It works great for playing your PC games, especially your Steam games and weve talked many times about the steam decks penchant for emulation and thats one of the things that its really good at. But it can also be a bit Overkill in some scenarios. So what if you want to emulate games, but on a tighter power budget? What if you want to play your favorite retro games in a bit more of a pocket friendly form factor enter the retroid pocket? 3. now I had heard a lot of people talk about this device and I decided to give it a shot for myself. So how does the Retro pocket compare with the steam deck well lets just say they go hand in hand foreign, but before we get into that lets talk about todays, sponsor bespoke post bespoke post is a monthly membership club that delivers boxes of top shelf goods from Brands, you may or may not have heard of its free to join and you can skip a month or cancel any time as a small business owner. I love that bespoke post purchases 90 of their products from small Brands, many of which are based right here in the US. Every month, bespoke post introduces their members to great new products like outdoor gear, barware, Home Goods, clothes and even more. Each box has about seventy dollars worth of goods, but it only costs you a fraction of that price and whats even better, is that your boxes will be based on your answers to the preference quiz.

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The analog sticks remind me of the PlayStation Vita or the Nintendo switch uh joy, con controllers, theyre about the same size, and personally I find them a little bit on the small side. It also has all the buttons that you would expect from an Android device. A physical home button on the right grip volume, controls on the left and a power button on the top other Hardware includes a microphone, a USBC charging port that also doubles as a standard, USB port, an SD card slot labeled TF card. For some reason, its got a micro, HDMI port thats, only capable of 720p and a TRS style headphone jack. What courage? Meanwhile, the steam deck is about six times the size of this device. It has a more ergonomic feel, a screen that dwarfs the pockets entire frame and has a nearly quadruple spec bump in every category. Over the retroid plus the steam deck runs steamos 3, which offers a much greater compatibility with more games than you could ever get on. An Android device and lets not forget about the price difference too. The steam deck starts at 3.99. The Retro pocket 3 starts at 119., so I wouldnt really say that these two devices are in the same weight class and thats. Okay, because I see these two machines as complementary to each other and hear me out on this first of all, the steam deck is massive. It is huge, and while I can fit the deck into one of my man sized pockets, I definitely dont want to.

For a myriad of reasons, for me, the steam deck is a device that is meant to be enjoyed in luxury, laying on my sofa or in a hotel room, Etc, and its meant for serious gaming. This is a console first, I feel at least for me its not really a device that lends itself to being played in public yeah Ive played it on a plane, but getting it in, and out of, my bag was a bit of a hassle, especially when you Consider that the included carrying case barely fit into my bag. To begin with, however, the Retro pocket 3 again in its name, its only slightly larger than my daily driver, Android phone. So I can fit it into my pocket or much more easily into a backpack and playing it in public makes a lot more sense and thats. How Ive found myself using it. So if youre gon na be on a long trip – and you want to play, play games while youre out and about bring both thats, my honest to goodness opinion you can load up your favorite, ROMs and isos on the retroite pocket and then play them on the Go on the pocket and leave your steam deck in your room to unwind at night, but how is the gaming experience on the pocket? 3? Well, thats, a question that I havent answered yet, but first I need to ask you a question: are you enjoying this video? Do you believe in the work that Im doing why not like that smash button and smash that subscribe button? Those are just two of the ways that you can exert a morsel of control over the YouTube algorithm and also stay up to date with all the fun and exciting stuff that were doing here on the channel and thanks.

So how is the gaming experience? Well, you have the usual selection of Android games, pretty much anything that you can get from the Google Play Store, as well as the aforementioned emulation options. Many of the most popular emulators are available. Youve got duckstation for PS1 PPSSPP for PlayStation, Portable dolphin for GameCube and Wii and retro Arch 4 SNES and a huge number of other systems. Now, admittedly, the Retro pocket 3 cant really muster a playable frame rate with Dolphin, which is pretty high, end emulation, and I think that was to be suspected. But PSP emulation is truly impressive to see on this device and so is PS1 emulation. The rest of it is as youd expect, though, the games play incredibly well in all, but the odd Edge case and thats great. So, in truth, this little handheld can get a lot done in terms of gaming, but there are a few drawbacks first and most irritatingly the audio. The sound coming from the built in speakers is particularly tinny. It has no bass whatsoever and can only barely be described as serviceable. Most phones have already solved this issue, so why not hear? Well, I think it might have something to do with the 119 starting price. This thing is inexpensive at best, so the speakers are fine. For what they are plus theyre, a good match for Classic Game Boy emulation. Next, the screen now theres nothing wrong with the screen itself. Its crisp, the colors, are beautiful.

The resolution is perfect for a device of this size, but the fact is, this is an Android tablet. Essentially and Android wants to be in portrait mode sure you can run apps in landscape and most will try their best to run in landscape, but many apps just wont provide an ideal experience in landscape mode Im. Looking at you YouTube – and you know if you want to run the device in portrait mode, thats also less than ideal – the ergonomics just arent there for this thing, and that leads me to my next issue, its running Android now dont get me wrong. Android is great. Im, sorry, I I cant say that with a straight face, no Android is not great. Its an okay operating system for phones like it gets the job done, but it sits in this awkward Middle Ground of being a task specific OS more like an appliance and a general purpose. Os see I hold the retroid pocket in my hands and its form factor suggests a streamlined software experience. Instead, Android provides a clunky unoptimized UI. That does not know how to behave without its expected controls. Much like Windows, but where Windows expects a keyboard and mouse Android expects a home and back button readily accessible at all times and its not just the OS either. Most of the apps expect a back button as well, so getting into a game or an emulator youll. Be remapping the B button to something other than back, which means that in many cases I struggle to find a way out of the emulation and back into the app menu.

Now compare that with the steamos experience and the dedicated steam deck UI its a rare occasion. Indeed, where Ive felt the need to find other means of interacting with the device, the GamePad controls suit, the UI and the UI suits the controls, its a coherent experience and thats. Yet again, another reason that I feel the Retro pocket and the steam deck complement each other so well, theyre, quite different devices that achieve similar ends. So, if Im out on the run and Im not carrying a backpack or a bag – and I just want a convenient pocket sized device for some light gaming Im, bringing my retro pocket but for everything else, Im going with the steam deck. But what do you think have you given the Retro pocket 3? A go, leave me a comment and let me know how you feel it Stacks up against the steam deck Id love to hear from you. I want to give a special shout out to my friends over on patreon and my YouTube members its because of these fine folks that Ive been able to continue growing this channel into what it has become. So, thank you. If you believe in the work that Im doing and you want to help this show grow, you can become a steam deck Warrior, make sure you use the links below to to pledge your monthly support and thanks thats going to do it. For now, though, thank you so much for watching.