I don't know how to pronounce their brand name. It'S. Really a weird brand name there, but I'm, just gon na call it what it is: they're a nine. So this a nine, the 15.6 inch version is one I have here retails for about three hundred and eighty nine US dollars. The smaller version, which is the exact same spec, does retail for about three hundred and fifty US dollars, which is the same as those Gemini Lake laptops. Now this has a 15 watt KB, like our CPU in here it's, the cell one, three, eight six, seven you now that cell run is only unfortunately a dual core chip: okay, so 1.8 gigahertz, but for this cause that is it so not great at multitasking and The single stick of RAM in there is 16 gigabytes there it's fan cold, so there will be a little bit of fan noise now and then, but there is just a couple of things on his laptop and the first one. I should definitely point out that I'm, not particularly fond of, and of course is this – so have a look at that Linux Mint logo there see how it just disappears. That'S, because this panel, the screen, is a TN panel, so we're not after a good start. Here now the screen has a matte coating to it, it's 1080p, and it does have an sRGB here of 63, which is quite poor, and here we have 45 in TS c and then adobe RGB 47.

So not a screen for professional use and with those viewing angles. Maximum brightness tops out at a hundred and nineteen nets and because it is an anti glare coating, you can actually still make it out in direct sunlight, at least getting access to the internals isn't difficult there's, just a lot of screws to remove – and there are two Of them that are hidden right here, underneath the rear rubber feet, so you need to remove those rubber feet. They just have a little bit of adhesive on them. So here we have the cooler. So this is a copper transfer heat pipe. The hot air comes out. This gap here above the keyboard, little tiny fan, and this fan a lot of the time, is actually off unless you're doing something a little bit more. Now there is an SSD that we can upgrade if you wanted it to so. If 256 gigabytes is not enough, you can then insert up to 2 terabytes. That is the 22 80s size I'm, not too sure that it looks like you could actually fit this smaller 22 by 42 millimeter size. You can see those tiny little tiny speakers, not very good speakers, as you'll hear later on in this review from my sample battery pack could have actually maybe even put another cell up here or even put two sodium's slots file Ram. So you can upgrade the RAM in theory I'm, not too sure if we can actually get 32 gigabyte.

Single sticks that's possible, but I think 16 gigabytes is more than enough, especially considering the weak chipset. We have with this one for ports on the left here. Without a USB 3 port that will power external hard drives without any issues, there's al DC in there for charging so charge time is around three and a half hours, it's, not super fast mini HDMI out, which caps out at 4k 30 Hertz, unfortunately be great. If this was HDMI to speak, then on the right, we've got a micro SD card reader caps out at only USB to speed so you're, looking around 23 27 max of being able to get actually reads and 23 about that for writes. And then we have a 3.5 minute headphone jack that supports mics doesn't have any static over it, which is good it's, not an amazing quality. Loudness is alright from it and that's the main thing and then another USB 3 port. The lid is made out of alloy here, it's a brush to alloy finish that does come with a plastic protector on the top of it, and this logo here, which is rather ugly, looks like a bit of an HP ripoff logo to me can actually be removed. It'S, just like a sticker on the top, so our webcam in this particular model is in that terrible location below the screen. Now the top bezel they could have – actually, I think, put a webcam in it, but they didn't, and this webcam has poor quality all right.

It is only 48 P it's VGA resolution and not great looking either and the microphones rather poor. Just above here when you're typing on the keyboard, you will get a lot of feedback as well from it. The touchpad is large, the surface is plastic and it does actually work quite well. It does support Windows, precision, drivers and is see. We do have a fingerprint scanner built into the touchpad. They can sometimes get in the way a little bit. I would have preferred it to actually have been separated, say here instead of within the touchpad, but it does work well and you can log into Windows in just a few seconds. Instead of typing out a password, I left or right mouse buttons. They have a bit of a click to them: they're not too loud and irritating and overall the touchpad does work well. Let'S talk about the keyboard now, after a couple of weeks of using it, it's backlit, but not a very good backlight, because you can see right here that it is very uneven. Even when I start to turn some lights off, I mean you can see the keys better than nothing, but I don't like the fact that these key caps are silver. They do have a decent amount of travel to them. You can see there's a little bit of flex there, but overall flex imbalance. I find to be adequate good typing experience on this keyboard. I really just wish that gone with a black keyboard zone, perhaps a bit of backlight here for this one.

Now we do at least get a number pad here: full size, arrow keys, so they haven't gone for those half sized ones and there's a print screen there, scroll, lock, page up and down. So I find the build of the flap top. Is OK, it's, nothing amazing, but I can't really fault it with any. For example, rough edges loose bits rattles, nothing like that. It does weigh one point: seven, eight kilos for a 15.6 inch laptop, I think, that's. Okay, it is 20 millimeters thick that's, not including the rubber feet, that will then make it approximately 28 millimeters thick. So not the lightest, not the thinnest, not an amazing, build quality but it's that screen that really I wish they'd gone for an IPS panel here with this one. So move on to those speakers, I did show you. The internals and we've got tiny little downwards firing. Speakers now all of these Chinese laptops that I review this is one area that they are all poor and this one is no exception. Sadly, they are really weak speakers they're, like not even one watt, each they are very quiet. So this is the volume set to 100 on the youtubes comparison, video here of mine, that I did and we can go and okay, whatever sitting volume to Music, just not good at all. They really need to be two or three times louder than that. So I benchmark to that no name brand SSD that's in there and the speeds okay, 4k, random, reads and writes are good, but sequential z' are a little bit lower than expected here for 256 and gigabyte Drive.

But this isn't, actually bad it's, not really going to hold up the system. The bottleneck of is, of course, that a cpu that we have now the microSD card slot the speeds top out at 27 megabytes per second here, so it's, not a high speed slot. Sadly, now what about performance so we've got city bench r15, score here in AD 20, that I wanted to show you very very low, because it's only got two cores at 1.8: gigahertz, okay, so CB 134 that's, not good, and then we've got our 20 159. So I mean you will not be editing videos playing triple a titles, anything demanding even the demanding Photoshop work. This CPU, because of just the two cores, is really going to struggle with that. Now. A better life here just show you that to that it's, not particularly good, okay, you're gon na get around, I would say six hours maximum. This was chrome use here. What about 10 tabs open are watching a lot of YouTube and some Amazon Prime video, as well through Chrome, so the streaming data most of the time there. So if you're not doing that and just maybe docks and possibly seven hours – I mean my current estimate here that one is telling me about seven hours just over. So not particularly amazing with that and let's have a look at our Geekbench scores here. So this is Geekbench 4.3, okay, single core scores here – that is actually quite a bit faster than the Gemini Lake laptops are used to review multi core score.

However, no that's down again, because it's just close to cause. I keep bench five here. This is 5.1 very, very lower game as expected – and here is our open CL Geekbench 5 score there, which is yes again, a very poor score there. Then we take a look at real world performance. It does feel noticeably faster in light Pass to me than the salon in 4100 Juno lakes, that I have been reviewing a lot of so bringing up the Start menu there. You don't typically see some of that loading lag that we get with the Gemini Lake. Now we do have some spreadsheets and Doc's open here, but I first wanted to just bring up a video here very demanding file, and this is a Sony swordsmith HDR 4k demo here this is a hundred megahertz per second 60 frames per second or 120 megahertz and Of this it's playing it perfectly fine, in fact, it does look very good, that's flawless playback there from that. So that is great now, if I bring up just some other of my demo files here too so another 4k clip this one's, not so demanding for the at me was per second loads and fine, and we do skipper here that performance is really good. So this is where the Intel HD 610 work, that 16 gigabytes of RAM is actually performing. I feel much better here in terms of video playback now, whatever up the task manager here, it's not too hard to see a hundred percent CPU use with just those two cause when you're moving about doing things and multitasking, and especially in Chrome, which I will show You very shortly here I wanted to point out that that memory it's very hard to take advantage of the 16 gigabytes here.

Why is that? Because we've got such a weak CPU. If you wanted to really load it up, multitasking you're gon na log it down you can't, really, and I wouldn't do this video editing even 1080p. Video editing will be painful with this particular CPU. It is at least okay. 2400 megahertz it's only single channel as well, so it could have got a bit more performance if it was dual channel with two to eight gigabyte sticks in there probably cost reasons why they haven't done that. So this right here scrolling in this spreadsheet, isn't super smooth, there's a little bit choppy, but overall, not too bad. And if I was to jump into the task manner, you'll see that that CPU performance it would have picked up close to a hundred there and I'll bring up some spreadsheets. Sorry Doc's right here to Doc's seems a little bit faster here. This is libreoffice and that's, not too bad, so you can do a simple kind of like computing. This is going to be okay with us, but when i open up chrome here, okay still has some tabs. Oh and swapping to them is fine, but I'm gon na go and search right here. Dogs, okay, and bring up a lot of different tabs and you'll, see that it doesn't take too much to really start to bog down those two cause and we get into some serious lag. Pretty quick as you see. So. This is where the actual Jim and I like, where that squad cause, would handle this a little bit better, although it's not too bad it's, actually doing.

Okay, here and we'll see how those tabs are loading in now, while the speeds kind of mix out transfers around 250 meters per second it's, not particularly quick here that int our widest AC 3165, but swapping between these tabs loading now has become a bit slow. As you can see and scrolling, not too bad they're still, loading in this is where you can see. Those calls are struggling and look at our CPU. Like I mentioned 100 bogged down, a quad core would be handling this so much better, even a dual core. With two threads, but this chip is doing all right there. Now when we take a look at thermals, this is something that is very good. I see Pete kind of temperatures getting up to about 60 degrees max with this, and that is because of that fan, and you do hear it buzzing slightly. It can sometimes be a little bit annoying we're peaking at the moment around 50. In fact, no temperatures yeah about 50 max here, but gaming, everything else – 60 65. It just will not go over that. So thermals are excellent here, performance better than the Gemini Lake, depending on what you're doing since some of those tabs like this still loading it's. Just taking its time here really under pressure feeling the strain, those too low, clot cable a card cause. I wanted to briefly show you here: gaming performance is extremely poor. I don't know what is going on with the intel HD graphics here, but if just war not clock over 450 megahertz, even if I under, walked and increase the power limit using Intel's extreme tuning utility, you can see right now, just 19 frames per second, and it Gets these massive stutters down to seven? This is even worse than the gym melee.

Now the resolution I'm using right here is 720p on the absolute lowest settings, but it is choking choking with the smoke right here. It'S, just absolutely unplayable right here, it's a slide show of a game, so gaming definitely not recommended. Even with these older light, titles it's just impossible with this kind of performance. Now I did test out Linux, as you can see right here, and the good news is that everything is working fine, so the wireless, the Bluetooth, the touchpad volume and screen brightness controls all working, no problems, and it does actually feel a little bit better than performance Here running Linux, Mint at least that I've been testing out and that's good to see. Ok, so very easy for me to recap on this one there's just way too many cons for me to recommend this. Obviously the screen I knew was gon na be a bit of an issue TM panels. You always have to look at directly, otherwise they can be ok and you do expect, with this kind of a panel to have just very poor color coverage, so it's bad it's. Not a screen for pretty professional use for just the average Joe you've got your grandmother that wants to write emails or something like that. It'Ll be OK for that, but performance wise, ok, does feel snappier than the Gemini Lake laptops. I used to review single core performance, as shown in benchmarks is actually better but multitasking. It will definitely bog down.

So there's no point having that 16 gigabytes of RAM that we have within this ok, so you cannot actually take advantage of that. You cannot edit video Photoshop work will be very painful on such a low end CPU with this then there's that issue with what is going on with the GPU performance I updated to the latest Intel graphics drivers and I couldn't get over 450 mega Hertz on a Clock rate they're severely limiting performance in fact performing worse than the Gemini Lake laptops. So there are a few good Germany Lake laptops, I reviewed ones with touch screens. 360 degree hinges good backlit keyboards, and that is the B max Y 13 and we also have other models like the tech lust f6 plus we have the chewy let book pro as well sell for similar prices, but only 8 gigabytes of RAM, but they do have A quad core CPU slightly better at multitasking. I would go for them, but in all honesty here save a bit more cash don't get something like this, because it has the 16 gigabytes of RAM, get something with a core i3 Core i5. If he can spend 100 US more, even look at the second hand, models and you'll get something much better than this and make sure it has an IPS panel, because this TN panel is a huge deal breaker for most people. So, thank you so much for watching this review.