The LG gram 14 is an impressive laptop and strongly represents the sub 1 kilogram, approximately 2.2 lbs class in 2022. The compact 14 inch laptop receives an upgrade to the Core i5 1240p and finally, a matte display, both of which we will review in detail last years, 2021 model based on the core i7 1165 G7, received an excellent score of 88. In our review. Now LG has released its promising successor. The main differences and improvements are a matte display which still uses the 1610 aspect ratio and a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels still only 60 hertz, at least on paper. The CPU upgrade looks huge as well. Instead of a quad core Intel tiger Lake chip, the 2022 model uses the 12 core Intel Alder Lake Core i5 1240p. The remaining specifications of the gram 14 z90q are less interesting, 16 gigabytes of RAM and a 512 gigabytes. Nvme SSD are equally standard at the 1000 USD price point. The device starts from about 1080 USD. Finally Windows 11 home is the operating system of choice. Competitors of the cram 14 include other 14 inch laptops with a weight of less than 1.5 kilograms. Approximately 3.3 lbs, such as the Dell Latitude 7420, are the Lenovo Yoga slim 7, ipro 14 and IdeaPad 5 Pro 14.. We also include last years model for comparison purposes. Visually not much has changed in terms of the case, however. Lg now uses a more delicate font for the key Legends and a rubber bar instead of round rubber feet.

On the back of the case to improve stability, the build quality of the new chassis is excellent. Although the surfaces which consist of a magnesium alloy according to the manufacturer, feel more like plastic than metal, the gram 14 looks fairly premium. That being said, users should not expect too much in terms of rigidity under a moderate amount of pressure, both the center of the keyboard and the touchpad area yields noticeably. Similarly, the lid is not very resistant to twisting attempts from the corners regardless most users should still regard the rigidity as still acceptable for a laptop. This, then, the design of gram 14 warrants no criticism. The thin look Id have just 16.8 millimeters or approximately 0.62 in small bezels, decisive design, language and white color scheme make the 14 inch device very attractive. The low weight is the LG Grands biggest strength, 980 grams. Approximately 2.16 lb makes for a very lightweight device which makes its competitors look outdated and heavy at 1.3 1.4 Kilograms, approximately 2.873.09 lb, barely any laptop, is as portable as the gram 14.. The port selection is similar to that of the previous model, while an audio jack and HDMI output, with an unspecified version and two usb4 type: 100 ports with power, delivery and DisplayPort or Thunderbolt or occupy the left side. A Micro SD card reader, two traditional USB 3.2 type of ports and the Kensington lock, are located on the right. Since the ports are near the back on both sides, there should be no interfering cables when using an external Mouse.

The performance of the card reader is fairly average at almost 70 megabytes. Slash S when transferring photos. One might confuse our test device with the Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Pro 14.. Only the Dell Latitude 7420 can significantly outperform its peers. An Intel module handles Wireless networking in combination with our new Asus reference router, for which we do not have results from competitors, but we Phi 6eax211 reaches an excellent range, a transfer rate of 1700 MB s when receiving data from a distance of one meter, approximately 3.28 Feet warrants no criticism. Unfortunately, the webcam is not quite as good as the full HD resolution suggests, while the higher resolution results in a slightly better sharpness compared to many competitors, it falls short overall in terms of image quality. Aside from some paperwork, the laptop also comes with a 65 watt charger. That is not only very compact, approximately 9.5 X6 x, 2.5 centimeters, approximately 3.74 by 2.36 by 0.98, in a lightweight approximately 230 grams, approximately 0.51 lb and beautifully rounded off, but also matches the white chassis. Since the screws on the bottom plate are hidden beneath glued rubber parts, we decided against opening the device device, courtesy of a store, tear down videos which show the internals of the gram 14 are available on YouTube in light of the thin construction. The keyboard feels surprisingly good. The feedback and actuation points are crisp and distinct respectively, compared to other 14 inch laptops, while the key clatter can be relatively loud during normal typing.

The keyboard, barely yields typists, who are not necessarily bound to quiet environments such as libraries, should be pleased with the gram 14.. There is room for improvement when it comes to the layout. However, the Etsy layout Enter key is present even on ISO region models, which also feature a split left shift key. Furthermore, the combined insert delete and the power button being part of the main key row is less than ideal. Meanwhile, the cramped arrow keys are unfortunately present on many other laptops. Of course, the Graham 14s keyboard also includes a backlight with two brightness levels, depending on the time of day viewing angle and ambient light conditions. The combination of white keys and the white backlight can make the key Legends harder to read here. Black Keys are a different backlight. Color may have been better. There are no real surprises when it comes to the touchpad, and that is a good thing at around 11 x, 7 centimeters, approximately 4.33 X 2.76 in it is sufficiently large for a 14 inch laptop thanks to the smooth surface. It offers good gliding properties while being comfortable to use the integrated buttons on the bottom half of the pad offer moderate haptic feedback similar to the keyboard. The key clatter is noticeable. Furthermore, The Click pad could have been stiffer near the corners where it can be pushed relatively far into the case. The supported multi touch gestures, work reliably. Most of the time we found no issues with the Precision of inputs, either in terms of the display LG.

Once again uses one of its models, both professional users and outdoor enthusiasts should be pleased with Elles decision to replace the glossy panel of the older model with a matte version, although at 305 nits the average brightness is slightly lower compared to the predecessors, 332 nits, the Screens content is significantly easier to discern in many situations and eye strain is reduced. Similarly, a slightly lower contrast, 1312 one versus 161 and the slightly worse Black value 0.26 versus 0.22 nits will likely be seen as worthwhile trade offs for the non glossy Surface by most users. In other aspects, both panels perform fairly. Similarly, which may not be a coincidence. Considering theyre similar its lp 140 wu1, both the 100 dcip3 color space coverage and the color accuracy are excellent. Outside of the faint blue tint X Factory, the response times of the display are less impressive. Almost 25 to 48 millisecond represents a relatively poor value. That is not ideal for gaming here, some competing 14 inch laptops such as the Lenovo devices perform better. We are also hoping for a display with a slightly higher maximum brightness of 400 units or more in the Next Generation, since some competitors already managed to reach this value. The viewing angles of the LG gram 14 are good due to the underlying IPS technology. We did not detect pwm, flickering or similar issues in terms of performance. The LG gram 14 is a mid range device. The manufacturer uses a balanced combination of components which, outside of gaming and other 3D applications, make the Ultrabook fairly flexible.

The pre installed and well organized smart assistant contains various system settings. Most of the important settings are available directly on the first menu. The thermal profile heavily influences the performance and noise characteristics unless stated. Otherwise we performed all of the following benchmarks, using the default setting normal. The CPU performance is disappointing, while using the normal mode, even though the core i5 1240p is nominally significantly faster than the older Core, i5 1165 G7, its Benchmark results are only slightly higher. This is very surprising, since the Alder Lake model doubles the 11th gen cepas 8 threats, the four performance core support, hyper threading for significantly better results. Param 14 has to be set to the thermal profile High, which dramatically increases the performance 1500 instead of 950 points. In sign bench are 15. Multi thread represents an improvement of almost 60 percent. However, this still puts the gram 14 behind the Lenovo Yoga slim 7i – Pro, which is equipped with the same CPU. It seems like the cooling solution of the gram. 14 is at its limit with the core i5 1240p. The poor CPU performance is not Apparent from the system. Performance results with 5049 points in PC Mark 10. Our test device place is second behind the yoga slim note that the storage speed significantly impacts this benchmark competitors and the LG gram 14 suffer from sub optimal latencies According to latency mon. The system does not appear to be well suited for Real Time.

Audio and video editing provided the SSD is not stressed continuously. There were large fluctuations during prolonged testing. The installed 512 gigabytes Samsung Drive performs well in this category. The LG gram 14 is the fastest device in our comparison. According to our performance rating in the disk Speedy Benchmark, the SK hynix SSD from last years model falls behind significantly. The 14 inch laptop has to make do without a dgpoo, since the iris shed Graphics. G7 of the core, i5 1240p only has access to adus, as opposed to the older Core. I5 1165. G7 irises 96us. The GPU benchmark scores are slightly lower in the 3D Mark benchmarks. The predecessors GPU performance is around 40 faster on average, despite being restricted to the same EU count. The Lenovo Yoga slim 7 ipro, is also faster 15, which reflects poorly on the cooling solution and the Performance Management of the gram 14.. The gaming benchmarks paint a similar picture. Our 14 inch laptop not only falls short compared to its predecessor in the Lenovo device, but the 3D performance also fluctuates as our The Witcher 3 Loop Test shows C diagram. Overall, the adeu version of the Irish share. Graphics. G7. Is only suitable for older and are less demanding titles at reduced settings and resolutions, even at minimum or medium details. Modern titles are rarely playable at the native resolution of 1920×1200. The system noise results are mixed, although the cram 14 remains fairly quiet, while using the low thermal profile.

The fan occasionally becomes noticeable, even during simple tasks such as video streaming or web browsing when using the normal mode values below were measured in this mode with 35. To 36 decibels, a the fan is noticeable under load, especially since the fan noise is quite high, pitched and exceeds the 31 decibels up peak of the predecessor for noise, sensitive users. The silent mode would be ideal, since its description is very accurate. Unfortunately, the performance deficit is so extreme. The processor throttles to 400 megahertz after some time that the system hangs for seconds at a time and video, stutter or freeze here LG still has some work left to do. The unusable silent mode is one of our biggest issues with the device. Without this problem, the gram 14 could have been a good option for fans of Silent systems. The temperature development can be described as moderate, while idling the entire chassis stays below the 30 degrees Celsius. Mark 86 degree Fahrenheit and is thus relatively cool Hot Spot temperatures of slightly more than 40 degrees celsius during 3D use are also still acceptable, while both the CPU and igpu had to significantly reduce their clock speeds during our 60 minute stress test with for Mark and Prime 95, the core i5 1240p did not get very hot at around 70 degrees Celsius, 158 degree Fahrenheit. The 2.0 setup sounds good and even better than most other laptops, regardless of the category and form factor as per usual.

There are weaknesses when it comes to the base. The 14 inch laptops maximum volume level of 85 decibelsa is solid. Brand 14 is very economical with six Watts during idle. It does very well and better than the yoga slim 7i Pro, which also draws more power under load in exchange for better performance. Aside from the low weight, the long battery life is one of the Grands biggest strengths, although the latest gram 14 does not last quite as long as its predecessor up to 29 hours under ideal conditions, minimum brightness we Phi disabled idle, is still an outstanding result. Even when browsing the web at medium brightness, the 14 inch Ultrabook manages to last for a very respectable 12 hours. The 2022 model of the Grand 14 is once again a great 14 inch laptop. The lightweight device achieves good to great scores in most categories, such as the case input, devices sound or emissions. The matte display in particular is an improvement, although its characteristics are otherwise similar to the panel of last years model. By contrast, the GPU performance and noise emissions are a step backward, even though the gram 14 is barely any faster and at times even slower than its predecessor. Since the core i5 1240ps performance potential is limited. Fan noise is more present on the newer model. Unfortunately, the silent mode is unusable due to the Extreme Performance deficit. While this may sound like a lot of criticism, the gram 14 performs very well compared to its competitors.

Barely any device manages to combine battery life this long with a highly portable chassis, a laptop for users who value stamina over performance. The yoga slim 7, ipro 14 from Lenovo, is a potential alternative.