Sadly, although if you did think that then i appreciate it but it’s. Actually, this guy, the lg gram 16, which is officially the world’s lightest, 16 inch laptop, which is impressive, although there aren’t that many 16 inch laptops on the market, the only other one i can think of really is the macbook pro 16, which weighs 2 kilograms. This weighs about the same as a dell xps 13 at just 1.19 kilograms. So, as the name suggests, these are incredibly light and, to be honest, it feels a little bit weird to have something with such a big screen way so little. It almost feels like we’re missing something on the inside and actually it’s, not just the weight that’s impressive. This lasted me 14 and a half hours in my youtube battery test, which is almost twice what i’ve seen in other machines, and i think combined with this incredible portability. This is one of the most interesting laptops of the year so far, but there is a small catch and that’s the price. These are not cheap at 1500 pounds or 1700, depending on the spec it’s expensive and it’s got a lot of very good competition, not least its own bigger brother, the gram 17, and actually they share the identical specs. Exactly the same, the only difference is this screen size 17 versus 16 they’re, both 16 by 10. Of course, so you can’t really go wrong with either they’re both bloody huge, although this is just a little bit bigger a little bit heavier as a result and also a touch more expensive.

So i think the 16 will be the one to go for. There is also an updated ground 14, which lg didn’t want to send to me for some reason: a bit rude, but uh yeah. If you want a smaller lightweight laptop, then that would be worth considering. So these ultra portables are mostly designed for productivity photo and video editing, working they’re actually ideal for students as well, although you’ll need fairly rich parents, but i would say the gram 17 may be stretching the definition of ultra portable just a little bit it’s huge, the Specs are pretty much what you’d expect on both of these. We start off with 11th gen i5s with 8 gigs of ram 512 gig storage, which is nice, but they go up to 11th gen i7s 16 gigs of ram and up to a terabyte of storage. There is a catch, though other than the price um, but that’s, because, unlike these i’ve got the dell xps 15 and the macbook pro 16 here with me, these are using low power. What were you series, processors, and also we don’t get any discrete graphics. You are, of course, going to get much better performance from something like this, although of course you are compromising on it being thicker and heavier, but really, unless you’re regularly using demanding apps the power on offer here with intel’s 11th gen chips will be more than enough For editing in lightroom, watching netflix, while you’re procrastinating on my essay or even putting together a friend’s lockdown birthday, video montage in premiere pro, but for serious gaming or heavy 4k editing, then, while the lack of gpu and the lower power chips will hold it back.

It’S funny i’ve been reviewing these gram laptops for three or four years now, every time there’s incremental upgrades i’m gon na just bash that, with my elbow there, although, as i say, i think this is one of the biggest refreshes we’ve seen in years. But every time when i first pick it up, i get taken aback a little bit just by how incredibly lightweight it is given the size of it, particularly that screen size as well and there’s. No one else really out there doing it like lg uh. Of course, you have other thin and light laptops. You’Ve got the acers, swear five and sevens, for example, which are super lightweight, but they’re 13 or 14 inches there’s. Nothing else really out there with these kind of screen sizes and these decent ultra portable specs. That weigh this little it’s insane, so the weight of this is mostly thanks to the magnesium alloy body. Build quality is robust and it’s, apparently built to a military grade. Durability standard according to lg, but a side effect of this material on this build is that we get a lot of flex uh and also screen wobble. These don’t feel as premium as you might expect it’s a little bit flimsy, although lg do say that, because of the larger sizes, actually, this flexibility helps protect it. So if it’s pressed against something in your backpack, it’s, less likely to crack or break and we’ll just flex in like a building in an earthquake and while it definitely isn’t plastic, it does feel a little bit like it all.

The new lg grams also get intel’s evo certification. You can see from this little sticker down here, which means they meet a certain specification criteria for all aspects of the machine, so that should guarantee a quality experience overall and also we now get support on these there. You go but forget all that for me: it’s the sheer amount of screen space that you get on the 16 and especially the 17 inch ips screen. That impresses me, the most they’re big they get pretty bright and the narrow edge bezels make it feel like the lid is pretty much all screen. The resolution is near enough: quad, hd, plus a few extra vertical pixels thanks to the taller screen and i think it’s a good trade off, because while a 4k panel would be nice, particularly at this size, it would put a big dent in the battery life. So i think this is a good balance. As for color accuracy, the 99 dci p3 coverage for the gram 16 and full 100 coverage on the 17 is great, but i think for most people they’re absolutely fine. Although i do kind of wish it was a touchscreen as for processors. Well, these are fully team intel. There are no amd options here and we’re getting intel’s 11th gen tiger lake series of processors, which come with a few advantages, but the big one really is the upgrade in the integrated graphics, we’re, getting iris, xe graphics in both of these and it’s.

A massive step up from last year, although of course it still won’t quite compete with a dedicated graphics card or say an nvidia mx450 or even a xe, max iris chip that you’re getting something like the acer, swift, 3x, but in general use. These are snappy and responsive and even photo editing in lightroom, which can be demanding was smooth. However, video editing in premiere pro felt a lot more choppy and the 23 minute export time of a 10 minute 1080p video is pretty slow. I mean something like the dell xps 15, with its more powerful specs would do it in half the time, but i would still say it’s good enough for the occasional lightweight 1080p edit. Also gaming in less demanding titles is great in rainbow six siege. I averaged 55 fps with low settings at 1080p and also in performance fan mode and are still playable 45 fps with high settings that’s. Pretty impressive fortnite was playable as well, but only at 720p with medium settings. So if you’re happy to dial back the graphics a bit, a bit of gaming is a definite possibility, but one of the absolute standouts of these laptops, aside from well the lightweight nuts and also the screen size, is the battery life. As i say at the beginning, in my youtube battery test, so just playing youtube at 50 brightness, this lasted 14 and a half hours and the 17 wasn’t too bad, either 12 and a half hours, which is significantly longer than most laptops, which i test in this Sort of category which will be eight to ten hours, the port selection is really good, as well we’re getting two usb 4 thunderbolt, 4 type cs along with a headphone, jack and hdmi on that side and on the other we get two usb 3.

2 type a’s as Well, as a microsd that’s, pretty much everything you could ask for, except maybe a full size, sd card reader what’s. Not so good, though, is the sound quality, which is pretty average it’s, nothing like as rich or full as you get on, say the macbook pro or even a dell xps speech and effects are clear enough and it gets reasonably loud and noise levels, although it does Still depend on the laptop but there’s just not much bass to round things out. The grams are actually pretty quiet under load, as well, even in performance mode, which does up the fan noise a little bit. It never got particularly loud or uncomfortably hot, although you can control the fan speed if you want through lg’s control panel. One of the biggest upgrades for me, though, is with the touch pad. These big precision touch pads are much bigger than they were on previous models and are just so much nicer to use, although i still think there’s, maybe a little bit of extra room for maybe a slightly more spaced out keyboard or a bigger touchpad, but it’s. A big step up from last year, the keyboard is backlit and we get this chiclet style, plus a nun pad on both the 16 and the 17.. There is a little bit more resistance to the keys than i’m used to so they need a bit of a firm press, but they have good travel, good feedback, and i also do appreciate we get a fingerprint sensor in the power button between the two, the keyboard On the 17 is about two centimeters wider, though it felt pretty much the same to type on, except for one thing on the gram 16 and pretty much any of the laptop your wrists rest on or around the front edge.

But the keyboard on the 17 is just so far away from the front of the laptop i found the edge dug into the softer part of my arm a little bit below the wrist, and so it actually wasn’t as comfortable to use as the 16.. So, overall, if you want a laptop with great portability, fantastic battery life, really nice screen good range of connections and decent performance, then yeah. These are absolutely fantastic and i highly recommend them. Although for me, i do think the 16 is the sweet spot, it’s just a little bit more compact, the keyboard was a little bit uncomfortable in 17 and also you are saving just a little bit of money. So, for me i would go with a 16, but if you just want the biggest screen you can possibly cram into a pretty lightweight laptop, then yeah, the 17 is giving the one for you. However, i do still think these feel a little bit flimsy with that screen. Wobble, you can press in everywhere, although i do appreciate that’s, maybe just a compromise that you have to accept with this lightweight material. What i would have liked to have seen is maybe an option for intel’s, more powerful xe max integrated graphics, especially on these 16 and 17 inch models which well you guys are probably going to use for slightly more demanding tasks so that extra bit of graphical horsepower Would have been useful, or maybe even a nvidia mx450 option to make them a bit more of a gaming machine, although of course that would compromise battery life and maybe maybe a more aggressive price.

These are very expensive, as i say at about 1500 pounds or 1700. So you are definitely paying a premium for this ultra lightweight design. That said, i have seen the 16 listed for as low as 1250 pounds already with a lower spec, and this actually looks like even better value as you’re still getting all the main gram benefits. But what do you reckon? Would you go for the 14, which i don’t have the 16 or the 17 or none of the above? Let me know in the comments below and also if you’ve got any questions about these at all that’s insane i’ve got two laptops: a 16 and a 17.. I can just comfortably hold it one handed but yeah if you’ve got any other questions at all. Let me know in the comments below if you did enjoy the video which fingers crossed you did, and you want to see more from me hit that subscribe button. Give me a thumbs up and i’ll.