My name is wesley im, a ux designer based in atlanta georgia and welcome back to my channel so for todays video. This is gon na be very similar to the home office desk setup, video that i just recently made, but i decided i needed to do another one, because i recently made some upgrades. This video will also be very special to me because this will be my first brand partnership – video, a wonderful company by the name of grovemade reached out to me to do a collaboration and they were generous enough to send me some of their products. So that way, i can review it and add it to my home office setup now, ive known about a grovemate for a while, but never really purchased any of the products just yet just because they are a little bit on the pricier side for home and office Accessories but hey you get what you pay for, because all of grovemates products are made out of high quality wood leather wool and they just have a really nice, smooth, minimalistic, aesthetic and design to their products. Honestly, i couldnt believe they reached out to me because i just been a big fan of their work and their products fanboyed for about a good hour and then finally decided to reach back out and told him hey lets. Do this collaboration out of all the products that they have? I decided to pick out six of their items to upgrade my desk setup.

Before we begin in the description of this video, you will see a link to grovemates website, so you can purchase some of the products yourself now. I do get a commission based off of any sales that are made through the link that i have. So if you are thinking about buying one of their products, please use my link. I would greatly appreciate it so lets go through some of the products that ive received and ill show. You guys how i use them to upgrade my desk setup. So the first thing i wanted to show you guys is this girl made pamphlet card that i received with all my products. If you open it, there is a nice little handwritten. Thank you note, specifically from the creators or ceos of grovemade, which is a nice little personal touch. It also came with some product info cards and to show you some of their more famous products that they sell and then also giving you a couple tips on how to take care of your products. Another thing i wanted to highlight for you guys was grove, meets packaging. Everything is paper sealed they do use this nice little paper stickers to seal everything super nice, because you know everything is recyclable, which is good for the environment, all right, so the first product i wanted to show you guys is the biggest product that i did receive From grovemade, which is their wood desk shelf, as you can see, it is made out of wood, which is specifically a premium hardwood plywood and its been sanded out.

So it has a smooth feeling to it. Now the black legs – you see here here and here they are made out of natural cork, now whats really cool about these cork. The reason why theyre black is that they havent dyed in japanese calligraphy ink, which is a really cool nice little touch to it. As you can tell, it is a pretty long wood desk shelf, which is about 46 inches wide. Now this is exactly perfect for my standing desk because it is 53 inches wide, so it fits just perfectly now. You can get this desk shelf in either walnut or maple. I specifically chose walnut so that way it fits my walnut desk as well. So the reason i picked this product is because i needed my desk to be a little bit more ergonomically organized. If that makes any sense, as you can see from my old desk setup, it looks a little bit more cluttered like someone just dumped a bunch of things on top of the desk and thats it. I also didnt like how my speakers had to lay sideways in order for it to fit on the desk. Thanks to the shelf and adding an extra layer of room, ive been able to declutter and reorganize most of my stuff on my desk with the shelf im able to prop up the speakers to its normal position and have one on each side of the shelf. Ive. Also placed my laptop stand on the right side of the shelf and moved the cal digit dock to be right under the shelf as well.

Now, on the right side of the desk, there is a two level shelf thats padded with wool felt where you can fit an extra laptop ipad, some paper or notebooks Applause now, an accessory that goes along with the desk shelf. Is this desk tray? That goes in that two shelf that i mentioned before, just like the legs on the desk shelf cork is used for the base here and then also for the padding on the back. Just like the legs again, the base cork has been dyed in japanese calligraphy ink and the side handles that you see here and here it is made out of aluminum. Now it does have four separate sections right here. You could fit a couple of pens and pencils. Some paper clips and pins, and then you have these two bigger spots where you could probably add a calculator, a notebook or maybe a usb hard drive. Now i would have wished if these two spots was just combined into one bigger area. So that way i could add bigger things, but i can understand grove, maids, minimalistic, aesthetic, design and organization just so that way you can keep things nice and compact, and you dont have too much going on. All you need to do is slide. It out. Take what you need and slide it back in, so i decided to get this tray to give me quicker. Access to storage and tools so ill usually keep most of my tools, such as my pen, sticky notes inside my drawer or pen cup by moving these more important tools that i use on a daily basis as a ux designer and content creator.

It gives me quicker access to what i need instead of having to grab it on the side from my drawer Music. Now. The next thing i got from grovemade was one of their desk pad. Now grove maze desk pad do come in different material and sizes. You can choose from materials such as matte, merino, wool or premium leather, and they come in sizes of small, medium, medium plus, large and extra large. Now, the specific one i got is the medium plus wool desk pad, as you can see right here so before. Getting this desk pad, i was already using one that i bought off of amazon made out of fake leather. It was nice and all, but i figured might as well just get an upgrade, and i just heard really great things about the quality from grovemade. Now the main purpose of a desk pad is for you to organize your keyboard mouse track pad into one specific area and also to protect your desk from any scratches or smearing as well. Now i chose the medium plus size because it stretches and fits perfectly with the width of my desk. Now what i really love about, this wool felt desk pad compared to the fake leather one that i had. It really has this nice warm texture and softness to it. That also provides a good contrast from just the hardwood desk and the fake leather that i used to work off of i dont know just this wool material.

It just makes my desk area feel a little bit more homely. If that makes any sense, it just makes my working environment feel a little bit more cozy, relaxed and comfortable. Now there is a slight con with wool desk pads its not the best writing surface, especially if youre riding on thin pieces of paper its a different story, if youre using a notebook or thick paper. But if youre sketching things on just thin pieces of printing paper, then wool might not be the best fit for you. I usually draw things off of my notebook anyways, so thats not too much of a problem for me Music. The next thing i got is the wood trackpad tray. Now you can get this either in walnut or maple again chose the walnut just so it fits with everything else that i have now the base of where the track pad lies. It is made out of natural colored cork, and what you do is you just get your track pad here and you can just fit it nicely in like that, and it just fits perfectly now. I am a big trackpad user, specifically when it comes to video, editing and doing design work, so i thought id give my trackpad a little upgrade with this accessory and give it a cooler, look and feel so. What i really love about this trackpad tray is that it helps you move your trackpad around more easily now the tray that i got from grovemade, it gives you a ring of handle space, so you can pick it up without clicking on things accidentally.

Just a heads up, this tray is specifically made for the apple magic trackpad, 2.. Music. Next thing i got is the coaster set by grovemade. Now these coaster sets will come in different materials, again specifically matte, wool and leather, and i figured i never really owned anything made out of real leather before so. I decided why not lets upgrade my kosher set and get some really nice leather materials and with the leather one specifically, you can choose either black or tan, which obviously i got the black ones. So originally i had these coasters that i got from creighton barrel. Nothing wrong with them, but again just decided to upgrade whether its coffee, tea water, beer, you want coasters. So that way you can protect your hard floors, such as hardwood from getting stained scratched or discolored by water or heat. Now i know with leather over time. It starts to wear out, but i wouldnt say it necessarily in a bad way because it starts to have a more distinguished look to it. I guess you could say the leather will start to build more character, as you continue to use it. So im kind of excited to see as time flies and as i continue to use it more itll probably have a more vintage feel to it. Last but not least, i got grovemates pen cup now you can get this either in material of brass maple or walnut and again no surprise got the walnut one.

Now the wood does have a nice smooth feel to it, because it has been sanded and its also super light and at the base at the bottom, natural color cork again now, with this cup, it does have a metal divider right in the middle, and you could Probably use that to kind of organize your things a little bit, so one side can be pens and pencils and then the others can be used for specifically your scissors or rulers. Now, pen cups are a great way to stay organized, especially if you do a lot of drawing and note taking and if you do have a lot of pens and pencils and thats it. You guys, thanks for watching my grow, made improved home office desk setup with grovemade being a special partner in this video. Thank you again to grovemade for sending me some of your amazing products. Its definitely made my workspace more ergonomically, organized and aesthetically pleasing again, if youre interested in getting any of grovemates product. Please use the specific link in my description box below, as i do get a slight commission based off of the sales that i make through that link, which would be amazing. Let me know in the comment sections below: if you have any a grow maids product, what do you guys think? Is it over hyped? Do you guys think its good quality? Is it too expensive lets have a conversation in the comments.