First impressions are going to be full of laptop reviews and it’s not deliberate. I didn’t intend for it to be this way this. It just so happened that everybody’s sending me laptops so for the next three days: okay, you’re gon na see back to back laptop unboxings and first impressions, and apart from this three we might even have more coming up this month. Right so don’t forget to subscribe, but yeah we’re gon na kick off today’s unboxing with this. So this is the lg gram. So this is actually the latest lg gram uh a big shout out to lg for sending this over. So this is actually unopened. If you take a look here, it’s sealed, but now let’s not waste too much time, let’s open this up, i have to say in terms of unboxing i don’t remember a laptop box that opens like this usually it’s from the top you know, but anyway, so i Believe, if i’m not mistaken, they call it the lg gram, because the very first one they came out. I think he weighed less than a kilogram. It weighed like 900, something grand which was incredible, so this one is actually the bigger variant. So this is the 16. So and wow you got this card here, oh it doesn’t do anything. I thought it did something else. It’S just a cardboard. Uh you’ve got the laptop, oh wow, okay, it is very light. Actually, surprisingly, light we’ll talk about the specs a bit more, but so this is plastic covering i’m guessing i can take this out.

Can i take this on? Yes, i can, as i said earlier, it was the lg gram and yeah so it’s a 16 inch screen. All right so letter looks pretty nice that’s, an interesting font. Actually i don’t think i’ve seen this font. I mean okay, just just to be clear. I haven’t actually reviewed the previous iterations of the lg gram, so i don’t know if this is the same for the others, but i actually quite like the font. It’S got a futuristic sort of design. I don’t think i’ve seen this sort of font on any other uh laptop, okay, so there’s anything in here, nothing! Okay, you so you’ve got some documentation. I’M, not gon na bother to look at that. You have your charging brick, which i assume it’s like c yep. It is type c, quite good, quite small. Actually i can appreciate that i’m assuming it’s 65 watts of charging uh 65 watts, yep that’s, right 65, watts and, of course, you’ve got the iac cable that connects to this um, but yeah that’s pretty much it all. Alright. So let’s go back to the laptop before we talk about the specs again, it’s really sleek, i quite like it actually we’ll talk about the io pods in a bit as well. Oh the usual opening test. So with one hand, can i open it? Wow, okay that’s one of the best so far, actually that’s, really nice. It doesn’t lift up. You don’t have to keep shaking it, so it opens up like that.

That’S really nice and the bottom stays grounded, that’s, really cool all right. So let’s take a look at the specs again, so it’s a intel core. I7. I think this is the latest one, so it’s the intel core. I7. 11. 65. G7. I believe that’s a quad core cpu, so four uh cores and eight threads, so i’m gon na turn it on. I actually quite like the power button, so the power button is over here uh and it doesn’t protrude out as much as the other keys. So i guess you can’t mistake it for another key and accidentally switch off the computer, but anyway i hope we have power i’m, not sure that we do and no we don’t so yeah. I need to charge it but uh before we do that. Let’S. Take a look at the i o. So on the left hand, side you’ve got a hdmi port i’m, not quite sure what hdmi i’m guessing it’s not going to be anything more than hdmi 2.0. Maybe even the hdmi 1.4 uh we’ve got two type c ports and they both can charge the laptop, so that’s cool you’ve got a audio combo jack and on the other side you have a sd card, so i’m guessing that’s, a micro sd card slot, that’s, quite Cool and two usb 3.0 ports and, of course your kensington lock. I will say, though, it’s kind of weird that the first port on the left is the hdmi, usually right at the tip.

You would get uh whatever port you use for charging, whether it’s type c or proprietary like a barrel port, but no it’s, a hdmi port and that’s well, it’s interesting, there’s, nothing wrong with it. I just thought that was a bit weird, but anyway let’s charge the laptop all right, so let’s take a look at the other specs. While this is booting up now. This has an ips panel. I don’t think it’s a touch screen, but we’ll check that in a while it has a interesting resolution: 2560 by 1600, so that’s, i think, that’s a quad hd or 2k screen at a 16 by 10 aspect ratio. Now one thing that i’m particularly excited about. So this is going to be the first laptop that i’ve ever reviewed. That has the latest intel uh, i don’t know xe, graphics, z, graphics, i’m, not quite sure how that is so we’re. Definitely gon na put some games through this and see how it is okay, so the screen is up all right, so let’s see whether it’s touchscreen nah it’s, not touchscreen, okay, that’s, fine, oh by the way, this has 16 gigabytes of ram uh, and this has 512 Gigabytes, ssd and it’s nvme, all right, so not m2 setup, so that’s pretty good, all right. So, while i’m setting up it’s actually asking me to set my uh fingerprint now the thing is, it has a fingerprint scanner. I don’t know where it is i’m going to assume that it’s the power button, so the power button is here um no indication of whether that’s a fingerprint but i’m just gon na try i’m just gon na try and see if i can set it up.

So, yes, all right, so the power button is also the fingerprint scanner and it’s actually really fast, i’m setting it up. Now, usually i get a lot of errors and it will keep asking me it well. I couldn’t even finish that sentence. It was done. That is the fastest fingerprint setup. I’Ve ever encountered. Okay, so we are here this wallpaper, i have to say, it’s, really, nice, okay, so it’s an lg wallpaper, so the lives good um. You know what. Surprisingly, the blacks are. Quite nice i’m not sure whether you’re getting a good shot. It might be reflected all over the place. So this has a glass panel it’s, not matte. It looks really nice but it’s a reflective as hell. So first thing um. I like that the trackpad is huge. The trackpad is really nice and big feels good uh. Again you have a lot of space. I really because of the 16 inch screen. I realized that you’ve got a lot of space here. It feels really nice it’s got a matte finish: it’s, not smooth flex, wise let’s, see you know what almost no flex that’s pretty good it’s really rigid. Actually, that feels nice um. The keys are also quite nice. Let me scan in so obviously let’s test out the notepad. Oh, the keys are actually quite nice it’s, not like mushy it’s, not squishy it’s. Obviously, a chiclet keyboard it’s not going to be mechanical, but it does feel pretty nice, of course, we’re going to need more time to test this out and, like i said this, has the intel, uh, z or xe.

I don’t know what you’re gon na call it graphics all right. Obviously, you’re gon na have bluetooth. So this has bluetooth 5.1. I think that’s, the first as well uh in terms of wi fi. It does support uh, wi fi, six, also known as wireless or wi fi ax, so that’s good, that’s good future proofing. I just realized what i was talking about, that it doesn’t have a lan port, all right, not even one of those foldable lan ports. So i guess you’re gon na have to buy a type c to lan uh adapter. If you need it, it doesn’t come in the box at least not in this one. So overall, first impressions are actually pretty good. I like the build i like the design. It is crazy, thin uh with that intel, xe graphics. I need to see how good that is, obviously i’m gon na install steam and play some games on it, but this screen, i think, right now. The one that really shouts out to me now is the screen. I really like the screen. It looks: beautiful, um, actually let’s, just let’s just play something on youtube and see how it looks all right. Hey this screen is really nice. I think a big part of it is the glass so that’s why it looks that nice. Let me see if i can make it brighter yeah i’m guessing in the camera. You’Re gon na see my face, but okay, this looks really good.

Actually is this an ips or oled? No, it says ips, so definitely it’s ips, but man. This is nice. It doesn’t seem to get very loud, though, is that the loudest note, Music, yeah, okay, so audio wise, it’s, not great but picture quality is amazing. I dare say one of the best picture qualities i’ve seen on any laptop. So far now, like i said, we have a few more in fact, a lot more laptop reviews coming in and unboxing as well, but i think that’s all for now. All right do remember the catches. I think by the time you see this.