We’Re first going to have a look at this really nice beautiful, pc, monitor. It is a 23.8 inch display with a 90 screen to body ratio. It does support a 16 to 9 aspect ratio with an ips anti glare display experience, making the visual experience a little bit more beautiful and a little bit more easier to actually visually experience. Additionally, on top of that, it does have 60 hertz refresh rate and has a dedicated eye comfort mode, which is safety certified by tuv, which means that you can utilize this desktop for a very long period of time and use the screen for a very long period. Of time without it actually causing any kind of impact on your eyesight so now i’m going to take a look at the tower. That comes with the huawei mate station s, and this is actually a really cool tower now, before we get to get into the detail of the huawei mate station s tower, i should let you know that the industry standard for towers today is approximately 6 kgs in Weight, and what really surprised me when i pulled this product out of the box, was the fact that the tower was actually quite light because it weighs only 4.2 kgs. Additionally, on the front of the tower, has this really really beautiful, star trail design, which looks beautiful but it’s also quite intelligent as well, because huawei’s built in this really cool air intake experience on the front here, allowing the product to stay really nice and cool? Even when it’s under high performance or completing high performance tasks, additionally on the front, you’ve got a 3.

5 millimeter jack, a usb jack and also a type c usb jack as well. So you’ve got some additional ports here on the front flipping around the tower. We’Ve got a lot of ports on the back, so let me quickly go through what’s available. We’Ve got four times usb a type ports on the back of the product. Additionally, you’ve got your hdmi input, your vga input and a com port on the top. Here you can see three different colored input. Jacks one is for a microphone and one is for audio in and another one is for audio out. Last but not least, we’ve also got the rj45 input here as well, allowing you to directly connect into one of our latest huawei wi fi routers. Now, whilst the performance and the power of the tower is actually really impressive, a lot of desktop users also consider whether they can actually make modifications to the tower itself, and we do actually have some available expansion slots inside the tower, including a pcie 16 slot. A pci one slot for sound an additional slot for additional graphics experience and also a dedicated sato expansion slot as well, so that you can increase the hdd or the ssd. Now, with all desktop computers. It’S really important that you take a quick look at the connectivity experience, because, when you’re connecting to other products or a wireless network, you want to make sure that the desktop that you’re buying supports the latest technology.

Now, the following station s does support 2×2 mimo for wi fi, allowing you for a faster connectivity experience and in addition, it does have the latest bluetooth 5.0, allowing you to seamlessly connect into a multitude of other devices and transfer files between devices quite easily as well. So now we’re going to take a look at the really nice super slim keyboard that comes in the box with the highwaymate station s now, what’s really nice about this. Actually it’s made with a metal cover or a metal finish, which makes it look really really premium. It is super super slim you’ll notice that the keys are actually really nicely distant, because the distance is 2.5 millimeters, allowing for a really nice ergonomic experience when typing and we’re, also using kind of like a scissor press down experience when pressing keys that allow for really Nice smooth input when you’re typing as well on top of that we’ve got a fingerprint wake to unlock key here, which you can automatically set up. Your fingerprint press that it’ll wake up the display and directly unlock the display for you and on here on the right shift. Key we’ve got a dedicated huawei share button as well. You can press that and instantaneously connect your huawei mate station s with a huawei pc, huawei tablet, huawei smartphone and transfer files seriously between all of those devices as well. Now one of the benefits on the keyboard itself is the fact that you can instantaneously connect your smartphone, your huawei smartphone to the pc, monitor, and all you have to do is pull out your huawei smartphone and simply just place it here where the huawei share.

Icon is and you’ll get this really cool display here that it says yes, i want to connect in to the pc monitor directly now some benefits of this experience number one. You can seamlessly transfer photos from your phone directly to your main station s, pc, monitor and then you can open that photo up and start editing in photoshop directly. You can also open up a video like netflix or any kind of streaming service on your huawei smartphone and have that automatically pop up on your screen on your monitor and continuing watching that movie in the big screen on the big screen, which is really cool. Last. But not least, if you want to play mobile games, you can actually directly open up the game on your smartphone and have that actually play directly on the pc monitor again bringing to life a much larger screen. Experience for all of your entertainment usage needs. So, in summary, this is the huawei mate station s. Now, looking back the main station s with the the actual pc monitor, brings to life a key advantage for consumers, which is the fact that it delivers the eye comfort mode, which is safety certified by tuv when using a desktop computer, whether it’s for office or entertainment. If you’re using it for a long period of time, it’s really important that you take care of your eyes and eye comfort mode will ensure that your eyes don’t suffer any additional harm when utilizing the screen for longer periods of time.

Next up, we’re going to take a look at the advantages and the key benefits of the tower itself. Not only does it look beautiful, but it does have that really cool wind valley, cooling system and also offers that sleek conducive environment noise control as well by outputting. A really quiet noise from the back of the product now also, in addition, it is very, very light and also incredibly thin here. I’Ve got the mate 40 pro and you can see how thin that tower is in comparison to the phone, which is pretty cool. Last but not least, we’ve got this really really nice slim metal keyboard and the r d guys have told us that they spent a lot of money designing this so that it was a really beautiful experience. It’S got the integrated fingerprint power to wake to unlock experience, and then you’ve also got this shift key here with the huawei share integrated in there as well, allowing you to seamlessly connect in your huawei smartphone tablet or other products to your huawei mate station s that’s. It for the summary of the may station s, video, i’m, rob and we’ll see you next time, Music, the actual station and the first step. Is you want to place that nicely on the top? First, like this, okay, i need to start Applause so now that you’ve actually screwed in the mounting base station and the mounting pole, all you need to do then, is actually pick up.

The laptop is clip in like this and push down. Yeah doesn’t push it okay and then boom on the back and go okay. So now we’ve set this beautiful piecing action. So taking a look at this really really beautiful, cheating experience. Sorry, i need to do that again here: we’re actually using the amd 5600 for threads and it does support 65 watt tpd tpd tpd now with any desktop computer you’re, also going to consider whether they are you know, there’s.