You knew there was just no going back to standard and in a lot of ways the new frame rate upgrade that these games are getting it’s kind of the same thing now granted i’ve always been the person that says 30 frames per second on a good looking Game should be good enough that’s until you play a game, that’s running at 60 or 120 frames per second, and then you know really just just not going back now. Higher frame rates are nothing new to the pc master race, but with the release of the new gaming consoles like the ps5 xbox, one and xbox one x, it’s really become kind of the battle of the frame rates and just like to jump from hd to standard. Your old tv, probably just won’t, cut it. I know mines didn’t, so i began to search for a tv that had to meet a couple of criterias one. It had to be 4k with at least one hdmi 2.1 port to support the new 4k 120 on these gaming consoles, and hopefully at least support dolby atmos, with a pretty good picture and i’ll, throw in hopefully a good price point. So i went ahead and i plugged all those criterias into the googles and actually landed on the lg cx series oled. So i went ahead and ordered one and i’ve been using it for about a month or so now, and i have some thoughts now i’m going to approach this review from the viewpoint of a gamer, a content, consumer and a content creator, because that’s specifically, why i Got this television so now let’s get to the specs of the tv let’s get that out of the way first it’s an oled which is an organic light emitting diodes, and that really just means that the tv has an excellent picture.

Quality. The blacks are extremely dark because, again, you can literally turn off the pixels, so it’s going to get the most extreme black ratios that you’re going to get on any tv. It has some really good contrast ratios. The brightness is not going to be the brightest thing. On the market, but that really didn’t bother me that much now it does support adobe vision. Hdr 10 dolby atmos has an nvidia g, sync pc gamers, know all about that 4k ultra hd with a 2160p resolution and up to 120 hertz, but not one, not two, but four hdmi 2.1 ports. Now the overall design of the tv itself is what you would expect from an oled it’s, extremely thin. Like paper thin now, the guts of the tv itself is placed in this weirdly protruding back panel and the overall base itself of the tv is extended. Basically, the full length of the television, so it’s really stable if you’re placing it on a stand instead of mounting it. But who cares about the design if the picture quality isn’t amazing – and i can tell you right now that the picture quality on this thing is extremely amazing? Now i’m, not a tv connoisseur, i can’t tell you if it gets the brightest brights or the deepest blacks. I can tell you that the content that i consume on the television on a day to day basis is equivalent to none to me, no matter where i’m experiencing that content.

From now. At the top of this review, i told you that i bought this tv because i’m a gamer and i’m looking forward to it supporting everything i need for my brand new gaming consoles. I got the xbox one x and i will be getting the ps5 and it does just that. It gives me everything i need out of my xbox one x. This thing has some extremely beautiful frame rates: beautiful hdr colors, the lighting, the shadow, everything just really pops in the games that you’re playing. This is one of the most transcendent video gaming experience. I’Ve ever had coming from a regular tv and a monitor to this particular tv it’s just richer. The quality overall is just more vibrant and gaming on. It is a true, true pleasure, and that really goes the same across the board for consuming any 4k media you’re. Watching on this television set, if you’re viewing anything from a tv show to a movie, the vivid colors on this thing, just really really pops, and it makes it extremely enjoyable for you to view any content from again a big budget movie to even a commercial. I found myself watching commercials because they just look so pretty on this tv now. This tv definitely has that wow factor. You know when you’re playing a game or watching a movie and somebody walks in your house or walks by the tv and they stop. They look and they say, wow yeah this tv actually does that now it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.

This tv definitely has some down points and most of it come with the ui of the television itself. I really do like the point and click remote function that they have going with it and it’s kind of easy to navigate through the menus. But the menus are kind of convoluted and sometimes they get a little confusing and you kind of have to jump through hoops to find different things that you need there’s, two separate menus to control the picture and the inputs and then there’s a whole menu to control. The overall input, the os on this thing is kind of confusing at times, and of course, you have the biggest concern for any oled screen and that’s going to be burning. The screens are susceptible to image burn. If an image is too steady on the screen for a really long time or if the image isn’t in the same place, without changing its contrast for a long time, you can get a screen burn over time and to mitigate this issue. Lg has actually included a lot of mitigating factors into the tv itself where it has logo light adjustment. But one of the biggest useful features is the pixel refresh option and, as the name says, it literally just refreshes all the pixels on the tv set itself. Now the overall sound quality coming from the television itself, it’s, not the greatest but it’s, not the worst it’s right in the middle. I do find that the sound can be a little hollow at times, but you know judging that it’s only coming from the speakers of the tv it’s, still kind of a good, sound quality and one of the coolest things about this tv is that you really do Have the option to get sound, however, you want it because there’s so many different sound options.

You can connect the bluetooth headphones to it. It does have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, so you can connect wired headphones to it. You can stream your sound to just about any speaker that’s currently on the market and the tv actually has this really cool setup, where you can stream sound to two devices at once, so you can either stream sound to your headphones with the sound coming from the Television set itself where you can stream sound to a bluetooth speaker and your headphones at the same time, and this really simulates surround sound. So this is actually a really cool option for gamers and content, consumers that have the option to stream to two separate devices. So it’s definitely an appreciated function of this tv and, of course it has all these smart tv functions across the board itself. You can stream to just about any streaming application. You can think of it’s built directly into the tv it’s really quickly accessible via your home button. You can do apple tv, you can do netflix, hulu and again the picture quality on this thing is immaculate, even the built in photo gallery that it has to kind of double as a picture frame. Those things just really pop this tv really does stand out picture wise now. I’Ll definitely say that this tv is not cheap, it’s, going to run you over fourteen hundred dollars and that’s, not a drop in the bucket. This is one of those purchases where i went into it like should i do i really, but overall i’m glad i pulled the trigger this thing without a doubt, has given me the best gaming experience i’ve ever had in my home and viewing any kind of content On this, from big budget movies to commercials is a joy to behold and as a content creator, it really does stress to me how clarity and crispness of video really plays an important role in how people interact and consume your content.

So this one is definitely a recommend. If you got it, i would say, definitely buy this television so anyway, guys. Let me know what you think in the comment section down below: share your thoughts and comments on this or any tv that you have for your gaming experience and media consumption. I would love to hear about it, be a smart friend and share it in the comment section help somebody in the community out and if you enjoyed the video, you know what to do. Go ahead and hit that, like button subscribe, share the video out because it definitely helps our channel and, as always, guys check out some of the other videos we have on the channel.