5 inch screen – and it has an interesting processor in it, because it's got the hey Leo X. 20 now that's a dicker core that's 10 cause quite a lot of cause, they're three gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabyte emmc, and it is running Android 6. So this one here, I picked up from tiny deal calm and they shipped it with a an express carry here which is SF Express and it took about just over a week about a week and a half to arrive and didn't have to pay any taxes. For those interested you can see, they declared it as 42 u.s., so let's get into it. So relatively light packing they've only just put a light bit of bubble wrap around it. So there is the LI TV logo that's the first time, I've actually reviewed this brand. So it's new to me so I'm really interested to see how the quality stacks up for a approximately about 220 US mobile phone. So here, along the back here, we just have a few specs and as all in Chinese, it does have a USB type c port and also has a 16 megapixel rear camera. I will have a look at it right now, alright, so that we have nicely packaged up there. Here is our charger, that's, actually quite a hippie charger, and it has a quick charge. 3 logo by the looks of it I think, that's, a quick charge, 3 logo. Well, it definitely is a quick judge.

Advocate supports 12 volts and 2 amps, so hopefully that will be able to charge it quite quickly, and here is an included USB type c port. There and they've also bundled a type C: 2 3.5 millimeter headphone adapter there and that's interesting. I thought this head at dedicated 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Perhaps it doesn't know it doesn't so that's that of a downside there. So you can see it's in a sort of rosy gold color, not particularly fond really of this color. But that is what it is along the bottom there we can see there's the type C port, maybe I'll, see be a microphone, and one of these will be the loudspeaker speaker in there and along the back here with his fingerprint sensor. Here'S, a 16 megapixel rear camera LED flash, of course, and it looks like a tiny little dot there, which would be our secondary microphone. Now these stripes along here they're, obviously for the antenna and on the right side. We have power our volume up and down, and that is just an IR blaster in there, and here is the SIM tray. So they probably give us a simple in the pack here I imagine I can see there it's actually marked on their instructions and sintel, and there we go. This is simple, so I have a quick look at that son tray before I get on to measuring thickness of this li2. So we have the dual SIM.

So you've got two nano Sims there, okay I'll just get my scales and see how much it weighs. Oh and almost forgot right here in the front, we have an 8 megapixel front facing camera, that's, the earpiece of course, and then approximately in a light sensor. It actually feels a very light, especially compared to my me max so a hundred and fifty six grams and have a quick look at the thickness, and it is eight point two eight point: two millimeters actually, no sorry eight, squeezing that down a bit harder all right. I'Ll just power this on get rid of these screen protectors, very fine, ticks there that's it saying your device has been unlocked and can't be trusted. Your device will boot in five seconds. Interesting didn't expect to see that it's. Like a nice screen, it almost looks like it's basalis there, but obviously it's not just does have a black border. I can already see that, but I guess if you've got a black background there we'll make it look almost better list. Okay, that screen is very dull. For some reason, so the screen powered up with the adaptive brightness turned off and completely on the last sitting, and I couldn't in fact make out where to go, or Siemens even see the screen properly. So I had to do another. Take of that and I found the brightness settings – there is no swipe down seating there to adjust the brightness that you normally see on Android phones.

Here you can quickly go along and adjust the slider for brightness, not here for some reason. Now, I'm muted Lee TVs, roms. This is the UI that they put on top of Android 6 as their own skin. Just like me, UI and just having a look to at the screen, it's quite a nice looking screen having 403 PPI. There does make it quite sharp, indeed, and definitely good to look at no real complaints at all with the screen now they're. Both quality too seems really good. We'Re talking about 210 us remember for this budget to mid range phone, and I find that yet it does look really nice, not too fond of this rose pink kind of color, not really my kind of thing. I know that's been coming out a lot recently. You see a lot of mobile phones now using either the gold or the rose colors and overall yeah they finish of it, the fit of it too. With the screen fitting in with the middle rear housing, you can see that those lines they're a perfect, fit, send very nice overall. So far, I am impressed. Definitely, what the build feels good in hand to originally grippy good access to the power on and volume up and down buttons there. So back looking at the ROM quickly, just to show you what version say, we look and see Android well there. It is up at the top not down the bottom Android version 6, and this minded, while details are of the CPU so it's, the hell eox 20s mentioned, got 10 cores and has a maximum speed of 2.

3 gigahertz. Now this is running there. You a UI version. Sorry, five point: six point: zero, 13, stable and ice have a look and see what free storage we have available, so free available, storage, 23 gigabytes, more or less there and installed application. So someone has installed, Google Play Store there and the tiny deal store app. So, no doubt that was actually tiny deal win on there, but Google Play on there for me. So if I do a factory reset I'm, pretty sure I will actually lose that because a lot of these phones from China don't come pre installed with Google Play, which is why retailers have to go in and put them on there for us. So bloatware doesn't seem to be a lot on there, just that Store app, while seeing security super manager, no idea what that is. This looks like it is a li TV application. Oh no, ok, that's super managers, basically that clean master isn't it so that's, just an application there just to remove some of the junk files. We have a remote that looks like it's Chinese, no, ok, that's and clock a few other apps on there, so useful apps. No real bloatware that is good to see and quickly just launch the camera, so we have a 16 megapixel rear facing camera and hopefully that should take reasonably good photos. I will be going out and taking some video samples and some front facing camera samples and whatnot soon, I've just noticed through that it does have a kind of iOS look about it, doesn't it because it's got that round button.

That looks to me just like the iPhone a UI. They have set up for their cameras there and you pretty can't, see on the camera, but there they're our back button near our home and recent apps. They are backlit. Leds LED lit. Sorry, you can just make them out, hopefully just there, so I did find out the shortcut to adjust your brightness turn on your wireless or mobile data, it's different on LY TV. So you just have to do a swipe along the bottom it's a gesture, and that brings up the task manager. So here you can move along here, close various apps switch to different apps and there we have the slider for the screen. Brightness yay. I found it, but why did they have to change that? Personally, I don't really like this arrangement. I think it would have been just better how they have it on most mobile phones that are running Android, and that is not this, of course, as just to do the old swipe down turn your data on your mobile data on but know this is only now For notifications, so you can clear all the notifications: you can manage them from there, but when it comes to the task manager and the toggles they're done from the screen now with that gesture, so I roll first impressions. The Builder that seems quite good now will be running through all my benchmarks and go through battery life tests as well as well as likes camera samples.

So if you are interested in this particular mobile phone here keep an eye on the playlist, because I will be updating that during the week and hopefully have a full detailed review of this particular model up and about a week's time there. So keep an eye out for that.