W 2021 I’ve never been a fan of ultrawide monitors, and I may have said this last time I reviewed LG’s 5k2k display. I’ve always found them distracting and a bit difficult to navigate around.. For example, the corners seemed too far away and too much off angle when you are sitting front and centre.. For that reason, I’ve always stayed with a standard 169 ratio. When LG decided to kindly send me this beast, however, giving me the tribune to bash it as much as I want. As I was using it, I started singing a different tune. After few weeks of sitting. In front of this leviathan, the beauty fell in love with the beast, because I have never been as productive on any other display, as I am with this one.. Let me explain., Hey Iskren here, but feel free to call me E. Before I tell you, what really makes this monitor special and, as always, let start with what bothers me around the easily named LG 38WN95C W display.. Besides the name, I don’t like the bezels., Unlike the 32UL95 169 cousin, which I’ve been using for the longest of time where the frames are all around even making it look very Apple. Xdr like this ultrawide bears the bezels of older LG models. Despite being less than years old. Also, this is all around plastic, build with a plastic stand which isn’t that big of a deal, if was a bit less expensive, but maybe a bit worrisome for those of you who are saving up to get it.

Next there’s, a Fair bit of screen wobble and no centre click align, even though the monitor can do minor, horizontal adjustments, which means that often time you might find it a bit crooked, not sure at which stage exactly it is perfectly levelled.. The next thing that I don’t particularly appreciate is the even larger curved desk stand, which makes any smaller desk less usable once placed on top of it.. Finally, unlike LG’s 5k2k 34quot ultrawide, which has a resolution of 5120 x 2160, this even larger 38 inch is 3840 x 1600, which I guess makes it 4k1.6k display … hmm..anyway. All these supposed downsides are NO big deal once you turn it on awe at the curved awesomeness. To me. The stand immediately goes away and the monitor ends up living on a monitor, arm.. The bezels are something that disappears after day 2 of using it. But the resolution was my biggest concern. Being used to a 5k iMac in the past and the last year using my trusty 32quot 4k one. I had a concern that I would be dodging pixels for the most part, but I was wrong. Sure native 4k content is a bit compromised, but it’s really close and everything is sensibly sharp., This being a nano IPS panel. It boasts 135 sRGB and 98 DCI, P3 and VESA HDR600, which for my workflow, is on point.. As far as connectivity goes, the ultrawide comes with a Thunderbolt 3 port, providing whopping 94 Watts of PD power.

. No daisy chain option this time around, which is understandable. Since this monitor pretty much serves the purpose of two 22quot displays., There are also two HDMI 2 ports, a display port 1.4, 2 USB 3 ports power and, of course, a 3.5mm headphones out.. Hidden underneath are two reasonably powerful speakers which are OK. If you have no other audio source, but nothing more than decent, when it comes to sound quality., I do appreciate them. On top and centre, not allowing me to perfectly position my Logitech stream cam. There is an ambient light sensor, which is something that I was missing. Before., The sensor works very quick at adjusting the brightness, which really helps in long working sessions, giving my eyes a bit less strain throughout the day. BTW. If you end up enjoying this, video subscribe, it’s free and it helps me more than you can imagine.. So what makes this monitor special and why? I think it’s the perfect home office monitor.. There are few reasons for that. First off with a 95W thunderbolt 3 connection. It is perfect for those of you who want to have a single cable connected setup that can run picture sound and power to a laptop while allowing for a decent amount of hub versatility.. For many, this would be the all around setup that plugs and plays in a matter of one cable and few seconds.. This type of connection allows for data transmission speeds of up to 40Gbs.

. Following being curved, this monitor changed my perspective of ultrawides.. Like I mentioned earlier, ultrawide monitors have always given me an off axis feel whenever I glare at something around the corners like my menu bar, but the curvature here, despite being subtle, really provides for a very ergonomic and most of all, immersive feel.. I noticed this as soon as I started, swiping between my desktops on my Mac. Moving between spaces. The shape gives me a very satisfying, futuristic experience.. Also, when I pulled out my Final Cut Pro project, I was absolutely floored.. I’Ve never imagined the productivity benefits of this aspect, ratio and deflection.. I had an endless timeline larger than my tablet preview, my colour waves, my audio meters, all at the same time and after working on few projects. I was convinced that this is my new standard.. I have also set up a separate desktop that holds 3 of my backgroud apps, that I love to often refer to all in a full size, page mode. On the left., My email to do and music player are now neighbours and just a swipe away.. When I set up my gaming desk, I would also be able to run the picture in picture having windows on one side and Mac on the other.. If you are on the opposite side – and you have concerns that this might be too big for you honestly, the way I felt before rest assured that, even when, in minimal mode using a single app in window mode, everything looks nice and the space around your app Gives you a breath of fresh air.

Enough about that. Let’s talk gaming., This elegant giant is also a hidden gaming monitor providing a 144hz refresh rate 1ms response time and NVidia Gsync compatibility.. This is great for when I assemble my gaming PC., You can read more about my upcoming build in my bi weekly newsletter, where you can also read behind the scenes stuff and other unofficial channel content. SHOW RTS MODE. This unique monitor is not cheap costing 1600., But before we jump to conclusions, let’s make a simple calculation.. If we are looking for a similar type of productivity, we ought to talk about a dual 27quot 4k monitor setup., Normally 27quot displays with similar specs cost around 800 apiece.. Having in mind the connectivity being a great hub, the 95Watt power option and the fact that we don’t need to have two stands and have ugly bezels in the middle. This LG 38WN95C is starting to look at a very good deal., Also for all the MacBook M1 users, like me, not being able to run 2 monitors on the first gen M1. Laptops is no longer a problem when we talk about this ultrawide.. This is a great all around monitor, which will probably soon be refresh.. It is ideal for any home or office setup because it has more than what most people could ask for without screaming gamer, from the looks of it, making it very RGB inconspicuous and perfect to fit around any space.. If you enjoyed this video, you might find my monitor, playlist useful, so click on this light right here.

, If you have any questions, be sure to leave them in the comment section below or ping me on Twitter.. As always its been an absolute pleasure.