. This is a family of laptops that has evolved quite a bit over the years like the original algae gram was really focused. Almost laser focused on being as light as possible at the expense of performance and a whole bunch of other things, but over the years they’ve had to adapt and kind of reconfigure what the lg grain was all about, and at this point i feel like it’s gotten To the stage where it’s, just a really good a really good overall product – and i feel like for a lot of people who are looking for a new device, this is going to be on that short list, so there’s a whole bunch of new features and stuff. They’Ve added this year, but i want to draw your attention to a new device, so they have a new 16 inch model this year, they’ve had 14 15 even 17 in the past, but the new one is the 16 inch and of the bunch. This is probably my favorite it’s that perfect size and weight combination, while still retaining really good battery life. It actually has the best battery life of the bunch, but we will talk about a few features. They’Ve added, so they now all have 16 by 10 aspect. Ratio screen so there’s just more vertical real estate it’s the same kind of overall screen size, but you just get more room on the top and bottom and it’s something that a lot of people appreciate.

The only thing it’s not great for is, if you’re watching, shows there’s now black bars on the top and bottom, but for everything else that extra space is nice and they’ve also added. Finally, usb c charging – and i don’t mean like optional usbc charging or the capability of it it’s the only way to charge this device usbc right into the port comes with a 65 watt, adapter it’s something i’ve been hoping for on the lg grams forever and it’s Strange to me like on a device like this, a premium device that’s so focused on weight and portability. To not have usb c was weird, but now you don’t even need to bring a regular charger. You could use in theory your phone charger to juice. This thing up: it’s, probably my favorite feature on this year’s gram: okay, they’ve also added new cpus. So all three now run intel’s latest tiger lake cpus and we’ll get into performance a little bit but that’s the lineup, the very portable 14 inch model that’s still under a kilogram. The big screened 17 inch model, that’s weirdly light like every time. I pick this thing up. It almost doesn’t make sense as to how this thing has such a low weight for such a big screen and then. Lastly, the 16 inch model – and all three of these are obviously very light, and i wouldn’t be surprised if some, maybe all of them hold records for like the lightest laptop in the world now in terms of the aesthetics they are slightly different than the previous years.

So they’re cleaner looking this year, the design lines have this industrial vibe to it, but there’s. Also, this feature on the hinge that when you open the device, it kind of tucks a portion of the bezel behind the keyboard deck like the bottom bezel like the chin, when you open the device it just kind of, goes below the hinge, so visually it’s an Illusion right, the chin is still there, but you just can’t see it as readily it’s, a nice little visual tweak they’ve made. I think it looks nice, but it keeps the thin bezel design uniform around the whole screen. The 14 inch model has a full hd screen, but the 17 and 16 inch models have quad hd panels. These are really nice. Looking displays like they’re colorful, they’re bright. They don’t, however, have a matte finish. They are a glossy panel, which i personally love but everyone’s different on that and they also don’t have touch screens, which is something you often see on glossy panels like this. But i assume in a move to keep the weight down and the pricing. Reasonable is just a regular screen, it’s just glossy so there’s, also a webcam up top it’s, not amazing, but it’s usable and i think that’s all that really matters in this day and age. Okay, let’s talk about the keyboards, so they all look very similar. They’Ve changed from previous models. One thing is they’ve removed that orange color accent that they used to have it’s a more minimal looking keyboard, but this is a nice keyboard.

I think most people really enjoy typing on it. They do, however, type slightly different from each other. It’S the strangest thing i i mean it’s hard to tell right when you’re typing on. If i did like a blindfold test, i think they’re actually different. The 17 inch model feels slightly more clicky to me, but it’s, probably in my head, like it wouldn’t make sense for them to switch different membranes between the three different keyboards that’d. Be really strange, so i’m probably going crazy, but it does for whatever reason feels slightly different. The touch pads are bigger this year. One of the issues that people have had with the grams in the past is having smaller track pads, but this year, it’s noticeably bigger. As well as still having that nice smooth glass surface and a nice click mechanic, this is a good trackpad. I think most people like it and you can see the the chin thing. I was talking about right that whole reduced bezel on the bottom it’s a bit of an illusion, but it’s pretty cool, okay, let’s talk about performance, so all three of these are running tiger lake chips and in terms of the overall performance i’m. I guess the word. I want to use is content. I was gon na use, word happy with it i’m content. So if you compared to last year’s model it’s an improvement, but these use chips that have incredible potential like if you put the same chip in a laptop that’s, cooled more aggressively.

You can get some really good performance, particularly graphics performance, but because these are 15 watt variants, they’re not as powerful as they could be, and they can’t sustain a high clock, speed for extended periods of time. The way that i look at it is this. On the 14 inch model, i feel like it gets a pass when you pop this thing: open there’s, no more room in there for anything, really right, it’s a pretty packed device, but on the 16, and particularly the 17 inch model, there’s room, you could totally have Revamped it or redesigned the fans so that you could cool this thing better and if they did, if they had cooled this thing really aggressively. I think that you could have gotten like good gaming performance out of this chip like if you look at the motherboards. Clearly, they’re sharing the exact same main motherboard and thermal system across all three devices: i’m sure it helps to keep the cost down and on a 14 and 16 inch model maybe gets a pass, but on the 17 inch model, because there’s so much room in there. I can’t help but wish that they had put something to accommodate for the potential of this chip, but i get it it’s. The lg gram and they’re focused on weight, so you know adding another fan would have bumped it up by who knows 150 grams 100 grams, and that would have been unacceptable to the gram family.

Okay, uh the ports, so these have a pretty good selection of ports. So there’s the two usbc on one side, with the display out like hdmi and then there’s, two usb a which, on a device like this, like ultra thin 2021, to have four usb ports, two of them being usb a it’s, not common. I like seeing that uh there’s, also a micro sd. If that’s your jam all right battery life. The 17 and 16 inch models share the same battery size, they’re, both 80 watt hours. I got nine and a half hours on the 17, a little bit more than nine and a half, so i compared it to last year’s data. It was slightly longer than last year, also around nine and a half on the 17 inch model, but a little bit better, and i think i was running the test identically. So my guess is that the chip is slightly more efficient this year and on the 16 inch it’s, actually the longest running it’s just under 10 hours. This is on my test. They make claims of like 10 hours or like 5 000 hours, it doesn’t matter. Those are unrealistic to me uh, but nine and a half on the 17 slightly under 10 on the 16.. The 14 inch is the lowest of the bunch. It has a 72 watt hour bar so it’s slightly smaller, but i was consistently getting nine hours on this thing, but that’s just my testing, okay, so the rest of the stuff inside you got two nvme slots on all three of these, so you can have some Really fast drives in there.

The ram is sorted on there’s 16 gigs and you can see it up top and the wi fi card is also baked on. So you want to replace those or swap them. You cannot. The speakers down here. Sound okay, like they’re, slightly different looking the previous year’s model, but they sound very similar. I feel like with the amount of space that’s available in that area. You could put a ton of speakers so lg. If you ever watch this, you should probably do something by putting just better or bigger or more speakers in there to make it like a really good, sound system. You have the space, you clearly have the space, so it would be cool if you did that. Instead of having these predictably mediocre sound systems, okay, i cannot understate that’s the wrong word overstate. I cannot overstate the lightness of these things it’s just like they’re, so weirdly light it’s awesome. If you want portability, you want that ultra light experience. These are a really good choice. This year now, in terms of pricing, i don’t have pricing on any of this stuff, yet it’s relatively early in the launch cycle. But i do remember that last year i mean these things go on sale pretty regularly, but i remember the 17 ish model hitting i think, like 1200 bucks, it was crazy to have that kind of configuration and this screen size and this kind of package for that Kind of pricing so keep an eye out for the sales on these things: okay, that’s, the lg gram lineup thumbs.