What do i think about it after month now? This is actually my third video about having this particular laptop. I actually did one where kind of unboxing and just kind of mess around with it. I didn’t, where i tried to figure out the operating system itself. I’Ll leave links for those in the description below you guys really seem to enjoy those, especially when i justine dropped by unexpectedly. Listen at the end of the day. Those two videos are great. I think if you want to have some fun make sure you check those out, but i want to tell you about what i think about acting actually having this for a month using it and kind of giving you my final thoughts on it. Like? Is this something that you should get? Is it something that i should have got that’s, actually a really complicated answer, or maybe it isn’t, but i’ll tell you all about it right after this Music, what up players welcome back and for all you new people welcome? My name is travis and i do tech videos every single week and have a blast doing what that sounds like fun to you, sit back, relax and enjoy the video anything i talk about will be in the description below, but for now let’s just get into the Video we’re about ready to hit a nice subscriber goal so let’s go ahead and hit that subscribe button at the bottom here. Let’S get us to that next goal, because you know we gon na party, we don’t we’re gon na party like it’s on sale for 19.

99. The macbook air – this is the laptop that didn’t always have the best reputation, at least the ones that came out before. But when the m1 chip was introduced and they put it into a macbook air, it became one of the most recommended laptops in the last couple of months now, there’s a tremendous amount of reasons for that i’ll talk a little bit about it. In my experience with that as well, but the reality is this: this was not a very popular laptop, at least among tech reviewers, until the m1 chip was put into it, which is why i purchased it all of those reviews kept gushing over and talking about how Amazing, it was, and, as someone who’s used a lot of windows laptops, i was kind of curious what it was like to have a macbook, so i decided to get one now. Primarily. I was going to use this for video editing. I currently video edit, or at least have been video editing for the last year and a half on my ipad pro and that’s been an amazing amazing scenario. For me very quick, very fast, i love it, but i also want to be able to grow into editing using final cut and that’s only on a mac of some sort either be uh like an imac or a macbook here, and knowing that the m1 would actually Be able to handle 4k footage super easily, it just seemed to make sense and battery life promises.

Also sound, pretty good. I just figured i’d try something new and share that experience with you guys and you guys the guys really seemed to like those videos when i did that. But there’s been a lot been going on since that. First, those first couple videos – and i just want to share some of the things that i found as a windows user using a macbook number one for me. Uh finding things sometimes can be difficult on this thing. Obviously, the file structure is different and, while not everything is bad, there is something called a finder when you’re used to looking for things just by hitting the windows button on a windows laptop or computer and typing in what exactly you need it just i don’t know It comes second nature: um it’s, not that difficult to find things on a macbook, but, for example, when i want to find my network, like my network drive on this thing, bro, i spent like 10 minutes looking for that thing the other day and the only way I could figure out how to get to it was by opening up final cut because there’s a way you can import stuff it’s a little ridiculous. Now, yes, are there ways of perhaps putting a drive on your desktop sure, i’m. Sure people in this video are going to go down the comments below and tell me exactly how to do it and that’s fine, but the reality is is i’m coming over from windows and it just wasn’t intuitive for me and the reason why that’s important is because For the first time ever, a macbook is actually being promoted by a lot of tech reviewers as the laptop to buy over almost anything else, battery life power performance.

Everything about this thing makes you say: hey for a thousand bucks or sometimes less, depending on how you get it. This is the laptop to beat so for me, coming from windows, things like being able to find my network drives and and kind of understanding what the file structure was is still something that i struggle with too today. Now i don’t use this every single day. I do use it for my video editing and then occasional browsing and that’s been pretty good, but there’s some caveats with that as well. But let me just continue on with the other things closing windows that don’t necessarily close. The program like i don’t – i don’t, understand this at all. First of all, let’s start with closing windows: i’m used to closing windows using the top right uh x on any windows based machine. You know the minimize close there’s, nothing right inside everything’s. On the left hand, side, okay, you got to think different, i suppose, but again coming from windows, it’s just it’s. So weird to me now this again is a problem as far as i’m concerned is because you’re going to have a lot of people trying a mac for the first time and trying to get over these little humps. In my estimation is a bit of a pain but again okay, it’s a small thing. But why is it when i hit the x that that doesn’t necessarily close the program like what? What like there’s a minimize button and then there’s like an x and the x doesn’t necessarily close the program, what the heck is the x for? Why tell me in the comments i know: you’re gon na have a good explanation for this, but when i hit the x i want the program to go away out of ram out of everything like go away downloading, and installing programs is a little different too.

You actually saw me do this in one of my videos earlier and the you know, dragging it over to the app folder thing as part of an install process still seems kind of weird to me, but it does work once you get used to it once you Understand what’s going on, i suppose that’s okay, again mac. Does things different and that’s fine there’s, nothing wrong with that, but it is a bit of a barrier when you’re coming from windows. I wonder if it would make sense for apple to have some type of like. I don’t know white glove way to get someone who’s from windows into mac os like maybe something that pops and goes hey if, if you’re, if you’re coming over from windows, do these things, because i believe they’re actually going to sell a bunch of these to people. Who’Ve never had macintoshes before of any kind. Now, one of the main reasons i bought this was to be able to edit my videos here on my channel and using final cut’s, been really interesting, now, i’m still substantially slower on final cut than i am on lumafusion, which is on my ipad now. Luckily, with the m1, i can use lumafusion an ipad app here on my on my um laptop but i’m, not going to do that because for me doing it on the ipad, just is better with the touch. Having said that, uh this isn’t exactly the experience i was expecting for one rendering the files and uh actually exporting them isn’t any faster really than my ipad.

Pro is actually expecting this to be faster. It’S fast don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t appear to be any faster, plus it’s, a little bit more complicated and i’m much slower in final cut. So from that perspective it hasn’t really been worth me transitioning over and, in addition, final cut does something really weird. Now, when i import a file from my camera into like my ipad, let’s, say it’s 10 gigs and then i edit the file, and i render it out. My final final thing might be like two or three gigs, my final video right, because the video that i shoot is longer than the video that you guys and gal see final cut. Does all these special things by default so that when i import a 10 gig file, i have a project file that’s over 100 gigs. Now i have a 256 gig hard drive. That means i can essentially get one full edit in on this thing before it goes ham shout out to renee richie, who told me how to turn off those settings to make these extra files, but the m1 doesn’t need that, like the m1 doesn’t need all of These extra proxy files and such to make it run better that’s. Actually, the whole purpose of me buying this it’s, also one of the purposes for me not buying a larger hard drive, because i just figured i’m only going to do a couple of small programs at a time.

Imagine my shock when i’ve done one single project and it’s almost 200 gigs of video footage it’s. I don’t like that. Now you can say that’s the program’s fault or that’s some settings, you can change, and that is true but again it’s an experience. I had my first time through so it did cloud my experience. I have since changed those settings it’s much more reasonable now, but still the problem means it’s, no more efficient, at least for me currently than using lumafusion in the future. I may grow into it. We’Ll see now, fortunately, for huge files. There is clean, my mac x, which absolutely helped me out. Thank them for sponsoring this video. Let me tell you exactly how they’re going to help you as well save on those extra big files on your macbooks clean. My mac x is an all in one cleaning and optimizing software for your mac. It gives your system a scan to detect outdated junk files and lets you see exactly what takes valuable space by building a virtual map of your mac storage. Called space lens cleanline mac x is more than just a mac cleaner. It doesn’t show you the files, you already know you have it deep scans, your mac for temporary files and app leftovers, that aren’t so easy to find manually clean. My mac x is created to help users manage their free space more effectively. The system junk feature detects old user and cache files that are no longer needed lets you delete them clean.

My mac x recently rolled out native support for the apple silicon max and got an entirely fresh new look download a free trial in the link below and thanks to cleanmymacx for sponsoring this video. Now the touchpad on this thing is actually really good, but i ended up buying uh one of my favorite mice, of all time, the mx master 3.. This is a ridiculously good mouse, no matter what kind of computer you have, whether it be windows or mac or whatever you definitely should pick up. One of these i’ll probably leave a link in the description below uh. This thing is amazing, just incredible, but really you almost don’t need it with this thing, the touchpad on a laptop generally speaking, unless you’re spending a lot of money is trash, but on this thing, it’s really good and there’s, even some gestures and some other cool things. You can do with it, i got ta say i was pleasantly surprised by that had no expectations that the touchpad would be something i would ever want to use, but it’s kind of nice now, i’m sure if you’ve been watching youtube videos. You know about the ssd issue with these because it uses a kind of universal ram. I have 16 gigs of ram on here. Where um you know, it’s sharing the ram and then, when you run out of ram, you use your ssd. Listen. I’M, not worried about that. If you continue to look into that problem, what you will find is it’s kind of overblown.

There were a couple of reports earlier that said that you’re going to run through your ssd quicker than you would any other laptop, because mac os is, is using your ssd. Listen if you, if you really do the the research, if you’re using your laptop a lot, and i mean a lot every single day, you may see an issue eight or nine years from now. If you don’t believe me, i mean really look up the information it’s out there, it’s, not really a problem and considering i don’t even use this thing every day, there’s no way i’m going to go through my ssd on this thing, long before i’m, ready to upgrade To the next version of this, if i decide to do that now, while it is cool that it has two usb c ports, that’s the only thing it has and at first i wasn’t sure, if it would bother me, i did buy a little dongle that i Can use with this thing and that’s kind of a pain in the butt i’m? Not gon na lie um. I i too now i’m on board with putting more ports on this thing. You have a laptop to take a place. You don’t have to bring a dongle as well, especially me when i use us my sd cards out of my camera. I don’t want to have to bring a dongle out too, to put it in here to edit. I don’t want to do all that apple.

Come on the battery life is, of course, really good and for a laptop it’s excellent and for our laptop at this price point i ran around a thousand dollars or a little bit more with 16 gigs of ram it’s really really good, like i’ve had a lot Of laptops that have been of different prices, and rarely do they get the battery life of this like now again when i’m, renting i’m, mostly using this to edit my videos so i’m doing 4k footage pretty much the entire time. This thing is on whenever it’s on and i can do multiple videos, three or four videos like that at a time, there’s, no way, i would be able to do that on a windows based laptop around this price point or cheaper it’s, just there’s, just not a Battery life to them it’s just there just isn’t now, of course, if you’re in the apple ecosystem, there’s a bunch of things, you can do as well. I actually made a video about that i’ll make sure to leave a link in the description or on the end screen or something make sure you watch that video, because it is kind of a problem to be locked in the apple ecosystem. But when you start adding more and more hardware to it, it just sinks you in even more – and it just becomes more of a pleasure to use so in some ways when you’re buying a macbook – and you already have like an iphone or something the value kind Of increases even more so the deeper you get into the ecosystem, at least in my estimation.

Having said all that, if i were to say that i would trade or sell my ipad pro just to have one of these, i i don’t know that i i don’t know that i want to do that because, to be honest, like the main reasons i use My ipad pro for video, editing and occasional surfing, not very much but mostly video, editing, um aren’t terribly better on here now it is true. I will be able to grow into final cut pro and be able to do more as time goes on, but for the here and now i didn’t – i probably shouldn’t – have bought this. I i don’t, i don’t think i needed this. Having said that, if someone were to ask me, is it a good buy, especially for someone who needs a new laptop? I would say absolutely yes. Now, the big difference is windows versus mac os. If you are a big gamer play a lot of games. This is just not the the laptop for you, i mean let’s be real. While there are ways to play games on this it’s, not what you’re looking for, but for so many people, so many people. This is literally the laptop you need. It really is a great deal, a great value performs really excellently and the operating system, despite some of the things that i’m not super excited about, is still really good, so weirdly, even though i don’t need this, and if i had to do it over again, i May not buy it um i don’t necessarily want to get rid of it, and certainly if someone again asked me to recommend it, i totally would but tell me if you’re looking for a new laptop, what kind of laptop are you looking for leave me a comment Below i’m, just going to tell you, try out a macbook air, go to one of the apple stores and check it out.

It’S, actually, pretty cool. Have some other videos right here and here make sure you check them out and i’ll see you next time.