We got two in the house, so lg gram, 16 inch supposedly the lightest laptop on earth. For this size, 2.62 pounds 16 inch screen it’s a 1610 screen ratio and lg you’re, pretty proud of it let’s dive in and see what we think. So. First of all, 16 inch laptops there’s. Only a certain number of people even want a laptop this size. It does feel big, you know. My daily driver is a 13 inch macbook pro and you know 13 14 inch kind of a sweet spot. I think for most people on the road they’ve definitely crammed the bezels down on this bad boy, and it feels thin. It is super light. It feels ridiculously light. It feels like it’s. Not all there like. There is something wrong with this they’ve taken parts out, they’ve performed some voodoo, i don’t know, but it feels ridiculously light. The problem with something that feels this light. It feels cheap. I hate to say it it’s, a fingerprint magnet they rave about this. This fancy kind of carbon nano super deluxe material, they’ve used to make it it feels like plastic, and it feels really flimsy, really flexible. You might be able to live with that as a trade off for the fact that it is so thin and light personally for the price i don’t know i don’t like it. If you hold it there’s flex, absolutely if you twist it when you open up the screen, there’s flex, the screen flexes from corner to corner.

If you rest on the outside of the keyboard, it flexes and clicks the trackpad in the middle. I just don’t think a laptop should do that. I would trade off a little bit of extra weight for some more support, a little bit more rigidity and um. You know i just don’t like it so i’m. Sorry but it’s a thumbs down on build quality from the chassis and the structural integrity of the unit. So let’s talk about the screen. It’S a 16 10 16 inch. If you’re wanting a nice big laptop, you don’t have many choices: you’d go 17 inch xps, but the dells they’re bulky, they’re heavy they’re thick and i’m, not the biggest fan of the xps 17.. You can go check out my review of that it’s, a great workhorse. It definitely does the job comparing the two that’s. The size trade off is significant, considering the extra inch didn’t actually make the dell feel that much bigger than the lg love the 1610 love the tall aspect ratio and same as a macbook 1610 different than a surface. They run 3 2. A little bit taller still prefer the 3 2 or everything else for a laptop form factor here’s the thing with this screen. So, first of all, i don’t like plastic screens. I like glass, microsoft can get it right, apple can get it right. Put some glass on the front of the screen, even if it’s not touch screen, which this is not it just feels more premium, it feels sturdier and you don’t get that corner flex when you’re moving the screen up and down.

This sucker is bending and we’re going to get you a shot, so you can see that but uh it’s, a bendy bendy for sure. I also don’t, like the brightness. The color reproduction looks great it’s a dci, p3 93, so not quite 100, but almost there. You know it’s got most of the spectrum. I just don’t think the brightness is bright enough. I think it should have been better and i think they could have done better. It’S usable it’s, workable you’re, going to have it on high most of the time, if you’re, using it for any length of time and that’s going to affect battery life a little bit. But i like to keep my laptops in kind of half to just over half. I don’t know if it’s just subconscious, but i feel like i can get a longer battery. If i do that on this one i’m running it higher, it might explain the battery drain. I don’t know, but overall i’m going to give the screen a thumbs up, but it’s kind of a reluctant thumbs up on this one. It is okay, it is usable. I just think it could have been better and at these kind of price points, mid. Teens. 13. 99. 15. 99. 16. 99. Depending on how you spec it out, i feel like you’re in the realm of premium product. Yes, it’s, cheaper than a 16 inch macbook pro, and but you can get them on sale.

You can find them in the high teams as well. I’M, not sure that choose this over that you know, given the price um, you know differential for sure keyboards they rave about their expanded keys a little bit larger. I don’t know what to tell you the same size, any of the keys to me, but apparently they’re, bigger uh spacing feels okay. I commented already on the flex in the chassis really don’t like it. You will rest on both sides. You will likely see what i see, which is this weird click that happens on the trackpad, especially if you’re working with it on your lap, where the chassis has a little bit more room to move. The keyboard feels spongy uh. It does feel nice, but it doesn’t feel firm. Still. My favorite windows keyboard hp, spectre, 14, um, solid, solid press dell. Xps is great keyboards, this one again, i’m sure it’s, a trade off for the weight not rigid at all. You’Re gon na have to get used to that sponge. They’Re saying it’s an enhanced amount of travel from 1.5 to 1.6 millimeters. I don’t think the one point: well, actually, the 0.1 millimeter was worth it, but whatever it’s a nice touchpad, they do have a numeric keypad down the side of this keyboard, it’s funny, because in the good old days, when laptops were dropping them, i used to hate It because i wanted my numeric keypad now i’m so used to not having one when it’s there.

I don’t like it, and i wish it wasn’t there i’d rather have the keyboard centered. You may think differently: that’s, okay, i’m, not gon na fall out with you. Hopefully you don’t fall out with me. You know it’s a nice keyboard, but it’s it’s average at best thumbs up for sure nothing really wrong with it. I think you’d be fine using it, but i think they could have done better. So anyway, let’s talk. Specs i’ve got an i7 11th gen processor 16 gig. You can get it with 256 gigahertz ssd, although to a terabyte on the ssd directly from lg. I think best buy is stuck in this as well and they’re, quoting 22 hour battery life and i’m, going to talk about battery and the specs at the same time rather than separately, because this is what i don’t understand. These 11th gen chips were supposed to be awesomely power, efficient 81 hours of battery in their 8 0 that’s, a big battery again, i don’t know how they did the weight with a battery that size but that’s a monster 22 hours in your dreams. Lg i don’t know who said 22 hours, but i got nowhere even close to it. Like i said, i’ve used this on and off for three weeks and i have gone all day usage. I have done all day streaming streaming. Video uh presenting you know webinars and stuff, using it maybe 10, maybe 11, nothing even close to 22 hours.

Now. Nightmare m1 wipes the floor with this. When it comes to battery life um, i hate to say but it’s typical windows – i mean you’re going to use it you’re going to watch that battery percentage go down on a regular, consistent basis. I i don’t know how to get that. Maybe if i turn the the screen brightness all the way down – and i don’t do anything at all and then watch a youtube, video but i’m. Sorry, if you’re looking for a laptop that’s going to go daily daily and then daily again driver where you’re not having to charge it on such a regular basis. I don’t think this is a machine for you. If you can live with 9 or 10 hour battery life on a good day, it puts it in the ballpark of an xps 15.. You know the 11th gen chip in the hp spectre. 14. Also didn’t give me great battery life. If i remember currently from that review, i think we would see about seven to nine hours on typical usage and you know again, maybe 10 or 11 at a push. So it seems as though 10 11 hours is the max on a reasonable physical battery size you’re. Going to get out of one of these kind of 11th gen evo, whatever core chips that they want to call them now, so it is thunderball. 4. it’ll drive two 4k screens so much better than that book.

There it’ll actually just drive an 8k um on a single connection. So if you want to go big and go super high res, it can drive it and it’ll push it and then it’s 100 watt charging on the usbc you’ve got usbc ports here on the left side, along with a good old hdmi love, love, love! Please everybody! Just put hdmi ports on your laptops, every tv on earth still uses hdmi, and you know a lot of us display to tvs, especially when we’re doing zooms and webinars all the time. So let’s see those ports come back in on the other side. Here, we’ve got usb a’s two of them and now you’ve got a micro sd slot. For me, this is probably the best overall balance of ports on a laptop today, so lg congrats, something that i absolutely love. I love that there’s some usb a’s, because there’s still way too many devices that use it. I love that there’s, a micro sd card slot on there, because i use micro sd all the time i’m, a podcaster as well as a youtuber, and so i do all my recordings on micro, sds and it’s easy just to be able to pop it in and Go i don’t have to get a dongle. I don’t need an adapter. I love that there’s usbc. I love that it’s thunderbolt 4. I love that as an hdmi, and i love that as a headphone jack apple.

Can we just copy this like let’s? Go anybody else out there. This is the perfect balance in 2021. This is what a typical road user needs, so they don’t have a bag full literally, you want to see the inside of my bag it’s like dongle, dongle, dongle, adapter, cable, and it takes five minutes to find the right one that you want to use when you Want to plug it in assuming somebody didn’t borrow it and not give it back. So there you have my little rant but specs wise. Look, i think, it’s the latest specs. You can get it’s good, specs. 16 gig. You know 11th gen, i7 you’re not going to get better, especially the windows world. This is as much as you can get and it’s reasonably priced for what you’re getting thumbs up absolutely on the performance thumbs up on the way they built it thumbs up on an 81 hour battery it’s, not like they skimped on the size of the battery. I just wish they could have eat a little bit more. You know general use on a day to day basis. This on a side note is advertised as having alexa built in never understood it. Don’T really get it i’m, pretty sure i can put a lecture on any windows machine i want, but hey it’s already installed. You can play with your alexa and hook it up with the alexa at home and have fun and scare the kiddos dropping in on their echoes and everything else.

If you want to fingerprint reader in the top right corner nice touch, you know it’s, probably a little bit better than the windows, hello and it doesn’t bother me at all. It seems to work great. They go on about dts, sound don’t know what to tell you it’s a laptop it doesn’t sound great it’s, a laptop. It sounds how it sounds. So you know that’s about what i can what i can surmise on lg’s 16 inch gram. So, to recap: lightest laptop on earth for a 16 inch probably is feels light feels flimsy, screen’s, nice screen’s big. I wish it was a little bit brighter battery life’s average for a 11th gen processor, but at least you can get powerful, specs love all the ports and if you need a daily driver at 15, 16 inch definitely want to look at it. It’S.