The best tablet out there i used to say i like my phone’s android and my tablet’s ipad, because i wanted the best of both worlds and then i started getting an ipad pro, because i was editing videos for this channel. It actually worked out better for me than even a desktop pc, so i got the better version of the ipad and i was off to the races. Then i decided well, let me try an iphone just because you know i’m a youtuber and i want to check it out. They made some good iphones, so i started with the 11 pro max and up here with the 12 pro max, but that’s as far as i’m going i’m never going to go any further. Why would i do that? Phone is fine? I was using the ipad before. I even had a youtube channel. No big deal never get anything like an apple watch, but i you know, i used to use samsung’s smart watches all the time. So, of course i wanted something like that, and so i ended up getting one of those. But there was no way in the world. I was ever going to get airpod pros. Those things are trash and are way too expensive. Anyway. I wasn’t too worried about becoming an apple sheet, because ultimately, a macbook was way too expensive and there’s. No reason for me to get one: why would i need one um see what what happened was well.

Let me just explain it to you right after this Music, what up players welcome back and for all you new people welcome my name’s travis and i do tech videos every single week and have a blast doing if that sounds like fun, to use, sit back, relax And enjoy the video anything i talk about will be in the description below, but for now let’s just get into the video, inevitably someone’s, probably gon na call me an apple sheep in the comments so i’ll just i’ll get ahead of you for that i’m being an Apple sheep right now it is, it is what it is. I mean i have all the all the apple things. It is what it is. I mean okay, but the reason that i bought this is simple. Actually, i wanted to replace my ipad pro as an editing device, not because it’s, not good, it’s, actually excellent, but once i started hearing about the performance of the m1 series of laptops, i decided i should probably try one now: i’ve never owned one before i’ve never Used a mac laptop before i don’t know how any of it works. I don’t know how the operating system works, so you are going to come along with me as i open as i open up this m1 macbook for the very first time and try to use it a little bit or actually i’m just going to give you my Impressions of kind of using the first aspects of it i’m going to do a full video of me tripping around the operating system and trying to figure out.

If i can use this thing regularly in another video, so make sure you subscribe for that because i’m sure that one’s going to be interesting, but in the meantime i’m not going to open this here, while i’m standing i’m going to go sit down somewhere, let’s let’s Get comfortable and let’s open up the macbook air, the m1 version. What have i gotten myself into? Okay? Here? We are in the most complicated setup. I think i’ve ever done i’m a little bit intimidated by this. I hope i get this right anyway. Here’S, the macbook air again i’ve, never owned a macbook of any sort, i’ve actually owned, one mac ever and that was used in the 90s. So i don’t know if that even really counts, there’s. Nothing like this at all. I haven’t really touched them back in forever. Haven’T touched mac os at all and, as a matter of fact, i’m actually doing a completely different video, where i try to figure out how to use the software on this thing in a different video, i just figure. This will be more of just getting used to the uh, macbook air and then we’ll see what happens so anyway. Let’S open it up, of course, the nice and easy plastic, because whenever this this never works out for me all right. There we go off very nice plus i also like the kind of the style of the air. So here we go, and hopefully this will replace my ipad pro as an editing – oh that’s, nice, it’s, nice and thin.

It actually feels lighter than my ipad pro 12.9 with magic keyboard, so let’s bring that in i mean this thing just feels heavier. It always has really nice. I got the silver, of course. We get one cord and a power brick. We get a power brick with the laptop and not the phones, that’s that’s, fine by me, because it’s a laptop anyway, all right, so the macbook air here let’s take this part off now: i’m. Not ever really going to take this anywhere. At least i don’t think so, but i decided to get some protection for it. I actually got a case for it. I got two different ones. This one’s, a navy blue i’ll, leave a link in the description and i have another one that actually also has covers. The keyboard itself, so this will go on the bottom. I like the silver, but i love blue, more so that’s there and then the top goes like so and now i have a blue macbook air boom that actually looks kind of nice with the uh. Look at that it’s kind of nice, all right, so let’s open it up. Let’S see what happens open it up. Take this little thing off. Oh, when it starts up baby let’s go okay, i’m doing english. I want to hit the touch pad. I want to be like a touch pad. Oh this is nice english, okay, let’s put it let’s for giggles let’s, select united states let’s just try that i’m.

You know just a troll see what happens. That’S a nice little push. I like that accessibility. Well, i got some vision, problems, motor hearing cognitive. I got some cognitive bro. I got some cognitive problems i’m telling you but let’s not go into that right now, not now i’m gon na get my wii fee set up i’m gon na show you exactly what my password is all right. I hope you got that um all right, let’s see what happens hit that see if we can connect to my wi fi’s. I do like it so far, though it’s uh, the screen is really nice. It’S a nice screen – and i don’t particularly care for uh laptop screens, are not usually all that great but uh. This is a nice screen and i like that blue back that’s nice. This is taking a long time to get on the wi fi apple. What what’s going on? Okay, there we go they’re in privacy, we’ll continue past that and i don’t again i don’t really know exactly what’s going to happen i’m going to do not now. I don’t want to migrate anything and then i’m going to sign in. If you want to see what my sign in is i’m gon na, let you see that right now. Did you see that and just for giggles i’m gon na show you my password uh? Oh, i think i forgot my password hold on now. Of course, if you’re smart, you have some type of secondary uh authentication, which of course i do okay, i’m gon na agree to give away all my babies to apple.

Remember from this point forward and let’s see now again, i’ve been using windows forever and a day. I don’t know what’s going to happen next um, so let’s see what is my password going to be. I don’t know how about uh i don’t know let’s see let’s create my computer account so there’s a separate account from like my my apple account is using my iphone and ipads from my apple okay. I don’t understand by the way the battery is completely charged. That’S. Pretty amazing i’m amazed by this. I think, that’s, amazing, that this thing is charged all the way up. That’S amazing. All right, i keep wanting to touch the screen like it’s touch screen i’ve been using my ipad for so long, and i don’t really use laptops. I use a desktop, but you don’t really think to use a touchscreen on that. So when i’m set up like this, especially when you consider that essentially my ipad pro with keyboard is basically like a laptop and i’m used to touching the screen. My i want to touch the screen. All right here comes icloud now i don’t know what’s going to happen. Next, i wonder, are all my apps going to be installed on this thing. I don’t know because i know this now runs with the m1 chip ipad apps. So i’m kind of curious icloud is setting up and this part might take forever. I don’t know, hopefully it doesn’t take forever.

Ladies and gentlemen, what the hell’s going on okay, this takes apple. You take a long time that much i can tell you for sure. Also i’m going to be using final cut pro um, which i’ll have to download. I actually already bought it. I need to figure out how to download it and stuff uh, but i’ll do that, maybe in the other video, oh siri’s on here, yay, hey siri! Oh, i guess i’m supposed to click: hey siri that worked hey siri, open the documents; folder i’ll! Never do that! Hey siri show me my downloads, all the stuff i shouldn’t be showing people hey. Siri show me. Interestingly, my phone never went off even though it’s right over here, and it is hey, siri, ready, hey, siri. What time is it and it doesn’t work that’s? Why no one uses siri all right touch id? Yes, i will put touch id there’s a touch id all right. It is weird for me to i mean i’ve, never used a fingerprint sensor on a laptop before so this is kind of strange to me. It says it’s ready but that’s kind of dope. Why not? Oh i’m, not gon na ever use apple pay. No, no! No! No! Why all this takes. I thought the m1 was fast. Nothing about this is fast. Oh apple, car take a picture with me: hi hi, no, okay, also um. I should probably mention, since this thing only has two usbc ports.

I got this little adapter, which is kind of cool it’ll break out into um into what is it uh? So a couple of uh usbs, my micro sd card slot, a couple more usb cs and stuff, so uh looking forward to using this. Actually i can plug this in right now, let’s see where does it go over here? On the left hand, side on the side that i wouldn’t think to use now with this case on, will it work? Yes, it does it. I mean it sits out because the case is in the way, so i might got to take the bottom part of the case off well that okay i’ve been foiled by my own smartness. All right! Well, i’ll! Do that later, okay we’re, going to continue again with apple pay, which i don’t really want, continue choose your look. I definitely want dark mode. I could do. I could do auto, but dark mode, dark mode, all the things. Okay, dark mode. All the things true tone see without true tone: oh yeah see now the problem with true tone is it’ll it when i’m doing video, editing and stuff, which is what i’m going to be using this for primarily um it’ll make the the the actual i don’t want. True tone on because it’ll mess up my editing, because the color will be wrong: okay, so mac os. Now it took a little while, but i don’t think that took any longer than like a window setup.

I mean wow, look at that as i go faster. The the mouse could be by the way i’m also going to be using a logitech mouse, but it’s somewhere over there, and i don’t really want to set it up at this moment. That’Ll be the next thing, so just trying to figure out how this works i’m. Actually going to use um another video to really dive into the software itself, so make sure you subscribe. If you want to see that video, because i’m only going to just do some very, very cursory stuff matter of fact, i got ta figure what’s. The first thing i should do – maybe i should go to – let me go to youtube first safari: okay, that’s what’s up let’s go to all right youtube. What up fam do you want 1440p i’ve actually already seen this? How do i get past this travis whoa it’s me justine, i justine what bro this is. Is this? How apple works you can you get? I just eat straight up. If you get buy a new mac, that’s amazing that’s, awesome what’s, going on travis, hey that’s rude! This isn’t a live video. This is me i’m, a human i’m justine. I justine this is the virtual mac depot you uh did you need something? Did you need some assistance with something? Did i hear that you just got a mac? Oh sorry, about that. I was just trying to fast forward.

I didn’t know you were actually gon na, be that’s, amazing, that’s, so dope, uh what’s. The first thing i should do with this thing. I just got a macbook air m1 what’s. The first thing i should do i don’t know: let me just take your name and your number, your email, okay great. So this is your first time getting a mac. We don’t typically do like tech support, type things or give kind of like tutorials or tips, but since it’s you and you’re incredible i’m going to talk to my manager and we’re going to get this all figured out. Don’T worry about it. This is going to be just great, so your first question was: you wanted to know what to do with your macbook that you just got well, you could maybe put some stickers on it. Add a little flare, uh, okay, all right uh. But what if i don’t want to do that what’s? The second thing i should do with the macbook okay. So since you’re kind of actually looking for some tips, i would say just be patient because you know the transition over from windows to mac. It might be a little bit confusing at first but that’s, because the mac is so intuitive that you might not be used to just things like working perfectly. You know Applause. I know you are actually looking for some real mac tips, but i think the one thing that i can offer you, as a suggestion, is just to be patient.

One of the things that i love so much about the mac operating system, though, is how intuitive it is, and with this latest big sur update and with the m1 chip, which i see that you also have you’re going to be so impressed with the speed and The ability to edit oh wait, you are just starting with a final cut twos i feel like we’re gon na need to get used to final cut tips. Okay, here’s! What i’ve got for you ah check your email i’m, going to send you a redemption code for a final cut tutorial that i did so, if you’d like to check that out, i’ve got tons of tips for you and it’ll basically teach you start to finish everything That you need to know in final cut, so that’s a that’s just a gift here on the house from the i just needs virtual mac depot. I don’t even think that i’ve, given you any solid tips, you’d think that i would have more tips for a new mac user wouldn’t, you there’s just so much to know so one of the things that i would recommend checking out is, since you did just get This macbook i’m not sure what the default settings are, but in the trackpad settings, it’s quite nice because you can have various different settings. If you want to just tap to click, you need to turn that selection on so now you can tap to click there’s.

Also, a secondary click which, if you tap with two fingers, that will bring up your right click, there’s, also some options here for the gestures on the trackpad, so there’s a lot of functionality that’s actually built right into this trackpad. That may be helpful for you when you’re first kind of diving into this mac, yo that’s super dope. Thank you justine. That is that’s amazing. I can’t believe it just because i bought a macbook. I get to talk to igst that’s, so dope all right look uh by the way how’d they get you in there. Why are you in there all right and if you have any specific questions i mean you know, i guess you know how to reach me. How did you even get here anyway? Well, thank you, justine. I appreciate you um all right. Well, look. I think i understand what i’m supposed to do. Next i’m gon na i’m gon na try to get some apps and use this finder thing, but i think what’s more important is for you to subscribe to this video. So you can catch the next one. When i dive into the software and see if i can figure out how the heck to use this thing uh, i hope i learned how to use this thing. I spent a lot of money on it special shout out to ijustine for joining me today, but uh. What a great pleasure that was, so what do you think do you like it so far? I think it’s actually pretty cool.

I didn’t really know what to expect, but the performance is there and if i can edit videos on it better than i can now, then i guess it was the right thing. I guess i don’t know what to do just to subscribe, so you can watch what happens next kind of i’m kind of ashamed of myself. I’Ll see you next time. Peace and love well, best of luck in your new mac and final cut endeavors i’m. Here, if you need anything at all, just feel free dm text email. You know you know how to reach me here at the virtual mac depot, because clearly you found me here.