My preferred method of travel. However, over the past year, Ive had a few different trips, where it was just more convenient and less stressful to pack out a dedicated suitcase like this with a day pack, its still something I could carry on, I didnt have to check the bag, so I still Maintained some of those benefits, but it just gave me a little bit more flexibility. When I had to carry some extra stuff, I was traveling for a little bit longer or I had to take some extra gear for work for Colder Weather. So still, some nice benefits and theres been some improvements in the roller bag space as far as features and materials, and so I was excited to have a chance to test this out on an international trip and Im going to be talking about my experience using it Ill show you how Ive loaded it out walk through all the features and Ill also talk about how it compares to some of the other ways that I typically travel and before jumping into the video. I want to thank the company for sending the suitcase for me to test out and if youre new here welcome, my name is Danny and on this channel we love reviewing popular travel and everyday carry gear. If you like, these types of videos and youd be interested in seeing more, please consider subscribing as it helps the channel out a lot. So with all that being said, lets go ahead and jump in starting off with the outside of the suitcase.

The look here is going to be pretty similar to some of the other popular suitcases in this category, so its got a pretty modern and minimal Vibe its gon na. You know work well for any type of travel that youre doing whether its recreational or work travel got. Some ridges here on the front to you know, give it a little bit of texture. You have the level 8 logo as well, so its pretty small right in the center and its an aesthetic that so far has worked well. The suitcase is offered in blue and black colorways. The version that I have here is the Black Version. As far as the materials, the suitcase feels very rugged. This is a hard shell case that feels pretty lightweight as far as these goes suitcase like this isnt super light compared to a backpack, but compared to other suitcases, its pretty similar in weight. I didnt have any issues getting this into an overhead storage compartment in and out of trunks. This material also feels like its going to offer enough weather resistance to keep your stuff protected. If you happen to get caught in a little bit of rain, one thing about any of these hard shell suitcase cases is that they do tend to scuff up a little bit during my trip. I dinged it a few times while I was getting it into you know the Ubers and onto the overhead storage compartment, but in general it actually managed to maintain a pretty clean look, especially compared to some of the other ones.

That Ive had like this um. So thats something that you want to keep in mind, but really really durable feeling so far, and then you also have some very smooth working and reliable zippers continuing along the outside of the suitcase you have a handle on the side and one on the top. These have felt great again for getting this into an overhead storage compartment. It was very nice to have one on both sides to just make it a little bit easier to lift these handles feel very comfortable and they kind of slide into place when theyre not in use. So they stay flush against the suitcase. But then you can easily reach down and grab them. They have a pretty decent amount of padding. So, even when the suitcase is a little bit heavier, it was still comfortable to grab the suitcase in whatever way I needed and it didnt feel like this was going to break or anything like that, taking a look at the wheels. This is, of course, one of the most important parts of any rolling suitcase, and I was very very impressed with the performance of these wheels during my trip. They are super super smooth. They move 360 degrees, so you can push the suitcase next to you. You can drag it, you can move it ahead of you. They slide super easily theyre, very, very quiet. I didnt notice them get stuck at all. It was super effortless to kind of move this around the airport, or you know the hotel lobby, wherever I was actually rolling it, and I like that these dont stick out too much from the bottom of the suitcase thats one of the things Ive noticed with some Suitcases in this category is the wheels tend to be really tall and they take up some of the height from your bag, which can make it harder to get them into a tighter overhead storage compartment.

So I like that theyre a little bit more flush against the suitcase here, theyre, not super tall and so its a great balance of still. You know giving you the range of motion that you need with the performance that you want, but also saving on space. The telescoping handle of this suitcase has also worked very very well. It expands out quite a bit which is really nice for my height Im five foot eleven, and I was able to expand this up to a height that was always comfortable for me to use its securely locked into place. You have a button at the top that allows you to collapse it. However, you need – and I like that, because it has this height. It is also really great for resting any of my day, packs that have a luggage pass through, because its not super wide. I was easily able to fit most of the bags that I would typically want to pair with a rolling suitcase if I didnt want to just travel with this on its own and then, whenever I needed to close down very smoothly for Easy Storage or transport. In an Uber or the airplane, taking a look at the capacity of the suitcase comes in at about 38 liters, which is a really nice capacity for one bag travel, whether its a backpack or a suitcase, and I was able to fit a ton of stuff in Those 38 liters I like that.

It strikes a nice balance with being carry on compliant being able to hold more than a backpack might be able to hold, but still you know being able to fit into the overhead storage compartments of many domestic and international Airlines. Taking a look at the organizational options, this is an area where I feel like the suitcase differentiates itself from some of the other ones that Ive used in this category. You have a dedicated Tech area on the front and then you have kind of the main compartment which opens up like a suitcase style bag. So you have two kind of separate areas in that main compartment before diving into those. I wanted to call out the integrated locks that you have, which is really nice. I always hate having to worry about an additional cable lock, so its really nice, when theyre integrated into the suitcase like this, you can secure them using the zipper poles. Currently, I just have my code set to zero zero zero, but both compartments, lock and when you want to open it, you move this switch in the direction of the compartment that you want to open so moving it. That way opens up the tech compartment. If I want to open up the main compartment, you can see they easily release while still offering a nice level of peace of mind and so taking a look at the tech area. First, this has a zipper that goes all the way down, and this is a pretty interesting idea.

Ive never used a suitcase that has an integrated Tech area such as this, but I could definitely see the appeal, particularly for someone like my wife, who sometimes prefers to travel with a purse its uncomfortable to carry a laptop. It can be heavy. The purse doesnt have a ton of padding and so having a tech area like this, where she can just put this stuff in there and be able to reach it and not have to worry about it being damaged, is a really nice value. Add taking a look at the back, you have dedicated tablet and laptop sleeves that have a decent amount of padding theres a velcro strap here, thats going to help keep the devices secure so theyre, not accidentally sliding out when youre loading this into an overhead storage compartment Or into a trunk or something like that, and so the tablet sleeve seems a little bit small for a full size, kind of 10 or 11 inch tablet. I think it could fit that, but you probably wouldnt be able to use a case currently. What I have here is an iPad mini and that does fit in there very easily, really like having a dedicated tablet area on any bag that I use. You can see that this pocket is a little bit more padded, so it does feel like its going to keep my device protected and then behind that you have the laptop sleeve, which is a little bit larger, similar type of padding on this sleeve its padded on The bottom as well, this is going to be able to hold probably up to a 15 inch laptop.

It is a little bit tight with this velcro strap. I actually dont know if you could fully secure it around so for a 13 inch laptop. This works great, but for a taller device it could still fit. You know height wise, but you probably wouldnt be able to use the velcro strap so thats something youll have to keep in mind. I know level 8 has a few different options of a bag, so they might have one that better accommodates a larger device. But for my 13 inch its worked really well. You can see that there is a little bit of room on the side. So if you have a thicker device or a wider device, it might be able to fit in there slides out very easily its great that you know you can stand this up next to you, while youre waiting at your gate or sitting at a restaurant reach down And grab your laptop put it back in so nice amount of padding there. The fabric here is not fleece lined or anything like that, but it still feels pretty soft like Im not going to have to worry about scratching or anything like that and then because of this elasticity. If you do want to use a case with your laptop, you should be able to fit it in there comfortably and then on the side of the compartment. You have these velcro walls, which prevent this from opening up for fully flat, which is really helpful.

When you have the laptop next to you at the airport, or something like that, but if you wanted to have the ability to open this up further, almost pretty much full clam shell, you can release these the velcro here pretty secure but easy to get off and Then you actually have a full clamshell style compartment. If you want to be able to access this area in such a manner. I didnt use it too much in this clamshell fashion, but still nice that you actually have that flexibility to do so. You can get a better look at the bottom of the laptop compartment here. Its actually pulled up a little bit off the bottom of the ground, so again good padding in that laptop area and then on this side of the compartment. You have some nice internal Organization for any of the tech or you know, sort of EDC items that you might want to access while youre on your trip. So at the bottom you have this little mesh slip pocket here I like that its mesh, so you can see whats on the inside plenty of space, for something like a laptop charger, which is what I have here. I have the cable and the power brick and then up at the top. You have a couple of slip: Pockets that are a good size as well on the left. What I currently have here is my Apple Magic Mouse and then next to that, I stored a portable battery bank, which is again another common item that I might use while Im on my trip.

These dont have a ton of elasticity, but they do have enough volume to be useful, for you know larger type of accessories, such as mice, battery Banks or even a portable hard drive. And then you have a little elastic Loop, thats, going to be a good spot to hold a pen. One of the things I noticed while packing this compartment out is that if you load the main area of the bag up to its fullest capacity, you will start to kind of have to share some of the volume with the main compartment. So you might start to feel some pressure on your laptop. The way that I had it loaded out work pretty well, but I did start to see once I experimented with the capacity how putting stuff in these slip Pockets here and in the laptop would make it a little bit harder to close the suitcase. I could start to feel this area applying so pressure to my devices, which is always a concern as far as damage, so just something you want to keep in mind as far as how you pack this out. This is something that could be true of any travel bag, but again just to note, depending on how much other stuff youre carrying throughout the bag. Moving into the main section of the suitcase. This does have the style of opening that allows you to have kind of two dedicated compartment and opens flat. I have some suitcases that have more of a almost duffel style opening, or they just have a flap that comes over and you dont really have two dedicated areas.

You just have kind of one big bucket, which is you know, a style that I do enjoy traveling with, but its been really nice to have this ability to open the suitcase flat when Im at my hotel and have you know kind of my dedicated area for Anything that I want to grab. I can also slide this under a bed pretty easily. So a really nice organizational layout here and then you have two large kind of simple compartments that allow you to organize all of your stuff in the way that you know as easy for you. So for me, even with a suitcase like this, I still tend to gravitate towards more modular packing and so taking a look at this open compartment. First, you have this strap here, which is going to help tighten everything down, make sure things dont slide around, also compresses down to help save a little bit of space, very easy to open this up when you want to get to whatever you need to at the Bottom here I have a packing Cube from nomadic compressible that has some of my t, shirts, underwear socks up above that I have my Dopp kit. This is the Mystery Ranch spiff kit, which Ive been using a little bit more recently, I like how Compact and simple this is. I also have a packable rain jacket, which I started to take on more trips as Im traveling to areas that tend to experience a lot of rainfall, and then I also have an extra pair of shoes.

This is one of those things that I typically dont have inside of my travel bag unless I have a larger suitcase or backpack such as this. So in this case I have the Lambs Boulder boots mid here, which Ive been enjoying a lot now the compartment amp. You can get a better look at the inside, so a nice open space, lots of flexibility here you do have the telescoping handle that takes up a little bit of the volume. So you have some gaps here that you can fill in with a belt or other accessories. Maybe some socks and underwear additional t shirts, but really like the amount of space thats offered here and then you have a zippered divider to separate the other area of the suitcase on this divider. You have a few zippered compartments. You have one thats, not mesh, and then one that is so. You can see into this one both of these offer a decent amount of space. This might be a good spot for a laundry bag or maybe some medicines, Tech items. I dont tend to use these too much because I feel like it takes away volume and also causes bulging. That makes it a little bit harder to close the suitcase. So I tend to leave those emptier, and then you can unzip this divider to get a look at the other area of the bag. Here I have the Tom bin stuff sack, which is a great way to you, know, store some of my socks and underwear and also dirty clothes throughout a trip, as a has two separate compartments.

I dont have to worry too much about me being neat with folding and just literally stuff it in there. It can hold a lot of stuff and then I also have the larger double sided and compressible packing Cube that I featured in a lot of my other travel bag videos. Now with the compartment empty, you can get a better look at the inside of this section. As well, this one doesnt have the same kind of ridges from the handle. This does share some space with the laptop area so thats, something that youll have to keep in mind. You do have the ability to kind of fill this up more and it can eat into this space if you dont carry a laptop with you or if youre, not using all of the compartments in this section, you can really pack this area out and take full Advantage of all the space thats available so really like the layout of both of these compartments and the amount of space thats offered in this carry on suitcase without feeling overwhelmingly big and its also really nice to have the addition of the tech area, particularly if youre Not bringing you know a tech dedicated kind of day pack with you is going to keep your stuff secure and overall, just a really nice reliable, easy to use. Suitcase that looks great and, if youre interested in something like this thats going to be easy to carry on to a variety of Airlines.

I definitely recommend you check this one out. Instead of wrap up its been a great experience, testing out the level 8 carry on suitcase, you can currently purchase this on the company site for about two hundred dollars is the regular price I have seen it drop down to around 180. I believe theyre going to have some Black Friday deals, so you can maybe get a good discount on it, and you know it is a bit of an investment. However, you know the bag offers a nice feature set a good build quality. It worked very well and its going to compare well to other similar bags in this price range, and so, as I was testing this out, the first bag it made me think of is the in case roller suitcase that I featured a while back on the channel. I actually still have that my wife uses it regularly for traveling and had a similar kind of modern, hard shell aesthetic the wheels on that worked very nicely. It didnt have all the same features that this has here, particularly the front compartment that has the laptop sleeve and the organization, but you know very similar in size and performance very durable, um. The handle on that very comfortable to use so, in general, its going to be a great alternative. You might be able to find that for a slightly lower price point, if you dont need some of the additional features that this has the next bag.

This made me think of is the Heinz Eagle rolling backpack that I featured a little while back. That is an interesting hybrid option which you can wear as a travel backpack, but that also has built in wheels and a handle so that you can pull it along. Like a roller luggage, thats a great alternative, if you still prefer to have the ability to roll your luggage along, but if you want to be able to wear your suitcase, if youre you know going somewhere with a lot of cobblestone or stairs the Heinz Eagle, backpack. Also came in at a lower price point. Heinz Eagle does a good job of offering travel bags at a budget price point. It offered a ton of space. It was about 35 to 40 liters so similar to this a little bit of a simpler layout. It doesnt have the suitcase style opening it was more kind of clam shell or duffle style, but a great versatile bag. And if you want something thats going to give you, you know kind of that hybrid flexibility, thats going to be a solid option. Consider the next bag just made me think of is the nomadic travel duffel. The 40 liter in particular has been a bag that Ive used for many years now, its my go to when I have to hold some extra stuff, but I would still want something, thats durable and offers a lot of organization its comfortable wear. It works as a duffel or a travel backpack um.

It has a removable, waist belt laptop compartment, a lot of great organizations so kind of like this bag, its a little bit more kind of versatile as a larger travel bag, while offering some spaces for your Tech. Nomadic actually has their own hard shell rollers, which I havent had a chance to test out um. But you know the travel bag has been a fantastic, flexible bag, its comfortable to wear. It gives you that extra bit of space compared to kind of some other smaller travel backpacks and, if youre, looking for something thats, not quite a travel backpack but thats, not a full on roller suitcase like this. You need a decent amount of space, thats going to be a great option to consider, and then the last option that Ill mention here is the goruck gr2. The 40 liter slick version that I featured recently in particular as it gives you a little bit more space than many travel backpacks on the market that can really hold a ton of stuff, which is one of the biggest benefits of a suitcase like this. It has a great build quality that you can really beat up a laptop compartment, lots of organization for anything you might need to pack out and it can really hold a lot of stuff for a couple of weeks of travel. So, if youre looking for a travel backpack, particularly if you prefer to travel that way and wear your bag, you need something durable thats going to give you a lot of flexibility, thats going to be a fantastic option to consider with that being said, the level 8 Carry on suitcase holds up really well against all those options and, if youre, looking for a reliable and spacious, carry on bag, thats going to give you some flexibility.

As far as holding your Tech and just being very comfortable to move around the airport, with its really smooth wheels and thats going to be a great option to take a look at and Im definitely curious to hear what you all think of the level 8 carry On suitcase and how it compares to some of the other similar options that are currently on the market and if there are any similar bags that you think I should check out as always, please let me know in the comments – and I want to thank the company Again for sending the bag for me to test out and to you guys for watching and supporting the channel.