. The Nano IPS panel is 31.5 inches with a 16 by 9 aspect ratio and runs with a 4K resolution.. Its just got a 60Hz refresh rate, 5ms GTG response time and has FreeSync so should do ok for gaming too, however, for most games youre going to need some pretty serious GPU power to maintain good FPS at 4K. LG just list that the monitor has support for 98 of the DCI, P3 colour space and unfortunately my software cant confirm this. Using the Spyder 5 Pro. I did measure the panel with 100 of sRGB 83 of NTSC and 89 of AdobeRGB, so it seems a little better when compared with MSIs creator monitor. I recently tested in this regard. LG also list a contrast ratio of 13001 and I measured mine at 9501, though I have noticed that my tool always comes in below whats specified.. They note that its got a 450 nit typical brightness and 750 nit peak brightness and when at 100 brightness in the center I measured 423 nits. Ghosting isnt something Im personally sensitive to. However, you can see the differences between the four response time settings here, which are having it off set to normal, fast or faster and in this test faster did look noticeably better, but I could only really tell that, after reviewing the playback in slow motion. Viewing angles Were fine, regardless of angle, LG? Note that its good for up to 178 degrees, both horizontally and vertically.

, The monitor, is certified for VESA DisplayHDR, 600 and HDR content looked good better when compared to SDR content, at least though I still dont have tools to properly test. Hdr and its not really something I can show you either my camera isnt recording in HDR, and you may not have a HDR monitor to view the result anyway. With HDR mode enabled it enables local dimming. While I didnt see the number of zones listed in the specs, I counted 15., The bezels arent too thick – I measured them at around 1.1cm on all four sides, though I honestly cant say I noticed them given how large the panel is. There was. Some backlight bleed mainly towards the bottom corners, though I could only see this during this worst case test. I never noticed it while normally viewing darker content, but this will vary between monitor., Its, not all just about the panel, though taking a look at the rest of the monitor its got a curved metal base with a silver finish.. I did find it a bit less stable than Id like the monitor would shake a little just while typing. However, I did like there was plenty of space compared to other stands on my desk.. The exterior of the stand is the same silver colour, but thats made of plastic.. The stand connects to the back of the panel without any tools required and behind. This are four screws for the 100mm VESA mount.

If you want to attach the panel to a different stand or monitor arm. Down the bottom in the center theres, a Kensington, lock and below this – is the single joystick for on screen display navigation. More on that soon, with the two 5 watt speakers found on either side., The speakers sound pretty good, at least for a monitor, definitely above average out of the ones Ive used. There was even a little bass and they were still quite clear at higher volumes.. Otherwise, the back also has the IO in the center facing out. Theres a HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.4 input power, input, 3.5mm, headphone jack, two Type C ports for Thunderbolt 3 and the bottom. One also supports DisplayPort and two Type, A USB ports which can be used. If youre connected to your computer with Thunderbolt., The Thunderbolt 3 port can apparently be used to daisy chain, two 4K monitors together with one port. However, as Ive just got the one I havent tested this. LG note that the monitor can provide up to 60 watts of power delivery over this port too. So you could potentially charge your laptop with a single cable to the monitor if it supports Type C charging. Like say the Dell XPS or Macbook., The on screen display was pretty easy to navigate using the joystick. It was easy to reach from just below the screen compared to others that you have to reach around the side to get to.

. This doubles as the power button. If you hold it, when you power on, it makes a beep which can be disabled, and you can also move it left and right to adjust speaker volume or quickly. Mute. LG also provide their OnScreen Control software, which lets you control the screen through Windows with your mouse.. Normally, software like this needs a USB connection to the PC or laptop, so you can manage it. However, I found this to work just with DisplayPort only which Im still a little confused about.. The software lets you set different screen, splits change, picture modes, update the monitor, adjust response time enable FreeSync and more.. I found the screen split option nice by default in Windows, its easy to set two windows side by side. However, you can select from a lot more custom splits through the software dragging a window into one of these zones will automatically maximize it within the specific zone.. The monitor comes with a nice assortment of cables, including two Type C HDMI DisplayPort and power cable. The monitor uses quite a large external power, brick as well its white and matches the rest of the cables. Theres, a little plastic clip that you can stick on the Stand to aid with cable management too, and I was able to get things looking pretty tidy with it.. There are a few adjustments available, including 5 to 20 degrees of tilt between 0 and 110mm of height adjustment and theres, even 180 degrees of pivot, though unfortunately no side to side, swivel here.

. So far the monitor looks pretty good, but how was it to actually use day to day? I normally use a 32 4K monitor as my daily driver, the BenQ one, which Ive previously reviewed in the past.. I can easily say that this LG one instantly looked better in about every way the colours were obviously better and screen. Brightness was a noticeable step up even just having something as simple as height adjustment was a nice change. After editing a few videos on it. Im a little sad that I dont get to keep it. Great. So how much does it cost and is it worth it For updated pricing check the links in the description as prices will change over time. In the US? It appears to be going for around 1100 USD at the moment, while here in Australia, the recommended retail price is 2600 AUD on the LG website, though, you can buy it for around 1400 AUD., Its definitely not cheap and honestly its hard for me to compare with Others that Ive tested, as I havent tested many close to this price point., While I think its a nice monitor and better than what I was using previously. It would be hard for me to justify the extra money for the improvements., At least while there are other options like LGs own 5K ultrawide for less money with similar specs. I do personally prefer the larger screen real estate. Granted Id prefer a curved option at that.

Length., Let me know what you thought of LGs 32UL950 monitor down in the comments. Let me know if youve found any monitors that are great for video editing, Im still on the lookout to try more and if youre new to the channel consider getting subscribed for future tech.