboard whatever.. It worked fine, great good. Okay., So we try to install drivers for Nvidia and we got that it just straight up: won’t work.. So at so first things. First, it would say: quotThese drivers are not compatible with this version of Windowsquot, which was unfortunate., But then just tryna do even the G Force experience. It actually dis like hard disabled, the touch screen. And we had to Pre production. I guess. It’s look I. okay. ‘Cause going along the lines of ports., So it’s got the Thunderbolt 4 port and one USB A port. Which is very nice to have. laughs Again.. We were gon na. We were plugging the capture card to get some game footage of this. Plugging in the capture card, freaked out the keyboard., And so it was just auto typing, a bunch of numbers as long as anything was plugged into that USB, A port. Okay, I hear you there. There are certainly things that hopefully will be ironed out by the time this actually ships and when it goes on sale and whatnot., But there are still good things here right, So it’s got a pretty chunky, battery. Matt, So they say it’s about on gaming. Two to three hours of gaming. Austin, Oh it’s, only two to three hours, really Matt Yeah, so.

, Ooh that’s, actually not great.. Now I know you can turn the TDP down to the chip.. Okay, look here’s the deal right. This is a good idea.. This is probably one of the better GPD Win devices. We’Ve tried.. It still feels like it misses in a few ways.. This is not super comfortable right, So, while yes, it fits decently. In my hand, the weight is extreme.. So for reference. This is what an Xbox series X controller weighs 287 grams.. This is what the GPD weighs. 559 grams.. It is well over double the weight of a controller which I think is pretty comfortable to use for a daily sort of basis.. There are laptops the way almost as much as this right, And this is tiny. Like it is so dense.. I don’t like the way that the grips are either.. It feels like it’s, not quite like Matt It’s, not Austin. My hands have to wrap a little bit. Matt Yeah it’s, not fully ergonomic.. I love that GPD keeps trying and refining.. I love everything that GPD is doing. But I’m, hoping to take the feedback that we give of saying this is too heavy. This is or these ergonomics. And they continue it like ’cause, I have the Two. Yeah., The Two. This is miles better than the Two.. The good thing is, this is probably their better design. Right. The sliding mechanism feels good., But it looks very similar, All right. To one of our favorite devices of all time.

Austin, The Vaio.. This is from what 2004, I believe, Almost the same thing. Windows, XP will give you a good sense for how old this thing, is. Matt Squeeze these side by side. Very similar, very similar. Matt. I mean just look at that.. Well, I think the concept for the GPD is that this is one device that you can use while you’re out and about you’re playing your games. You’Re doing your thing., You come home, you drop it on your dock. You plug it into your monitor your mouse. Your keyboard, whatever the case is. And boom you’ve, got yourself a gaming PC., Keep in mind that this is a really quite powerful device right Out of all the issues we have with it. Power is not one.. This is again. This is more powerful than a lot of your PCs. One issue, though, that I will say with all this power. Can you hear this That’s the quietest I’ve ever heard it.. It is literally just about to load the game., It gets. It’s loud and hot.. Yes, so I played a little bit of quotMinecraft Dungeonsquot on this now again, not a super demanding game. And after about 10 minutes, it was uncomfortable to hold with how hot it was. Yeah. Here’s the thing right, We’re gon na continue playing with this. We’re gon na You know We’ll get updates and the final hardware will be better et cetera. Like if you put a lot of that stuff away.

Who is this for right? Because it is a decent, portable, gaming, PC. But decent? I think it still has some pretty major compromises. Yeah, and so I was playing through quotOverwatchquot, which it played: okay at low settings., That’s, a pretty low bar., And then, on top of that, you hear it. The fan, ramping up.. It still gets warm. It’s. Only two. Three hours of battery life on it. There’s, a like my overall thought of this – is it’s a really cool, device. Yeah., And you know what I would probably use this like crazy to play like emulate a Game Boy games or something like that.. But you can do that on your phone.. I could do that on my phone. Yeah., But I like the physical buttons., Yeah it’s just. It’s like. Is it better to get like a Razer Kishi on your phone? I don’t know like again. I love that GPD is doing these things., But right now with what we have here. This is the best version of something like this that we’ve ever seen., But I just don’t think., I actually disagree. We’ve, seen better versions of this.. In fact, we saw at last year’s CES. Dell brought out a thing, Matt Yeah. Austin, Or it was an Alienware concept. That was similar to this, except it was thinner.. It had like detachable like Switch like controllers.. The problem is a concept right. Other companies have dabbled with this, because the idea of the Core i5’s and the Ryzens of the world, you can get them in low enough like wattages, that they will fit in a form factor like this.

They’re, always gon na be warm right. But if you maybe put a little bit more R and D behind it, you might be able to get something which is a little bit thinner, a little bit more kinda custom tailored., And with that you can actually do real gaming.. You have Thunderbolt, you have a lot of the expansion options., But you got ta like …. Matt Lenovo has one that just they just not released but like they showed off for CES. Same thing, though it’s a concept. And obviously Dell and Lenovo are much bigger companies than GPD.. So like this, I like. I truly think that this is the best that they can do with the company of their size. Yeah., And I think they’ve done an amazing job. Getting to this point. It’s more a matter of is the technology ready to be in this form factor That’s a great question.. The thing is: it’s too heavy too loud, too hot. And honestly, not incredibly comfortable to play as a portable console right, Which is really the only advantage. The only thing like real claim to fame here. Now, if it were one or two of those things that would be fine right If it’s, really loud, I’ll put headphones on. And to be fair, you can turn the TDP down. If you don’t mind sacrificing some performance. But., Which, on the display, is fine, If you’re at 720 low, how much lower can you actually get It’s just it’s a product that like has a clear, market.

, There’s, a lot of people who would like something like this.? You look at this. You look at the photos, you look at the articles, you look at the specs, it seems great., But the thing is you put all that together in a real package and pre production or not, I think there are major limitations. And I don’t wan na come off As too harsh., But when a product is so single minded in its purpose and it does not deliver well on that purpose, it is a very hard recommendation. And yeah, and so again I I don’t think GPD did anything wrong here.. I just I don’t. I think that. Well it’s too thick and too loud and too heavy., So there’s single fan in the back.. My fingers literally cover the actual vents., So like the like, this is that’s just the problem. There is just physical space., So when you have something that powerful you need to like. Obviously this even the Switch gets hot. So like and that’s the Switch is how much, how many factors less powerful than this Significantly yeah of course. I’m, just realizing something.. What settings is this running at 720p medium., You know what, For as hot and as loud as this thing is the performance actually isn’t? What I had expected., Like I don’t know, if you can see on the actual feed., Look how blurry the wheel is. Look, how blurry Matt Yeah it’s, that’s, it’s, all being reconstructed.

And that’s. Why, like it was fine with quotOverwatchquot, which already has like kinda cartoony. Austin. Look at that look at the car look. The car literally looks like it’s Matt It’s blurry yeah. Austin It’s, like 240p. Austin It’s, like Vaseline on the You can see like the stifling. Look. I it’s not there. This ain’t it chief. Again. I like and it’s funny because Linus loved, it. Yeah. And I don’t know whether he la he just loves the idea of it. Yeah., But it’s I mean having played with it for a little while I just like I love the idea.. I want more of these.. I want GPD to keep doing what they’re doing but it’s hard. I mean again. We can’t, we can’t, really say: go buy this. for nine out of 10 people., I would say even 99 out of 100 people. We can’t say this for it. It’s, just tough to recommend., But I’m very curious. What do you think about the GPD Win 3., And what do you think about these very portable gaming, PCs that try to do everything? Let us know in the comments below., As always, make sure to subscribe and ring a ding, the ling, a ling, bell., The ring, a ding, the ling, the ring rind, the ring, the bell whatever. Anyway. Thank you very much for watching. And until the next time we slander a brand new product for minutes at a time.